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Best Full Tower PC Cases 2024

Thermaltake View 71

Thermaltake View 71 Snow...
  • Supports Mini ITX, Micro ATX, ATX, E ATX Motherboard
  • Take in the View: Designed for enthusiasts, the View 71 TG Snow dual swing door full window panels open a...
  • 4 Sided Glass Viewing Protection: Surrounded in 5mm thick tempered glass panels spaced from the chassis...

The Thermaltake Core V71 case measures 23 inches tall, 9.1 inches tall and 22 inches deep. There is room for four water cooling systems in this computer case. The front and top panels are designed to accommodate 360 ​​or 420mm radiators. The rear has space for a 120mm water cooling system and the bottom a 240mm radiator unit.

The View 71 RGB is the perfect full-size tower for RGB enthusiasts. The tinted tempered glass does a great job of bringing out the internal lighting. And unlike some of the other tempered glass enclosures we’ve used, the View 71 comes with hinged doors, so you don’t have to remove the entire glass panel every time you want to make a change. The case also includes a vertical GPU stand and extensive liquid cooling support for all-in-one and custom loops. If you want a large case with e-ATX support to showcase your components inside, View 71 is the way to go.

There is also enough space for several fans in this case. You can fit up to three fans in the front and top panels while the bottom provides enough space for two. The rear can also accommodate a 120 or 140mm fan. There are three 200mm fans preinstalled in this case. There is no shortage of expansion options in this case either. It can hold up to eight 3.5-inch or 2.5-inch hard drives, while there are two 5.25-inch drive bays accessible inside.

This tempered glass computer case is one of the most beautiful. The Thermaltake View 71 is not lacking in features and sells for a reasonable price. A PC case of this caliber probably deserves a water-cooled system inside, but whatever you build it’s going to look amazing. Besides its superb aesthetics, Thermaltake gives you decent cooling performance from this plug-and-play case. In addition, the build quality is very high and the case is one of the Best Full Tower PC Cases.

Phanteks Enthoo Pro

Phanteks Enthoo Pro Full Tower...
  • Enthoo Pro includes 1 x 200mm fan in front and 1 x 140mm fan in the rear. Ability to upgrade to...
  • Appearance: Brushed plastic with an aluminum appearance; Stealth interior: hidden PSU / hidden HDD
  • Cooling: Extreme cooling capacity; 2 included Phanteks' premium fans ; The PWM hub makes it possible to...

Phanteks Enthoo Pro is a great case with a combination of plastic and steel making it reliable and beautiful at the same time. This motherboard can support ATX, E-ATX and Micro-ATX form factor motherboards, making it ideal for low budget build as well as high end versions. The case is available in two variations, either split into windows as shown in the picture or without windows. I prefer the windows because it allows us to look inside and take a look at our colorful LED light components. The second advantage of the window box is that it comes with the power supply cover which completely hides your power supply.

The Phanteks Enthoo Pro has a few fans – a 200mm in the front and another 140mm in the rear. There is also a fan hub located on the back of the motherboard tray. There are eight expansion slots in this tower. It can also accommodate six 3.5-inch hard drives and seven 2.5-inch hard drives. Removable dust filters and cable management tools are also installed in this enclosure for easy maintenance. The cable management system is very neat and clean. There are preinstalled tools for easy cable routing and these tools make a single path for all the wires so that they don’t get messed up which sometimes creates confusion and frustration.

In addition to these tools, there is a discrete SSD media which is removable. If you want to install SSD in it, you can do so without any problem, if not, there are 6 removable hard drive bays which can be used for both HDD and SSD. The Enthoo Pro has enough space inside to hold any graphics card and CPU cooler currently available. It can also hold radiators at four different locations across the case, including the radiator bracket up to 420mm long on top of the case.

If you are looking for the best budget full tower case, we recommend that you take a look at the Phanteks Enthoo Pro. This case is by far the most affordable on our list and has features that are generally only seen well above its price point. Overall, although the Phanteks Enthoo Pro is a bit older, it’s still a high-end case at a very affordable price. So if you are looking for a more spacious case and aren’t on a huge budget, Enthoo Pro might be the Best Full Tower PC Cases for you.

Cooler Master Cosmos C700P

Cooler Master Cosmos C700P...
  • COSMOS C700P Black Edition – Advancements upon the original COSMOS C700P include the PSU Shroud, flat...
  • Highly versatile layout – the unique frame design supports a conventional, Chimney, inverse layout, or...
  • Extensive cable cover system – The 3 included covers can be placed on either the M. Port or on the...

The Cooler Master Cosmos C700M is aone of the Best Full Tower PC Cases that allows for high levels of customization. It’s insanely expensive and can be out of reach for most system versions, but this monster offers an impressive number of features. Two tempered glass side panels, amazing water cooling rack, and plenty of room make this a dream for custom and modified rigs.

Cooler Master Cosmos C700P. The C700P has a great, bold futuristic look and plenty of features. With 19.3 ″ graphics card clearance and 7.8 ″ CPU cooler height clearance, any graphics card or CPU cooler on the market can fit inside this system. At the top of the case, next to the I / O, are a few buttons to change the light color and animation as well as fan control. From the button on the top of the case, you can set your fan curve high for things like gaming or low for silent Netflix watching.

The layout in the interior is very flexible and you can install it however you want – conventional, inverted, fireplace, anything is possible. There is also a complete cable management system, which allows you to cover various cables in various configurations. It’s also designed with a tank in mind, so it’s certainly a great case for a custom cooling loop. You also get two brackets that can each support up to a 420mm radiator. Add to that RGB control, a Type-C port and strong aluminum handles to move it around, and you’re looking for a great liquid cooling case.

be quiet Dark Base PRO 900

be quiet! Dark Base PRO 900...
  • Product for demanding players
  • Excellent workmanship quality.
  • Exceptional Immersion

If you’re looking for a high-end versatile full tower enclosure for your next build (or upgrade), don’t worry! Dark Base Pro 900 (rev. 2) is one of the best large format cameras on the market today. For the specs, keep quiet! Dark Base Pro 900 can hold graphics cards up to 18.6 inches and CPU coolers up to 7.3 inches. The housing can support liquid-cooled radiators up to 420mm and can hold a radiator in four different locations. The case has plenty of modification options too, with plenty of easily removable media and drive bays. The motherboard tray can be moved so that the case is also reversed. Perhaps the Dark Base Pro 900’s biggest selling point (and actually the biggest advantage of most Be Quiet products!) Is its silence. It has a specific design that is designed to eliminate noise escaping from the case. So if you use the computer in a quiet environment and need it to stay that way, you might want to consider the Dark Base Pro 900.

The case is one of the most modular cases we have seen. You won’t find too many rivets on this one. Instead, almost all the panels can be removed, making this case a modders dream. There are also plenty of customizations available with options for an inverted motherboard design and even cool features like Qi wireless charging and pre-installed LED lighting.

The Dark Base Pro 900 is large enough to support the largest motherboards and radiators up to 420mm. It’s a huge complete tower that can handle just about any custom cooling you can think of. It also looks very classy with some color options to bring it to life. Priced at around $ 200, the Dark Base Pro is a rare case, but it comes with all the amenities to make it worth your while. Silence! Dark Base truly lives up to its name, offering one of the best environments for reducing noise levels. The included box fans work well, especially when it comes to its acoustics (or lack thereof). Combined with the thick noise-canceling foam, you won’t have to hear the hum of the fans, even when you’re on high speed.