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Best Microphone Boom Arms for Podcasting 2024

RODE PSA 1 Swivel Mount Studio Microphone Boom Arm

RODE PSA1 Swivel Mount Studio...
  • Broadcast-style Professional Studio Desk Boom Arm with Stard Microphone Threading
  • Includes two desk mounting options
  • Durable design and noise-free operation is suitable for home, office and studio use

The RODE PSA1 is the best microphone boom arm in the “mid-way” price range with some cool features. Two different brackets give you options and the arm sections are very flexible. It’s the bestseller for a reason.

The RODE PSA1 has a 33-inch reach for your convenience, offering a wide range. But the real star of the show is the two-axis swivel mount, which allows you to freely position the arm in any position you want. The arm body has two spring-loaded sections that are quiet and flexible, making it a perfect choice for broadcast studios or voice over studios. Because nobody wants a recording with an audible mic stand, right? Unlike other boom arms with only one clamp / mount option, this model has two: the two-axis pivot and the standard C-clamp bracket. This gives you flexibility for your setup, wherever you are.

Compared to some of the other models on this list, the Rode PSA1 Microphone Arm has a more classic design and the cables are attached with Velcro straps, rather than being integrated into the tube. While this may seem like a complicated solution to some, we have found that it has very little effect on the overall appearance of the arm and offers much more flexibility and ease of use when changing. setup and cables. Overall this is a quality boom arm that provides stable operation, full 360 degree rotation, and solid vertical and horizontal reach.

The Rode PSA1 is one of the best microphone boom arms also quite lightweight, at around 3.84 pounds and can hold mics weighing up to 2.4 pounds. It also comes with the 3/8 to 5/8 inch threaded adapter for microphones. Overall, it’s a solid choice for mid-range podcast and streaming setups.

Blue Compass Premium Tube-Style Broadcast Boom Arm

Blue Microphones Compass...
  • Broadcast studio-grade design with enclosed aluminum construction and internal springs.
  • Hidden channel cable management system for sophisticated on-camera looks.
  • Hand-tightened friction hinges for smooth, quiet operation.

The Blue Compass Premium Articulating Arm has all the features you want for your recording experience. The best microphone boom arms itself has an “all-tube” spring system and a hidden cable mount that gives the arm a sleek design. Specific bonus points for its design. The arm uses hand-tight hinges, which eliminates unwanted noise during recording. The boom itself is designed for use with Yeti and other broadcast microphones. All standard shock mounts are fully compatible with this articulated arm, allowing you to transfer them as needed.

Blue Microphones claimed that this device is perfect for recording voices, music, podcasts, and video dubbing. With its three capsule technology, you can really produce studio quality sound. It has a built-in 3.5mm headphone jack for monitoring recording or a zero-latency headphone output. In addition to this, it can also be configured in 4 different microphone models: cardioid, stereo, omnidirectional and bidirectional. Yeti has studio controls for headphone volume, pattern selection, instant mute, and mic gain, allowing you to take charge of all levels of the recording process. If you experience distortion or feedback when recording from a particularly loud source, simply adjust the microphone sensitivity using the gain control. Unlike other articulated arms, this model has a reach of just under 32 inches vertically and horizontally. Depending on your configuration, this can be a good or bad thing. Having a shorter arm means you’ll save more desk space, but it can also mean you’ll have to bend over if you have a ridiculously deep and tall study desk.

The Blue Compass Premium is designed for the Blue Yeti microphone or other professional broadcast microphone and is compatible with standard shock mounts. It allows a full 360 degree rotation and a maximum horizontal reach of 32 inches. Since its operation is very quiet, it is a popular suspension arm for Twitch streamers and is well known among the community of YouTube creators.

K&M 23860 Microphone Desk Arm

K&M König & Meyer...
  • INNOVATIVE LEADER IN STAND TECHNOLOGY: This best-selling stand allows for maximum durability and...
  • CALLING ALL MUSICIANS: Mount to table or shelf with up to a 2” width. Pivot and position the 37"...
  • TRUSTED DESIGN: A pre-routed 3 pin XLR 236” cable runs inside the tube eliminating clutter and having...

The K&M 23860 is a breakthrough in quality and price for a professional grade consumer best microphone boom arm. One thing you might have noticed is that it comes with a built-in XLR cable, so you would probably avoid it if you don’t have or plan to get an XLR mic. The bracket is extremely strong and has the ability to rotate 360 ​​degrees, but it can also be locked in position. It is made of steel and is designed for everyday use.

First, the universally shaped clamp pieces allow the clamp to be used on smooth surfaces (such as desks) and round shaped tubes (such as desk stands or other microphone stands). The microphone boom can also be attached to the K&M Table Clamp (K&M 23855), which is available as an additional accessory.

The K&M 23860 supports up to 3.2 pounds of microphone weight, enough for all but the heaviest microphones, and far more than most of its competitors. The K&M model also has a whopping 37-inch wingspan, outperforming most rivals. All that range means more room for you to move and capture your sound your way. The 23860 is constructed of steel, giving it maximum durability. The arm also includes plastic inserts that provide a secure hold. The impressive design of this articulating arm includes a unique table-mount bracket that allows you to quickly attach it. The arm itself includes an internal cable guide so you can avoid external clamps, which means less work.

The stable metal construction with high-quality plastic inserts ensures a secure and solid hold, making the K&M frame very stable. The nominal weight of the microphone that the K&M 23860 is capable of supporting is 3,304 pounds (1.5 kg). On top of that, the 23860’s clamp is quite heavy and when properly tightened it will never be a weak link.

From the steel frame and high-quality gaskets to the mounting bracket, the K&M 23860 is built to last. It is very durable. The only problem is that the K&M comes with a 3/8 “to 5/8” plastic thread adapter instead of a better quality metal. While it’s not really part of the mic stand, it’s worth mentioning. I always suggest using metal on plastic thread adapters. This will save you the headache of stripping plastic cables relatively easy.

Samson MBA28 Microphone Boom Arm for Podcasting and Streaming

Samson MBA28 Microphone Boom...
  • Articulating microphone boom arm
  • Durable steel construction
  • Internal springs for silent and effortless positioning

The Samson MBA28 Microphone Arm comes with a strong metal flexible boom scissor arm and strong springs. It also includes a table mount bracket so you can install it on your desk. The microphone stand is equipped with dual-ended arms that allow it to excel in multiple situations. Compared to other boom arms, this one has a durable aluminum alloy frame, making it much stronger and more durable than its predecessors. The downside is that you can’t tie your XLR cable to the frame so the cable is loose.

The MBA38 arm attaches to your desk quickly and easily with a C-clamp structure and can also be installed and permanently attached to a mountable surface with three bolts and a single base (included in the package). The internal spring system and all-metal body allow you to have the rugged portability that the MBA38 offers, but also give you quiet and easy mechanical operation while recording, which means you can safely reposition and move the microphone. to introduce “noise management” into your signal. This boom will support up to 5 pounds of weight, making it ideal for those with heavier or larger and more expensive microphones. You will be able to hang your pride and your joy in peace of mind and see them hanging before your face in all its splendor.

The stand is equipped with a standard 5/8 inch metal screw adapter, making it compatible with a Blue Yeti microphone. The screw adapter has a range of 315 degrees. The articulated arm can rotate up to 360 degrees and the arms are also flexible up to 180 degrees. In other words, it will meet your requirements or expectations. Samson models also offer different arm lengths and sizes for their articulated arms. Contains as much as the best microphone arms. It has an impressive 5-pound weight load.

On-Stage MBS5000 Broadcast/Webcast Microphone Boom Arm with XLR Cable

On-Stage MBS5000 Broadcast Mic...
  • Flexible. Articulating mic boom with dual suspension springs provides quiet, quick, and easy positioning...
  • Compatible. Industry-standard 5/8″-27 threaded stem mounts a wide range of popular studio and broadcast...
  • Organized. Pre-installed 10' low-noise XLR-to-XLR cable is routed through the tubing for convenient cable...

Square tubing for extra rigidity and strength, a hollow frame for the unobtrusive installation of microphone wiring, and a 10-inch XLR cable pre-installed within the arm for ease of use and convenience are just a few of the little but powerful characteristics of the MBS5000.

The MBS5000 also includes the option of permanent or removable fixtures, with a table mounted clamp to secure it to your preferred surface or bolting it down permanently.

This arm is meant to be manipulated while being used live, has no exposed springs, and is silent in its movements. This arm can support a hefty 3.5 pounds, so most microphones should be fine hanging from it. It’s also worth mentioning that this device features a ball-joint tablet surface, allowing you to attach an Android or iOS tablet.

Heil PL-2T Overhead Broadcast Boom

Heil PL 2T Fully Articulating,...
  • Eliminate Noise - The PL 2T mic boom arm offers preset internal spring tension that provides silent...
  • Podcast - The PL 2T boom arm mic stand keeps your microphone in the same spot at all times to enhance...
  • Video Podcasting - Designed to eliminate velcro straps, the PL 2T is a professional-quality microphone...

The Heil PL-2T Overhead Broadcast Boom has a sleek black style that complements your workstation. The arm alone can support microphones weighing up to 3 12 pounds. To help you install the microphone cable within the boom, the top and backplates can be removed. It doesn’t get much more straightforward than that.

Heil’s model, unlike some of the others on the list, uses internal springs that are hidden from view. That means there are no springs on the outside of the casing to worry about. That means you won’t have to worry about cable connectors slowing down your system.

The Heil PL-2T takes around two minutes to set up: simply secure the vise to your desk and insert the boom arm into the hole. It can rotate 360 degrees and will keep your microphone in place no matter where you put it. The top of the case has a channel for hiding your microphone cable; just make sure the plastic strips are aligned correctly so they can clip securely into place.

Both boom arm segments are 20 inches long, giving you that extra reach you need for the perfect location. They also conceal the springs for a more streamlined appearance.