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Best Gaming Backpacks 2024

Best Gaming Backpacks 2022

Lenovo Legion 17″ Armored Backpack II Gaming Laptop Bag

Lenovo - Legion 17” Armored...
  • Spacious interior - the dedicated PC compartment fits gaming laptops up to a whopping 17. 3". Perfectly...
  • Unbeatable durability - Protect your favorite gear with an ultra-tough, high-density EVA molded front...
  • Unwavering comfort - This laptop backpack comes equipped with back padding, ventilation, and adjustable...

This Gaming Backpack from Lenovo features well padded interiors so strong and sturdy that manufacturers claim it can survive drops, explosive attempts, and even an apocalypse. The weight distribution design of the armor ensures an impeccable hold of the form and allows easy access to the three large compartments of the bag for storing your gaming consoles like xbox or playstation. In addition, the bag also has 16 additional pockets to help you stay organized. With a hard shell like the exoskeleton, this backpack promises to protect all your electronics – be it laptops, game consoles, gaming headsets, tablets or anything else from everyday wear and tear.

It weighs 3.02 pounds and a dimension of 7.1 x 19.9 x 14.2 inches. This gaming backpack has three compartments and sixteen pockets with a high-density EVA molded front shield. It can carry up to 17.3 inches of laptop and all other gaming essentials. It is designed with an interior latch to keep your headset. This Lenovo Legion Armored gaming backpack has high quality bubble foam which acts as a form of protection against the outside world. It also has a vinyl exoskeleton and a hard front shell that is modified to withstand all kinds of weather conditions.

The Lenovo Legion backpack also gives you the necessary comfort. It has a compressed molded back panel to aid airflow and breathability, making the back very easy to carry over the back. It has padded shoulder straps which are easily adjustable, and it is also combined with a supportive chest buckle which makes it easy to carry the gaming laptop backpacks anywhere. Lenovo Legion is one of the Best Gaming Backpacks in 2020.

Razer Rogue V2 15.6″ Gaming Laptop Backpack

Razer Rogue v2 15.6" Gaming...
  • Water & Damage Resistant Exterior: A tough, waterproof outer material and leatherette bottom helps to...
  • Store Laptops & Accompanying Peripherals: The backpack's main compartment is large enough for the Razer...
  • Comfortable Padded Straps & Breathable Back: Supportive shoulder straps and a breathable air mesh back...

The Razer Rogue is a rugged, water-resistant 15.6-inch backpack that promises to hold your laptop, power supply, nintendo switch and more than a few accessories with all-weather comfort. In addition to keeping your gaming system dry, the bag features internal padding that intelligently supports your tech while back padding makes it cool and comfortable for you to carry your gaming setup on your back. The manufacturers have designed the bag to evenly distribute the weight of the load on your back. What’s more, the chest strap helps you feel less fatigue even when your backpack is full.

The Razer gaming backpack model has a sturdy exterior. This is another of the bags that is water resistant, although that doesn’t mean they can get submerged. It has a modern design and is really spacious inside. The screen size for which this backpack is created is 15 inches. It is true that a priori it may seem a more sober backpack on the outside, but on the inside it will convince you with its undeniable virtues.

This backpack is suitable for you if you want to get rid of the gaming look and blend in with society. It consists of a minimalist design and is not suitable for a larger gaming system. It is very stylish, robust and weather resistant. It is designed with innovative engineering to distribute the weight evenly. It has a contemporary design and it is made of leather.

Razer is as close as it gets to a household name when it comes to gaming tech, and they have a range of bags to go with that hard-earned reputation. One of their more recent efforts is the Rogue, a backpack available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs (there are models to carry 13 “, 15” and 17 “laptops). everything you could want from a laptop Scratch resistant padding, water resistance to protect your gear from the elements, a relatively affordable price tag and plenty of space for your entire kit. Basically, it’s a good compromise between features and cost. Razer Rogue is one of the Best Gaming Backpack in 2022.

Acer Predator Utility Gaming Backpack

Acer PBG591 Predator Utility...
  • Cushioned mesh back panel for ventilated Air flow
  • Interior headset strap
  • Water repellent coating protection and zippers

The Acer Predator Utility Rolltop Backpack comes with a brilliantly crafted design that ensures the best protection for your gaming laptop. It has been developed with a host of interior compartments that allow efficient and organized transportation while making things easy. to find and enter if necessary. The suspenders have enough cushioning to provide comfort when you wear it all day to go from place to place to destroy noobs (do kids still say noobs?) And for added convenience there is has a compartment at the bottom of the backpack to store your battery avoid tangling it with your other cables. This backpack will protect your laptop and other electronic devices from the harshest weather conditions and ensure that all your gadgets and gadgets are readily available wherever you are.

The gaming backpack has good storage capacity with a 15.6 inch laptop compartment cradle. It also has a helmet strap, interior bottle pockets and a presentation pocket. The pockets range in size from small to medium and can be used to store play equipment, small devices, business and sportswear. It keeps everything organized and secure with padding that absorbs shock in the event of bumps and drops. It is a cart through design and can be compressed when less space is required.

Acer Predator Gaming Utility Backpack Review If you are looking for a large and practical backpack, the Acer Predator is all you could ask for. From the series of tests conducted by our team on this bag, it was discovered that you can easily fit a 17 inch laptop in it and adequately protect your accessories in the pockets attached to the backpack, which has ‘an additional layer of security. Acer Predator is one of the Best Gaming Backpacks in 2022.

ASUS Republic of Gamers Shuttle Backpack

ASUS Republic of Gamers...
  • Emblazoned for your ROG Laptop and devices.
  • Fits all G-Series gaming Laptops, including 17+"
  • Padded interior protects your valuable laptop from accidents and other hazards to keep you going longer,...

The ASUS Republic is a custom bag designed only to accommodate laptops and devices made by Republic Gamers. Made with a padded design, it is portable and can comfortably accommodate any G series. In addition, it has a detached house where you can safely store your cellphones. This option is very attractive because it is made with waterproof material, it can hold devices over 17 inches tall.

The perfect backpack for protecting expensive electronics and gear, Republic of Gamers is more than able to withstand bumps and drops without having to worry about damaging your precious laptop, consoles, and tablets. It comes with a large zipper to help you reach items at the bottom of the bag without removing anything, and it’s perfectly suited to carry more than you might need on any day without feeling too heavy. Its sturdiness makes it a great option when traveling and it has been designed with an ergonomic back wall to prevent, well, back pain and ensure all-day comfort. Interior padding gives you extra peace of mind about the safety of your belongings, and its water-resistant coating provides even more protection that other backpacks might not. Be sure to also check out our list of the best gaming chairs for more gaming gear like this.

Targus Steelseries Gaming Backpack

Targus Steelseries Gaming...
  • Designed by gamers for gamers, safe port Sling suspends laptop to help protect against drops
  • Dedicated pockets and pouches for gaming mat, keyboard, Mouse, controllers, headphones, and much more
  • Carry with comfort: STERNUM straps, ventilated back padding, and padded shoulder straps for even weight...

The Targus Steelseries gaming backpack has a anti theft pocket in the back panel, which helps protect your valuables like keys and wallets. It comes with a unique design that allows you to completely unzip the gaming backpack to open flat. This backpack is actually designed by gamers and suitable for gamers. It’s for gamers looking for high-quality protection and space for their extra-large gaming laptops and perfect organization for all of their accessories.

The laptop backpacks has dedicated pockets for gaming accessories such as mouse, keyboard, headphones, controllers, etc. The front pockets are detachable, giving you more choice on how you wear your bag. In terms of comfort, it has ventilated back padding, a padded shoulder strap and chest straps. It is also attached for the rain cover. However, it is heavy in weight (3.92 pounds) and in price.

A heavy 26 liter monster with pockets for days on end, it has plenty of room to store everything you need apart from the proverbial kitchen sink. Seriously, you can fit all kinds of stuff in here; Whether it’s keyboards, controllers, hard drives, and mice to go with your laptop, this backpack has you covered. And while the usual ventilated back padding and strap padding are greatly appreciated for making travel more comfortable, the real bonus would be an “ultra precious” hidden pocket, a squirrel hidden in and out of sight.

Dell 50KD6 Gaming Backpack 15

Dell 50KD6 Gaming Backpack 15
  • Cushion your laptop an dears from knocks with foam padded interior and an EVA molded front shield
  • Keep gaming hardware safe and protected with a dedicated laptop sleeve and multiple accessory pockets
  • Readily protect your backpack from adverse weather conditions with its easily deployable rain cover

Dell 50KD6 Gaming Backpack is available in different sizes including 15 inch and 17 inch. The most distinct feature is a molded EVA front fascia and a foam padded interior. It was designed for professional players and uses durable, weather-resistant materials for maximum protection. With sturdy 900D body fabrics and 1680D coated base material, your gaming gear is very secure no matter the weather. For those really rainy days, it also comes with a rain cover tucked away at the base of the gaming backpack. It also has reflective accents in low light.

Inside, it’s spacious enough to give you plenty of room to rummage when looking for the right part, and the color contrast makes it easy to identify the different compartments. The perfect partner for carrying everything you need on a daily basis, it’s a great companion for busy students and hardcore gamers. You might also need some of these handy Nintendo Switch cases from our list, so take a look.

It’s made using a molded EVA front shield and padded interior foam. On the outer part of the bag, it has 900 denier top waterproof material and 1608 denier base material which helps to produce a strong and breathable backpack at the same time. The back part of the bag is predefined with the sandwich fabric which keeps your back absolutely cool and dry. All in all, if you want to buy a spacious, safe and comfortable backpack; has air mesh back padding, multiple pockets and adjustable air mesh shoulder straps, then the Dell 15 is what you are looking for.

Mobile Edge Core Gaming Laptop Backpack

Mobile Edge Core Gaming Laptop...
  • ALL-IN-ONE GAMING SOLUTION – Designed exclusively for gamers, this gaming laptop backpack for men and...
  • POWER UP YOUR GEAR – Three spacious sections come pre-wired for a power bank or external battery,...
  • BUILT-IN CHARGING USB PORT – This backpack with USB charging port and built-in charging cable provides...

This backpack is designed for gamers. It can hold all popular models of laptops or game consoles such as Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. It has three large storage sections pre-wired for an external battery or power bank. It has a molded front panel which helps protect the laptop from outside forces. Considering its generous size, it also comes with some great features. The padded laptop compartment is checkpoint compatible and opens flat. There is a fleece lined pocket for tablets and plenty of interior pockets and zips to hold extra gear and personal items. On the outside, there are four side accessory pockets for cables, a phone, a gaming mouse or water bottles. Since the interior is already pre-wired for a power bank, an external USB ChargePort is built into the bag.

If you mainly carry your game consoles, like a PS5, Xbox Series X or Nintendo Switch, we suggest this backpack from Mobile Edge. It’s large enough for all the most popular consoles, as well as gaming laptops up to 17 inches. The backpack also has some handy extra features, including an external USB charging port and a TSA-friendly design that folds away completely. The ample padding and ergonomic design also make the bag as light as possible (even when weighed down by heavy material). It’s a great choice if you have to cover long distances with your console or laptop, as reviewers can confirm. The backpack is designed with durable ballistic nylon, air mesh padded back panel and shoulder straps, a trolley strap to stack on other luggage, and a padded handle to make it easy to lift.

Gaming Backpack FAQ

What is a gaming backpack?

A gaming backpack can be used to safely carry gaming gear. Usually this is a backpack with laptop protection, because the last thing anyone wants is to find that their precious possession has been damaged during their trip.

Why do I need a gaming laptop backpack?

If you are a gamer, purchasing a gaming laptop backpack will give you the peace of mind of carrying your laptop from A to B without worrying about damage. They also usually come with many different compartments for storing cables, mouse, etc.

What is the difference between a regular backpack and a gaming bag?

Firstly, a regular backpack definitely allows you to organize your laptop and other gaming items. However, they don’t match the organizational characteristics of gaming backpacks. So with a gaming backpack , you will have pockets for each gaming device you want to take with you.

Second, regular backpacks don’t have the facilities to carry your gaming laptops and your weight. In addition, the gaming backpacks have water protection features. In a nutshell, play bags save you from having to worry about damaged gears or injured shoulders. The only time you should consider using a regular backpack instead of a play bag is if you like rummaging through your stuff for a cable.

What is the future of Gaming Backpacks?

Backpacks for gamers evolve with the changes in the gaming world. According to top gamers, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) could be the future of video games and, therefore, handbags. back. If this script goes ahead, manufacturers will need to design bags that have dedicated slots for VR headsets and other next-gen features, like a foldable gaming chair.

Cyber ​​theft has also been a huge problem in the gaming world as cybercriminals are finding new ways to get ahead. Professional games indicate that radio frequency identification (RFID) could become mainstream. Therefore, gamers with RFID backpacks won’t have to worry about information loss or backpacks being stolen.

With virtual reality (VR) headsets becoming the order of the day in the gaming world, you may want to consider purchasing a bag roomy enough to accommodate your console, as well as additional controllers or VR headsets. Also, since cyber theft is not uncommon these days, you can still use a backpack with RFID technology which will help you protect your information online.