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Best Toilet Flapper 2024


Kohler (BLUE PART GP85160...
  • 2 in. flapper with a float used in various 1.6 GPF two piece toilets
  • Also used in KALLISTA toilets
  • Compatible with the following KOHLER Models: Wellworth 3114, 3407, 3420, 3421, 3422, 3423, 3428, 3432,...

If you have a two-part toilet and are looking for a toilet flap to fit it properly, this is the product for you. It includes a valve. Since it is used in most two-piece toilets, the product will come in handy if you have one. The quality of this product is incredible. If you have a problem with breaking valve chains, replace your existing valve with one. The length of the chain is also adjustable. This will help you decide how much water to pour into the bowl when you wash. This is the best toilet flap for a two-piece toilet.

This 2-inch valve is compatible with several 1.6 gallons per 2-piece flush. It has a disciplined orientation; This allows you to see the amount of water flowing through the valve and entering the bowl during washing. Bring the bear closer to the valve to increase the amount of water to wash. It will descend slowly before sealing the valve. The result is that more water will flow, giving you a higher flush amount.

If you want to reduce wastewater, lift the float so that the valve sinks quickly. It seals the valve after a short time, resulting in a small amount of water being mixed.It is made with a rubber material that fits perfectly around the valve to create a stiff seal. This rubber is flexible enough. It presses firmly with the valve to stop the flow of water after it is completely reduced.

To save plenty of water every day, Kohler’s GP 85160 is accurate. It comes with long-lasting durability and saves a lot of water with each flush. It is made with 50% polystyrene foam, which ensures its durability and efficiency at the same time. It fits a variety of two-part toilets and supplies all of Kohler’s original Kohler parts. This is one of the best toilet flappers for money.


Long installation
Very durable
Made of imported materials


Adjusting the flat chain is a bit complicated

Kohler GP85160 FLAPPER is the Best Toilet Flapper 2022

Korky 2022BP TOTO Toilet Repairs-Large 3-Inch Flapper

Korky, Pack of 1, Red 2021BP...
  • TOTO TOILET FLAPPER: 3" toilet flapper designed with an oversized sealing surface to fit most TOTO toilet...
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Achieve a full flush with the TOTO toilet flapper. No tools required. Includes 3"...
  • LONG LASTING CHLORAZONE red rubber resists chlorine, city water treatment, hard & well water. This toilet...

Korky 2022BP G-Max is a large 3-inch valve that is designed to fit TOTO toilet flush valves. It has a large sealing surface, which allows it to adapt perfectly to the TOTO 3 ″ flushing valve for waterproof seals. This ensures that no water leaks when in the bottom position. The valve is made using flexible rubber, and it plays a huge role in the overall flush valve tightness. It is resistant to hard water, treated water, chlorine, and bacteria, which makes it very durable.It is attached to a stainless steel chain that is used to lift it so that water can flow through the valve. Stainless steel is strong enough to withstand a reasonable amount of stress, which makes the valve more durable.

For its larger ceiling surface and hassle-free installation system, the Corkey 2022BP is nothing compared to a valve. It contains an exclusive and durable rubber that has the ability to resist chlorine and bacteria. It is made from flexible rubber, which provides a waterproof seal and includes a durable stainless steel chain. Not only is it an incredible valve, but it is also cheap and saves a lot of water by cleaning each wash.


Easy to install
Prevents chlorine and bacteria
Ensures low water consumption
Long duration


Not suitable for all toilets

Korky 2022BP TOTO Toilet Repairs-Large 3-Inch Flapper is the Best Toilet Flapper 2022

Fluidmaster 703AP4 Specialty Toilet Fill Valve

Fluidmaster 703AP4 Specialty...
  • A direct replacement for Glacier Bay & Niagara Flapperless Toilets
  • Easy-to-install, instructions included
  • Increase your Glacier Bay / Niagara refill speed

Fluidmaster 703AP4 valve is well designed for toilets without Glacier Bay and Niagara valves. It is designed to replace the old filling valves of these toilets, which is not effective in the case of slow filling speeds. It has a predetermined filling rate, which ensures that it delivers the right amount of water every time you wash it. Its filling system fills the tank quickly at every speed, and it does so without contaminating the new water supply from the empty. This leaves your supply pipes with clean water, which can be used safely in the rest of the house.

In construction, it is designed with durability in mind. Its whole body is made of corrosion-resistant material. It gives it a long life with a guarantee of good value for money. Also, it comes with a limited warranty, which provides free replacement if it becomes defective in the first year. Fluidmaster supplies one of the best toilet flaps in the industry. These are a trusted brand, and their valves feature quality performance with just as much reliable trusted long-term durability to do the job, just put it in your toilet and forget about it because you don’t have to change it again for a while.

This valve is specifically designed for use in Glacier Bay and Niagara brand toilets. It does not contaminate the freshwater supply and even helps to fill the tank quickly. It is easy to install and comes with anti-siphon operation and code approval.


General installation
Anti-siphon operation
Corrosion resistance
Comes with code approval


It only works with Glacier Bay and Niagara brand toilets.

Fluidmaster 703AP4 Specialty Toilet Fill Valver is the Best Toilet Flapper 2022

American Standard 3174.105-0070A Champion Universal Replacement Flush Valve

American Standard...
  • Universal replacement part for Champion 4 flushing system
  • For use with any Champion line of two piece toilet
  • Replacement flush valve

This flush valve replacement system comes with all its components, including the valve. It is specially designed for use in 4 ranges of champion two-piece toilets. But it also works well as a replacement for the Champion 4 range 2-piece toilets. A key is provided as an accessory at the time of purchase, which is very effective when replacing all of this material. The valve flap is attached to a chain that is used to raise or lower it during washing. This rise and fall are when the valve is lowered once, allowing water to pass through the valve during washing.

A broken or destroyed toilet flap wastes a lot of water and increases the water bill, creating a financial as well as an environmental burden. The toilet flap is designed to seal the resistance tank and to control the flow of water before and after each flush, making it an important part of any functional toilet.Using a quality toilet flap is essential to save money and waste less water. Many manufacturers make toilet flaps, so finding the right one can be a small challenge, especially if you plan to install it yourself, but it’s easy, but you don’t know much about them. Choose the best toilet flaps of 2019 here.

How to choose the best toilet flap

To take advantage of all the benefits associated with toilet flaps, you should consider the following before buying them.


Toilets come with flush valve drains of various sizes, the most common of which are 2-inch and 3-inch. As such, the valve comes in different sizes, and you should match these sizes before buying one. A good valve causes small valve leaks when the valve is large when it is not fully installed on the valve, but this is always true.


There are two main types of toilet flaps: regular and non-adjustable. With adjustable valves, you can adjust the flashing volumes by saving more water. These are more suitable, with 1.28 to 1.6 gallons per flush.

The non-adjustable valve has a constant flush volume and is suitable for 3.5 to 5 gallons per flush. The type you choose should determine the amount of water your toilet draws, as well as the amount you want to save on water bills.

Toilet flaps can be adjustable or non-adjustable, and it is built with different flush capabilities.

Adjustable valves are suitable for toilets that use 1.28 gallons to 1.6 gallons of water per flush. Thus, adjustable valves are available in style and size.

On the other hand, non-adjustable valves are made for toilets that use about 3.5 gallons to 5 gallons of water per flush. Both styles are made of non-adjustable valves but only 2 inches in size.


It is very important to consider the frame of a valve. Flexible frames are usually made from factor flexible pure rubber, which can adapt to many valve openings. The rigid frame is usually plastic, with rubber or silicone seals for a rigid fit.

Solid frames can not only fit into their respective sized valves but also work much better for opening ceilings. If you know the size of the flush valve in your toilet, it would be wise to opt for a specific frame. Otherwise, a rubber valve will do.

When buying a toilet flap, also consider the type of frame, such as rigid or flexible. A flexible frame comes with pure, durable rubber. And the best thing about these flexible frames is that they can fit with most flush valve drains.

You can also choose the rigid frame, which is made of hard plastic. Rigid frames provide more durability and are also designed to prevent leakage.


Durability directly determines how long the valve will last before the need for replacement. When checking for durability, look at the frame material as well as the chain. For frame material, plastic is more durable than rubber, and stainless steel chains are better off than plastic chains.

A more durable and recommended alternative is steel cable, although it is very rare. For discipline, make sure you get a mustache-free chain so that it doesn’t interfere with and affect your flushing in the process.

Price range

As for the price, you get what you pay for. Toilet flaps are relatively inexpensive. You can find cheaper toilet flaps than our top 8, but most of them are made from cheap quality materials.

If you choose a good toilet flap, it will provide you perfect service for decades! So choose the right one and stay hassle-free.


Manufacturers typically produce two-size valves for 2-inch valve drains and 3-inch valve drains. Note that 2 inch valves come with flexible and rigid frames, whereas 3 inch valve drains are accessible in rigid frames.

Types of toilet flaps

Choosing the right type of toilet flap is vital. Otherwise, a poorly adjusted valve could leak the toilet into your bathroom. To avoid wasting water and your money, you should choose the perfect toilet flap that is compatible with your toilet.

This is why you need to know the types of toilet flaps to choose the one that is suitable for your toilet. There are three types of toilet flaps:

Seat-mounted toilet flap

The oldest type is the seat-mounted toilet flap. It has a small circular disc that covers the flood pipe and prevents water from passing through it. The valve detects the flood pipe while flushing the toilet.

The water storage in the tank acts as a pressure to keep the valve unlocked when you wash it. However, after washing, the water storage becomes empty.

Our first choice for this type: Fluidmaster 5103 American Standard

Tank ball valve flap

This type of valve is located on the top of the flood pipe. After washing the rest, the ball of the tank is pulled by a chain and goes out of the flood pipe. Thus, water can enter the bowl through the tank.

In this type of case, you need to make sure that the chain keeps the rubber ball at the correct length. Otherwise, it will not work properly to pull the chain as well. As a result, lots of water can be wasted!

Our choice for this type: Lavelle 52p Blue Vinyl Tank Ball Flapper

Rubber Toilet Flap

Most of the present-day toilet manufacturers have used this type of rubber toilet flap. So if your toilet has recently been replaced with a new one, this is your type. The process is almost similar to a tank ball valve.

These types of bullets attach a cap to the flood pipe instead of just bullets. So when you flush, it slides a chain attached to the plug to lift it.

After washing, the simple cap is back in place. One thing not to forget: not all valves are made with full rubber instead of the outer edges to seal each other tightly!

Top choice of this type of toilet flap: Fluidmaster 502P21 2 inch toilet flap

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I replace a toilet fill valve and valve?

Most of the time, you can replace it by using a toilet repair kit and following these simple steps:

Turn off the water supply and empty the tank.
Remove the old valve.
Place the valve on the flush valve.
Adjust the chain length to your liking
Turn on and check the water supply; The new valve should work.
If you still have problems replacing the toilet flap system, you should choose a pro to fix it.

How long does the toilet flap last?

These usually last for four to five years. However, do not use any chemical bowl cleaner to reduce longevity.