Best KVM Switches For Gaming 2021

IOGEAR 2-Port USB DisplayPort Cable KVM Switch

IOGEAR 2-Port USB DisplayPort Cable KVM Switch
  • Displayport computer switch
  • Switch between 2 DisplayPort computers from a single keyboard, mouse, and DisplayPort 1.1 monitor
  • DisplayPort1.1 and HDCP compliant.

If you are looking for the Best KVM Switch For Gaming with most of the basic features at a competitive price, you should consider the IOGEAR GCS52DP. The case design and finish are compact, aesthetically appealing and minimal, and it is compatible with Unix, Mac, Linux and Windows operating systems. That means you can even use this KVM switch with SBCs, including Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

The 2-port IOGEAR KVM switch isn’t the most impressive, the most feature-rich, or the most port-rich. Rather, it is one of the most user-friendly, adaptable and consistent KVM switches on the market, at a reasonable price. When it comes to switches, that’s really all you need. What sets this switch apart is its strong compatibility. It works with any operating system you can think of, including Windows, Linux, Oracle Solaris, as well as most other USB-compatible systems. Your USB system can also be expanded by using a USB hub, which means you can apply the same level of control to more than two devices. It also retains a surprising number of premium features for such a minimal device. You have the option of directly connecting a microphone and audio devices, and you can control the switching process using a simple one-button remote. The only thing that hinders the consistency of this device is the strange lag when switching and the useless customer service when you run into trouble. But, for the price, it’s easy to overlook these little complaints.

Since GC52DP is Plug & Play hardware, it is suitable for most beginners. Just press the button on the remote control to switch between devices, so you don’t have to be a technician to use this product. Built-in 1.2 meter cables allow you to connect up to two computers. The hdmi kvm switch comes with HDCP compliant DisplayPort. The display supports 4K @ 30Hz. In addition, there are 2 USB interfaces, one for a USB mouse and one for a USB keyboard. The audio input / output jacks are compatible with 2.1 and 7.1 audio. For beginners, this DVI KVM switch is more convenient for occasional use in your workshop or at home. The build quality is delicate and robust, and the case doesn’t require much space thanks to its compact design.

The IOGEAR GCS52DP DisplayPort KVM Switch comes with a three-year warranty and only supports a single monitor and 4K 30Hz resolution. It has built-in 1.2 meter long cables that allow connection of up to ” to two computers, providing a single DP (HDCP compliant), as well as an audio and microphone connection, for each of the two machines. Additionally, it is equipped with two USB ports that allow you to connect your mouse and keyboard, and a microphone and audio jack that supports 7.1 and 2.1 audio. All in all, if you are looking for the best DVI KVM Switch that is easy to use at the same time, the IOGEAR DisplayPort GCS52DP KVM Switch is more than one of the Best KVM Switches For Gaming.

Rosewill 2-Port USB KVM Switch

2 Port USB KVM Switch RKV-2UC. Built-in USB Cable...
  • Share one monitor USB keyboard and Mouse between two USB-compatible computers using the Rosewill RKV-2UC...
  • The built-in VGA connector supports monitors with resolutions of up to 2048 x 1536
  • The Rosewill RKV-2UC 2-port USB KVM switch supports multiple platforms including Windows and Mac...

The Rosewill RKV-2UC is a budget oriented two port KVM switch that only offers the basics, but for the price, it is a masterpiece. This KVM switch comes with built-in cables that allow you to connect up to two computers (there is a single VGA connection and a dual USB connection, for each of the computers) and allows viewing on a single monitor, with the maximum resolution of 2048 × 1536 pixels and two USB connections that in most cases are reserved for keyboard and mouse. Rosewill RKV-2UC offers good general compatibility and can work with both Windows and Mac systems, while on Linux its resolution is limited to only 1024 × 768 pixels, which on the other hand is sufficient if you are not using Linux. regularly. This is an entry-level plug-and-play KVM switch, which means there are no advanced features, including USB3.0 or audio connection. Still, if price is one of the deciding factors in your decision, the Rosewill RKV-2UC is the best 2-port KVM switch you can find.

There is nothing fancy or frivolous about this KVM Switch For Gaming, and the camera body shows it. In fact, you’ll probably want to be very careful how you move, twist, or bump this device – the case, remote, and ports are known to break quite easily. In addition to cheap manufacturing, some production batches have internal wiring issues that can render the switch useless without some tinkering on your part. Aside from the case and workmanship, the actual connectivity of the device is very consistent. Don’t expect a fancy interface or consistent settings. After all, this is a simple division and the sole purpose is for two PCs to share a monitor, mouse, and keyboard. The additional quality of life features are simply not available at Rosewell. Now, it may not seem like a good option, but for the user who needs an inexpensive yet efficient switch, the RKV-2UC will get the job done. You might run into issues from time to time, but the device makes up for it with simplicity, a plug-and-play design, and surprisingly helpful customer support.

Rosewill RKV-2UC is compatible with Mac and Windows, but you can use it with Linux, but in this case the maximum resolution drops to 1024x768p. As RKV-2UC is a Plu & Play switch, it is quite simple and convenient for beginners. You can’t expect advanced features at this price, so forget about the audio connection or the USB3.0 port. Obviously, quality isn’t what you find with high-end switches or even mid-range switches. At the end of the day, you are making the most of what you spend on that team.

UGREEN USB 3.0 Sharing Switch Selector

UGREEN USB 3.0 Switch Selector 4 Port 2 Computers...
  • USB 3.0 Switch Selector: UGREEN USB 3.0 KVM switch allows up to 2 users to share 4 USB 3.0 peripheral...
  • Increased Work Efficiency: The keyboard mouse switch supports ultra-fast USB 3.0 data transfer rates of...
  • Multiple Device Sharing: The USB switcher allows you to share multiple devices such as printers,...

The UGREEN USB Switch Selector is an affordable and easy-to-use USB switch that makes it easy to share up to four USB devices (printers, scanners, card readers, etc.) between two PCs. It’s sleek, offers plug-and-play functionality, and most importantly, it’s compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome, and many other operating systems.The UGREEN USB switch selector supports up to 480Mbps data transfer speed, is equipped with LED indicators, and comes packaged with two 1.5m USB cables. However, it lacks a power supply, which somewhat affects its overall good impression. Simply put, if you want an affordable four-port USB hub that you can use on two PCs simultaneously, the UGREEN USB Switch Selector is the perfect choice for you.

This two-device split unit is equipped with four ports to easily connect your keyboard, mouse, and computers, making it easy to view on dual monitor. This stylish little device is incredibly high quality for being so inexpensive. It includes exciting quality of life features, such as LED indicators, and it easily adapts when managing different operating systems. With that said, it requires an external power supply to function and strangely, it doesn’t come with an AC adapter. Most people have an aftermarket micro USB that they can use, but that sounds like a strange oversight for a device that is sold as a simple plug-and-play unit.

This is an affordable and easy to use KVM Switch For Gaming from a trusted manufacturer. Build quality seems more stable and compact than many competitors. The UGREEN USB Switch Selector allows you to share various USB-enabled devices between computers, including printers, card readers, and scanners. It can accommodate two computers and switching with a single touch makes things pretty straightforward.

UGREEN USB Switch Selector is compatible with Chrome, Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems. Since this is Plug & Play, you really don’t have to worry about drivers. The USB 2.0 ports can transfer data at up to 480MB / s. The box has LED indicators. You get two USB cables (1.5 meters each) with this product.


USB 3.0 Switch Selector, ULBRE Soho KVM Switches 4...
  • Increased Work Efficiency: The USB kvm switch allows two computers or mac to share 4 ports USB 3.0...
  • USB 3.0 Sharing Swither: The 3.0 usb switch selector make the date transfering rate up to 5Gb/s (10 times...
  • More Convenience: Button and LED design,you can easily switches between systems via push buttons with LED...

The ULBRE Soho KVM Switch is also suitable for beginners, especially hobbyists. It supports 2 computers at the same time and works with 4 high-speed USB 3.0 ports. This product also works with mechanical keyboards, but in this case you may have to live with a somewhat frustrating hum. The best part of the ULBRE Soho KVM Switch is its minimal design that requires the least amount of space. File sharing between computers has never been easier and faster. The data transfer speed quite impressive compared to USB 2.0 ports.

Switching from one system to another is quick and easy. The one-touch switch makes things extremely convenient and practice becomes instinctive in a matter of hours. The power is sufficient for a storage unit, a mouse and a keyboard; however, if you want to use a scanner, printer, or HD camera, be sure to use the MicroUSB charging port.

The problem is in the positioning of the interfaces for the cable connection because wherever you place the box, the cable will be clearly visible to the spectators and will not fit on any stage. The cable connectors should be on the back of the case.

TESmart KVM Switch

If you want consistent, high-quality resolution when switching devices, TESmart will be your best option. Thanks to the EDID emulator, it supports 4K 60Hz and maintains that ultra hd quality between devices while tailoring each PC to match the optimized display settings. This is a welcome feature, as Windows, Linux, and other operating systems tend to distort or break screen space every time something changes.

Although this is primarily an HDMI KVM switch, it still supports two USB connections (not including the two connections for the mouse and keyboard). There is a slight downside to the lack of RGB support and customization: when you connect directly to the Switch, you will be stuck with the settings you previously had. Make sure you really like this domino effect before you log in!

This device offers good flexibility and you can easily switch between up to four different computers connected to the switch via an HDMI and USB connection. Additionally, this device supports hot switching, displaying a monitor, as well as three USB connections, two of which are reserved for the mouse and keyboard.Unfortunately, the USB ports on the TESmart 4K HDMI KVM Switch only support basic keyboard and mouse functions, which means no RGB lighting, macros, or other features. Also, its reliability is quite questionable, but not so alarming as to prevent it from doing so. buying it.

Overall, the TESmart 4K HDMI KVM Switch is definitely not the best HDMI KVM switch you’ll find, but it still features a good 4K KVM switch option that will certainly satisfy most of the mainstream users. The TESmart offers incredible versatility, even allowing for automatic, remote, or hot swapping for devices. It seems more designed for a desktop environment, despite having a long list of supported devices, operating systems and gaming peripherals are quite limited and inconsistent for such a high price.

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