Best RGB Fans for Gaming 2021


NZXT AER RGB 2 - HF-28140-B1 - 140mm - Advanced...
  • Performance engineered: These PWM static pressure fans are designed with a chamfered-intake and exhaust...
  • Uniquely Shaped: Custom engineered light guide creates stunning visual effects, with uniform light...
  • Winglet tips: Winglet designed fan blades minimize drag and further enhance fan performance

The Aer RGB 2 140mm from NZXT is a good option for those who want a fan with good performance but limited RGB illumination.

The Aer RGB 2 includes only eight controllable RGB LEDs on the frame and none on the fan, unlike the Riing Plus 20 and Corsair LL120, which have several LEDs. When purchasing a pair of Aer RGB 2 fans, a controller is included, but it is not included when purchasing a single fan.

The Aer RGB 2 includes a 140-millimeter fan, which is larger than the other fans discussed thus far. The fan rotates between 500 and 1,500 RPM and produces 30.39 to 91.19 CFM of airflow. The Aer RGB 2 has a noise level of between 22 and 33dB, which is approximately average.

A reduced price is one of the advantages of having less lights. Despite the fact that the Aer RGB 2 is larger and produces more airflow than the Corsair LL120, it is still less expensive due to its fewer LEDs.

Thermaltake Riing Plus 20 RGB TT Premium Edition

Thermaltake Riing Plus 20 RGB TT Premium Edition...
  • Paint Your Build with 16.8 Million Colors: Play lights with your choice of 16.8 million colors to bring...
  • Set Lights Effortlessly: Control lights easily with the tap of a finger via the patented TT RGB PLUS...
  • Fun with TT AI Voice Control: Give you full control over the lights, fan speeds with your voice

The Thermaltake Riing Plus 20 RGB TT Premium Edition 200mm is a good option for those who don’t mind spending a premium for a high-end fan. Although it provides greater cooling and lighting than the Corsair LL120, it costs twice as much.Because of its size, which generates more airflow, this Thermaltake fan provides greater cooling. The Riing Plus 20 is larger than the LL120 at 200 millimeters and produces a whopping 117.96 CFM. With a noise level of 29.2dB, the Riing Plus 20 spins between 500 and 1,000 RPM.

The Riing Plus 20 comes with a digital fan controller. Thermaltake offers a five-fan controller, allowing customers to add more if one isn’t enough. Thermaltake’s TT RGB Plus software and app are compatible with the controller. Both software versions allow for real-time monitoring of the fan’s performance as well as remote configuration of the fan’s 11 LEDs and speed.

The Riing Plus 20 has no doubt excellent performance and bright lighting, but it comes at a cost. It’s pricey, and the bright lighting may be excessive for certain users.

Noctua NF-S12B redux-1200 PWM

Noctua NF-S12B redux-1200 PWM, High Performance...
  • High performance cooling fan, 120x120x25 mm, 12 V, 4-pin PWM, max. 1200 RPM, max. 18.1 dB(A), >150,000 h...
  • Renowned NF-S12B high-end 120x25mm 12V fan, more than 100 awards and recommendations from international...
  • Airflow-optimised blade design with high CFM and outstanding quietness of operation, ideal for low-noise...

If you’re interested in case fans, chances are you’ve heard of Noctua. It’s a tried-and-true favorite among many do-it-yourselfers, and with good reason. Noctua manufactures fans that are built to endure a long time, move a lot of air, and do so silently. The issue was that, until recently, buying Noctua fans meant committing to a hideous (ed. note: stunning) khaki-and-mud color scheme straight out of the 1970s. Noctua was the epitome of function over form, an engineering marvel that would wow any PC aficionado but offend the rest of the world.

The Redux line from Noctua, on the other hand, addressed this issue by recasting time-tested designs in a modern gray-and-black style that won’t detract from the rest of your PC build. The NF-S12B, out of the two Redux models Noctua sent over, quickly became a favorite. It’s neither as quiet or as efficient as the NF-S12A, another blacked-out Noctua model, but it’s less expensive. Previously, being a Noctua fan meant spending a lot of money on your build, but the NF-S12B redux balances amazing performance with a low price tag while also looking great.

There’s no RGB lighting here, and no frills of any kind. The NF-Self-Stabilizing S12B’s Oil Pressure Bearings, on the other hand, will survive for years while moving more air at mid-range speeds than any non-Noctua fan we tested while also being quieter. It’s a no-brainer.

Cooler Master MF200R RGB Fan

Cooler Master MasterFan MF200R ARGB Lighting Fan,...
  • RGB Color- Certified compatible with Asus Aura, AS Rock RGB, Gigabyte Fusion, and MSI RGB. Air flow - 90...
  • Hybrid Design- The jet engine and helicopter blade design, applies the right amount of static air...
  • Silent Cooling Technology - A mix of noise reduction technology and sound absorbing rubber pads

The Cooler Master MasterFan MF200R RGB is a thing of beauty. Cooler Master’s MF200R RGB offers average performance (around 90 CFM static pressure, low enough for a 200mm fan) but it looks pretty. RGB LEDs work with most RGB applications on the market and are quite capable. Once you’ve installed the fan in your case, you’ll notice some pretty low noise and some pretty bright LEDs. For the price, this is a great choice. While it performs better than our budget pick, you’ll get almost the same RGB light show with this one for less. On the other hand, this fan offers better thermals and seems more robust.

The fan allows for extremely high airflows, which will certainly make your PC run at a more tolerable temperature level. 90 CFM airflow is absolutely possible with this RGB fan. Speaking of RGB, the fan is capable of emitting a really large area of ​​RGB color, it looks really cool on any PC you can install it in. The fan operates at a relatively low noise level, we would expect higher numbers, but this fan is surprisingly quiet. We wouldn’t say quiet, but it’s still not too loud. There is an additional jam protection feature. The fan automatically detects if something is stuck in the fans, cable or stray hardware, and protects itself and the stuck thing from damage by shutting down on its own.

Cooler Master MF200R RGB Fan is by far the best 200mm RGB fan on the market today. It is extremely useful for placement in a mesh enclosure faceplate, in which Cooler Master specializes. They make great products and this one is no different. The MasterFan MF200R RGB is the best choice for a large 200mm fan for viewing pleasure and performance.

Thermaltake Riing Trio 12 RGB Fan

Thermaltake Riing Trio 12 RGB TT Premium Edition...
  • AMAZON ALEXA Control lights or fan speed by talking to Amazon Alexa enabled devices , Fan Rated Voltage...
  • TT RGB PLUS Software/App Monitor performance, adjust fan speeds, and customize lighting effects
  • LIGHTING SCHEMES Switch between 16 “Light Mode” (Twinkle, Firefly, Heartbeat, Stack, Roundabout,...

Thermaltech Ring Trio is arguably the best RGB fan on the list and in many ways too. These fans provide a good level of airflow while providing the best RGB lighting. Intense light comes from three RGB loops. Thermaltech has made these fans incredibly user-friendly. The light modes, brightness, fan speed, and even turn them off completely with commands. You can even configure these fans to reflect current weather conditions in your area by syncing with Amazon Alexa! Although these fans have hydraulic bearing to reduce friction like the LL series of Corsica, TT fans only offer the shortest noise at 25 dBA.These fans only come in a three-pack but are worth every penny. Thermaltake Ring Trio 12 RGB is one of the best models on the list. The level of airflow that these fans provide is great, and it also comes in very good RGB lighting. It is a perfect model to satisfy both worlds as much as possible. They come with a 9-pin USB connector.

Thermaltech solution provides an interesting feature known as RGB Plus ecosystem, which allows you to synchronize fans with your phone and control the light modes, speed, brightness, or turn them off with controls from your phone and even synchronize with Alexa to reflect the weather. Not only that, with a maximum noise of only 25 dB, it is also extremely quiet. They come in three-packs. However, in terms of skill and style, they are definitely among the best. Thermaltech Ring Trio is one of the best Gaming RGB Fans.

Thermaltake Riing fans come in a pack of 3 or as a single fan. The build quality of the fans is relatively good. RGB lighting is present inside the wall of the fans. When the fans are running, it gives a very good effect. The fans have good airflow up to 41.14 CFM and the sound level isn’t too high at just over 25 dBA either. The fan pack comes with a fan controller which can be used to configure all the fans. The speed and lighting of each fan can be individually controlled. The cable that comes with the fans is very long at 900mm, it can be too long in many cases and this can cause problems with the management of cables inside the case. It might even be a cool feature for some. We prefer to see it as a positive element.

This fan is a beast! The Thermaltake Riing Trio 200mm case fans have a variable speed of 500-1000 RPM and can generate massive 123.53 CFM airflow, which is in the highest level of the spectrum, even for her size. Regarding the static pressure, it generates a respectable 1.71 mmH2O. Although it comes with rubber, anti-vibration pads and self-lubricating hydraulic bearings, in order to keep noise to a minimum, this fan still registers a noise level of around 29.2 dBA, which is a bit high, but not too bad. When it comes to glamor, it is high end. With 12 addressable LEDs capable of producing 16.8 million colors, the Thermaltake Riing is both the beast and the beauty. If you want to impress your guests more, you can use Thermaltake’s patented TT RGB Plus software, which allows voice commands for any change in lighting, effects and even fan speed of this 200mm fan. Overall, the sleekest option for a 200mm fan, and at a price range, it’s a great buy.


Can be controlled via smartphone
Amazon works with Alexa
Syncs with King Chroma
RGB loop “trio”
Requires fewer cables than other brands


Just come in a triple pack

Corsair LL120 RGB Fan

Corsair LL Series LL120 RGB 120mm Dual Light Loop...
  • 16 independent RGB LEDs in every fan, split between two separate light loops. Airflow - 43.25 CFM. Noise...
  • Software control and customize RGB lighting effects with the included Corsair lighting Node Pro or expand...
  • PWM fan control allows for dynamic speed adjustment between 600 rpm to 1, 500 rpm, minimizing noise or...

CORSAIR LL Series are the best RGB fans you can buy for your case and are great for blowing air through obstacles.The fans of this course have two RGB loops. The outer one creates a holo effect and the inner loop that illuminates the RGB light on the fan blades. RGB loops have eight separate light regions that can be customized via the intuitive cursor ICU software. The software will allow you to match your lighting effects with any other course device.

Corsair LL120 RGB Fans are available in lots of options. You can buy them individually, double, and triple. You can also get the LL of the course at 120mm and 140mm, giving you the option of different airflow. To start, we have chosen a great model Corsair higher than the affordable price, which comes in the form of Corsair LL Series LL120 RGB fans. This model offers very high efficiency but remains silent. It is very effective, and as mentioned, the price is not as high as we have seen in other high-quality solutions.

Fans are given 16 GRB LEDs, all unique and present on all blades. The fan hub has two separate light loops with four LEDs. The other 12 LEDs surround the outer loop on the front of the fan. Needless to say, the aesthetics of the fan are great, and you will be very satisfied too. Also, it has a PWM control fan, which means you can easily control its speed. It can go from 600 rpm to 1500 rpm, depending on the need. We already mentioned that the fan is specifically designed to be very quiet, but is still very effective. It is very easy to install. Above all, it is a great option that fits your transparent case perfectly and will give a modern and elegant look.


High quality
Low noise despite the speed
Super design
Easy to install


Pay extra for glamorous lighting


NZXT AER RGB 2 - HF-2812C-T1 - 3-Pack of 120mm RGB...
  • PERFORMANCE ENGINEERED: These PWM static pressure fans are designed with a chamfered-intake and exhaust...
  • UNIQUELY SHAPED: Custom engineered light guide creates stunning visual effects, with uniform light...
  • WINGLET TIPS: Winglet designed fan blades minimize drag and further enhance fan performance

NZXT is known for its boxes, and they are no strangers to fans or RGB lighting. These air fans offer a maximum of a few CFMs on the list and, at the same time, do a great job of pumping air into your system while it is on. The reason for the impressive CFM is that each air fan has a fin blade for optimal airflow. These fans operate on liquid dynamic bearings for almost silent operation. They only have one RGB loop, which is uniquely designed square edges. The RGB lighting only works if you have a fan controller for gaming or an NZXT case that is not best for those who want to add a single fanto their fence. When using the HUV2 lighting controller, you can connect up to five fans and sync effects for the ultimate RGB. They are available in 120mm and 140mm. However, RPM levels remain the same. They are relatively loud and not a silent solution. However, if you are only interested in their skills, know that these fans are more efficient than filling your case with fresh air, which will keep your equipment in perfect condition.

The smaller version – 120 mm – can withstand air pressure of 52 ft/min. On the other hand, the largest is up to 91 cfm. In other words, you can use these to keep even the top edge hardware very cool and enable it to reach its full potential. They even provide enough static pressure for your use on the radiators, although they may not provide as much pressure as the LL series of corsets. And, although we said that light is a secondary feature, it is always present a single light loop that goes around the frame. If you are expecting a rotating RGB, this is not the right model for it. There is no fan controller or hub included. This leaves you with two options – either get a hub separately and combine it with this fan or make sure you have the right connector on your motherboard.


Very good airflow
High build quality


Software required to launch

There are a few things to consider before buying these Flashing RGB fans. The last thing you want is to simply unpack your new product, find it unsuitable, unsuitable, or low quality.


Airflow is the most important factor. We need to know a few conditions before buying your fan set.

Airflow Fans

Airflow fans work best when there is nothing in the way of airflow. Lots of open space enclosures for more efficient natural flow will benefit AF fans. This type of fan tends to pump higher CFM (cubic feet per minute) air.

Static Pressure Fans

Static pressure fans spread the air evenly compared to their AF counterparts. They may not be able to pump as much air volume, but they are great when there is an obstacle in the way of processor heat synchronization or cooling radiators.

The placement of case fans is essential. Placing your fans is more important than some people, especially for the inexperienced. A popular way to configure fans is to use positive air pressure. Setting them up makes it easier to clean and maintain your PC as dust is confined to your system.

Limiting the dust, or at least controlling it as it enters your system, can not only help keep your ingredients healthy, but there are many examples of negative stress that can work.

It should be noted that if you plan to configure the negative pressure configuration, it will take advantage of all the air holes in your case/system. This means that dust can collect dust in most cases. With negative pressure, your configuration will enable you to expel this hot and stagnant air more efficiently, which can improve cooling.

Whatever decision you make, keep this in mind as a priority, although I recommend positive air pressure for users in many areas of their accommodation or if you have a dust filter where your fans will be admitted.

Noise (DBA)
Noise fans are a thing of the past, with many offering the highest sound levels. Fans of this list are not particularly noisy. Some only reach a maximum noise level of 25 dB. Typically, fan noise levels from 10dB to 36 dB.

There are several sizes available for RGB case fans, so it’s important to know which size your case will support. RGB fans on this list are 120mm, 140mm, and 200mm. Many enclosures support all fan sizes, but a few may be limited, so be sure to check before buying.

Mixing and matching sizes is no problem; For example, you may have two 140mm fans in the front and 120mm in the rear for a positive pressure configuration. Note that you can quickly check the pressure side by adding CFM to each intake and exhaust fan.

Many of these RGB fans come with controllers, allowing you to run multiple fans through a single unit, which usually makes things tidier. Some RGB fans may not have this kind of luxury, so it’s important to look for RGB titles on your motherboard.

There are two types of RGB headers, a 5v 3-pin RGB heading for addressable RGB LED devices and a 12V 4-pin RGB for non-addressable devices. Note that you cannot plug devices into the wrong header as this may damage your RGB fan or light.

To power a fan, they will have a connector that can be plugged into the head of the motherboard or fan controller.

There are three types of connectors:

4-pin connectors give you complete control over fan speed through the use of third-party software.

3-pin connectors can only be switched to BIOS, which does not support all motherboards, which can often run at full speed.

Molex connectors will always run at full speed and cannot be adjusted in any way.

We need to make sure we have adequate airflow. Make sure you can find fans for your new all-in-one cooler. You may have a system for combining light between your case, your components, and your peripherals that are basically a brand, and all the links are through their software. So if aesthetics are important, you may want to match your current RGB configuration with similar fans.

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