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Best Tingle Tanning Lotions 2024

Jwoww Mad Hot Tingle Bronzer Tanning Lotion

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Since it gives you a final degree of tingling and gives you instant redness, this tingling tanning lotion should only be applied or used by an experienced tanner. It contains a blend of skincare and anti-wrinkle ingredients for darker complexion and smoother skin. The included bronzing ingredients are melanin and tyrosine, with some natural bronzers giving you an aggressive dark color. It is made with yogurt and filled with blackcurrant oil. For visible smooth skin, pear oil is included to help supply moisture. This is not just a natural everyday bronzer.

Jwoww hot tingle bronzer smells like cinnamon candy. It burns your tongue. It will make your skin red as if it were on fire. And thus, it accelerates your tension. Of course, it contains tyrosine to stimulate your natural pigment melanin. The lotion contains black currant oil, Shea butter, and vitamin E to keep your skin young.Stars from Jersey Shore have entered the tanning lotion business, and it’s no surprise that they have created some of the best products on the market. This JW option is the best choice for its money, but since it does not provide tattoo protection, we put it in second place.

Like our first choice, it provides extreme tingling and gives instant results. Again, this is for those who have already used tingling lotion. However, its exceptional feature is that its tanning agents are all-natural, allowing you to darken your skin without worrying about the negative effects of synthetic ingredients. Jwoww lotion carries strict caution. It takes care of your skin even when it is hot. Vitamin E is available to protect against sun damage. At the same time, tyrosine and melanin work just below the surface to darken you.

Tanovations Ed Hardy Body Shots Double Shot Warning Mega Extreme Hot Tingle

Tanovations Ed Hardy Body...
  • Product Type:Beauty
  • Item Package Dimension:5.8 " L X3.3 " W X 1.5 " H
  • Item Package Weight:1.05 lbs

The tingling of this lotion is extremely extreme. It should only be used by those who have used tingling lotion before. After application, you will notice a tight tingling and redness on your skin. The redness takes about two hours to go away and leave a deeper tan. In addition to the strong tingling effect, it also provides tattoo protection for which Ed Hardy lotions are famous. It has a great scent and ingredients that make the skin firm. Considering all these reasons, we had to choose this lotion as our first choice.

This lotion is one of the most intense tanning lotions on the market. So, this is not for beginners. After application, you will immediately get a redness that will last about two hours. Soon, the redness of your skin will disappear, leaving you with great tan skin. You will love the orange citrus scent of this lotion. Not only is it a tanning lotion, but it also gives you improved and firmer tanned skin. The ultimate tingling sensation is what helps give you a faster and more lasting tan. Ed Hardy warns you directly on the bottle that Body Shots Double Shot has a “very exciting sensation.” The citrus scent will make you think that it is not too hot until you apply it. It breaks down trays by accelerating melanin production. Also, the combination of bronzer and DHA makes you instantly a bronze goddess.

One of the reasons we love Ed Hardy lotions is that they protect and nourish the skin. It prevents tones from fading while it tones and tightens. It also seals moisture. Some experienced tanners prefer it over everyone else because they say it gives them the deepest tan. Unfortunately, this dark color comes at a price. This lotion is hot, hot, hot! You will feel too long in the sun. And the tingling will continue for a few hours after your session. The blended bronze and quad tyrosine blend ensures that your tan is deeper. At the same time, the invigorating ingredients tone your skin and make it firmer. And the faded tattoo protector takes care of your ink.

Designer Skin Body Bronzer – Ruby

This tanning lotion is both tingling and refreshing tanning lotion. It contains the spicy fruit of capsaicin, which causes a sensation of conflict when applied to the skin. But the moment it stings the skin, it is refreshed by the refreshing technology of emerald extract and licorice to soothe your skin. After you apply it, your skin will turn red for a minute or two. Then the bronze body shade will leave you red. This lotion has 19x tanning ability with melanin technology. It comes with a silicone emulsion to hydrate your skin and give it a feeling of softness after each tanning session. The clang sensation is intense. So, it is only ideal for experienced tanners.

Ruby Tingle Tanning Lotion has a “dual-action sizzle” with hot and cold sensations. It’s an experience you won’t soon forget. Some ingredients include spicy capsaicin (for heating) and licorice extract (for cooling you). Strong bronzers such as DHA and erythrulose deepen the color of your skin while the redness disappears. When choosing our best lotions, we always look for something unique, and the designer skin body bronzer, Ruby, simply offers it. Glitter lotions provide warmth, and this warmth can be irresistible to some, especially if you consider that you are already using it in a warm tanning bed or cabin. This tunneling lotion contains cooling agents to help fight this heat while speeding up your tan.

Unlike other lotions on this list, the stinging agent in this lotion is capsaicin, making it a more natural alternative. The reason it is reddish is that it lasts from a few hours to a few minutes, which allows you to avoid the presence of lobsters after tanning and helps you see results quickly. Still, this tingling is still quite intense, but not like the above two options. One of the classics is the Ruby Hot Bronzer by Designer Skin. This tingling lotion is described as a sensation of vaporizing the sunburn. Extremely hot! It contains capsaicin. However, it is a 19x tan with melanin that instantly pigments your skin. Additionally, it contains a silicone emulsion that seals in moisture to make your skin soft and silky. It even contains a cooling licorice extract that fights heat and creates a chill.

Devoted Creations White 2 Black

Devoted Creations White 2...
  • Intense tingle that allows the skin to go 3 shades darker
  • Blended with multiple accelerators that work to target melanin production and achieve fast, dark tanning...
  • Bronzer-free

This tingling lotion from Devoted Creations can darken your skin by up to three shades. It’s an ultra-fast tanner that reduces the amount of time you spend in the sun and, as a result, the damage to your skin. It contains accelerators that target melanin formation specifically, resulting in a dark golden tan.

Because the lotion contains no bronzer, all of your coloring will be natural. It simply assists in the skin’s absorption of UV radiation. It’s simple to use and provides a strong tingling feeling. This is a fantastic tingling lotion to try if you want to get serious about bronzing. A fragrance of rain-kissed leaves will leave you feeling and smelling as beautiful as your skin.

Designer Skin BombShell

Designer Skin BombShell,...
  • Enriched with White Tea Extract, Soy and CoQ-10, this “Ultra-extreme” sizzle formula yields...
  • Bask in the sensuous pleasure of this radiant bronzer blend while its exhilarating fragrance envelops you
  • Fragrance: Kiwi Watermelon

The Bombshell was the first tingling tanning lotion, and it has a cult following. The scent is floral and fruity, which masks the stench of after-tanning. Kiwi watermelon is the official fragrance name.

It’s jam-packed with bronzers that give you quick color and help you deepen your tan over time. (To avoid staining or putting your eyes on fire, wipe your hands after applying it.)

It also contains Coenzyme Q10, soy, and white tea extract, which nourish the skin. These contain antioxidants and minerals to combat UV-induced accelerated aging. But, actually, what you want to know is how hot it is.

Tingle lotion addicts claim it’s potent but not as heated as some other lotions. It produces noticeable improvements after just one session and breaks tanning plateaus. They go on to say that it absorbs rapidly, but if they don’t shower straight away, it will leave their skin red and warm for hours.

Ed Hardy Obnoxious Extreme Bronzer Tingle Tanning Lotion

Ed Hardy Obnoxious Extreme...
  • Country Of Origin: United States
  • Model Number: EH-O10
  • Item Package Dimension: 7.0" L x 2.4" W x 1.2" H

The Ed Hardy Obnoxious Extreme Bronzer is a next-level hot tingling tanning lotion created just for tan addicts with a lot of expertise. The bronzers are made up of both cosmetic and natural tingling components to give you the deepest tan imaginable. Mangosteen, a sophisticated tingle mix, and vitamins C and E are all included. Mangosteen is high in antioxidants, which protect the skin from oxidative damage and prevent aging. It also contains vitamins C and E. To keep the rich golden tan, the hot tingling ingredient generates an intense red and warm sensation. Hemp seed oil is a fantastic moisturizer that moisturizes the skin deeply without blocking pores.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tingle Tanning Lotion?
Tanning lotion is a lotion that contains ingredients that make your skin glow. This sore throat may be too soft and loose, or it may be so intense that you feel burning, but we promise you it won’t. There are two ingredients that can cause tingling effects in people: methyl nicotinate and benzyl nicotinate. Tingle lotion can use a combination of two or both.

Methyl nicotinate produces a tingling effect by increasing blood circulation to the upper layers of the skin. It helps bring more oxygen to the melanocytes, the cells producing melanin, which is the body’s agent that regulates skin color. As these cells come in contact with UV rays, they produce more melanin, darkening the skin faster. The increase in oxygen creates a tingling effect.

Benzyl nicotinate is similar in function. The main difference is that this element opens the capillaries, resulting in a deeper tan. When methyl nicotinate causes a shaking sensation, benzyl nicotinate is more likely to cause a burning sensation.

In addition to one or a combination of the above ingredients, the other thing you will find in all tingling lotions is the moisturizing ingredient, which is also often anti-aging. This is due to the fact that powdered lotions are drier than other types of tanning lotions. When combined with the drying effects of the sun, it can be very problematic, so manufacturers of lotion tingling work to address it.

Who should use tingle tanning lotions?
Tanning tan lotions may seem intense, so they are not recommended for novice tanners. Before using tanning lotions, you should have a firm base tan and be comfortable in the warmth of the tanning bed. These are specifically designed for indoor tanning, so tanning lotions are not for you if you only tan outside. If you are worried about starting with tanning lotion, start by mixing a tingling lotion with the regular lotion. You can start with 25% of the mixture and gradually increase the amount of hair as it is appreciated.

What are the benefits of using Tingle Tanning Lotion?
Tingle lotions have one major advantage: they make your tan grow faster. That’s why these were made, and most tanners decided to try them. However, speeding up your tension is not the only benefit of using tanning lotion.

A major secondary benefit of tanning lotions is the moisturizer. These moisturizers are very strong, tingling ingredients and are designed to prevent skin from losing moisture through UV rays. For this reason, they are more effective at keeping skin soft and supple than luxury moisturizing creams and lotions. It helps to keep the tan beautiful and even.

Finally, the tingling sensation itself is a big bonus for many users. You may think it is overwhelming at first if you don’t mix it with regular lotion, once you get used to it, it can be very relaxing. Experienced tanners seasoned with triple lotion often say it gives them a spa experience.

How to avoid the problems of tingling tanning lotions
You can avoid the side effects of tanning lotion with some ingenuity. Of course, it is best not to put spicy lotion on your face. Be sure to wash your hands by applying one to your body. Wait after the shower before placing the baby or pet. Finally, start slowly. Mix tingling lotion with regular indoor tanning lotion and see what it does. Or first, apply it to less sensitive areas like your arms or legs.

What to look for in a tingle tanning lotion
Not all powder tanning lotions are made equally. But what sets them apart? The following points need to be considered when buying your tingling tanning lotion.

Tingle power

Some tingling lotions are designed as extremely powerful, while others only create a small effect. Most tingling lotions are designed to provide extreme tingling because it is what most customers are looking for, although it is not ideal when you are just starting.


Each tanning lotion will be either an accelerator or a maximizer. These two ingredients are designed to enhance your tan. However, accelerators are made for those who are just starting a tan or who do not want a deep tan. Maximizers are for those who already have a basic tan and want to go further.


Some tingling lotions also contain tanning agents. The idea behind this is to give you a fake pull on your original tan so that you can get the look you want even if your actual tan is not there. This is a great way to darken your skin after it has darkened as much as possible naturally.

Anti-aging and caffeine

Tanning lotions with anti-aging ingredients or caffeine are designed to help reduce or reduce the signs of aging. Anti-aging lotions are rich in vitamins and minerals, and caffeine helps reduce puffiness, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Tattoo protection

Exposure to UV rays in tanning beds and cabins, as well as from the sun, tattooed tattoos make them look less vibrant and make them look older. In general, tattooing lotions seem to be better than other tanning lotions for protecting tattoos. However, to guarantee their quality, if you have tattoos that come in contact with tattoo rays, you should look for lotions that provide extra protection for tattoos.