5 Best Toilet Repair Kit 2021

Korky 4010PK Universal Complete Toilet Repair

Korky 4010PK Universal Complete Toilet Repair -...
  • TOILET REPAIR KIT: Allows for a full overhaul of your toilet & is designed to fix no/slow refilling,...
  • FIX RUNNING TOILETS: The easy to install 4010 includes fill valve, flapper, refill tube, metal refill...
  • LONG LASTING CHLORAZONE red rubber resists chlorine, bacteria, city water treatment, hard & well water.

Korky 4010PK is a universal toilet repair kits that is designed to fix all the new and old toilet models. This toilet repair kit is a great kit to buy as it comes along with all the required hardware used for installation.This toilet repair kits will help upgrade the old toilet flush without having to buy a new toilet. It has high-quality and sturdy parts that keep your toilet clean.

The 4010PK is manufactured by Korky, a Wisconsin-based manufacturer that makes its toilet replacement parts using Chlorazone’s proprietary red rubber. This material is designed to resist continuous chemical shock, aggressive treatment of tap water, rust, hard water, chlorine, chloramines, and bacteria. The kit includes a universal fill valve that can be stretched from 7¾ inches to 13½ inches without using a hacksaw. It is also designed with proprietary technology that reduces the number of moving parts for increased durability. By the way, like Fluidmaster parts, this set is backed by a 5-year warranty.

This toilet repair kit fixes the slow filling or no filling, lousy smell, and noisy toilets.
The installation is easy and needs no high plumbing skills. The kit has a fill valve, flapper, refill tube, metal refill tube, flush valve, blow gasket, and all the other hardware. It comes with a user manual that has detailed instructions. The materials are made of exclusive chlorazone that protects and prevents bacteria, hard water, well water, chlorine, and city water treatment. The Korky manufactures high-quality toilet products both for old and new models. You won’t regret buying it.


Easy to install
Fixes all the common toilet problems
Comes with all the hardware
Made from exclusive chlorazone
Upgrade the toilet performance


There is a delay between the flush time and fill valve activation

Korky 4010PK Universal Complete Toilet Repair is the Best Toilet Repair Kit 2021

Fluidmaster 400CRP14 Universal Toilet Fill Valve and Flapper Repair Kit

Fluidmaster 400CRP14 Universal Toilet Fill Valve...
  • FIXES NOISY, RUNNING TOILETS: Toilet repair kit replaces inefficient fill and flush valves, and leaky...
  • UNIVERSAL DESIGN: 400A toilet fill valve adjusts easily from 9 – 14 inches, fits most 2-inch flush...
  • CORROSION RESISTANT: Solid frame 501 2-inch flapper features corrosion-resistant Microban material to...

The Fluidmaster is a universal toilet repair kit with all the required hardware. This toilet repair kits helps with all the common toilet problems. The fill value and flapper have a filter that means that they pump water leaving behind the contaminants. This is the reason you’ll see no clogging when you flush.
This toilet repair kit is designed to deal with the leaks. It is easy to install and use. The flush mechanism components are durable even if your water has chlorine in it. The flapper is made of chlorine-resistant material and has a microban that prevents the damage from bacteria.
It is the best solution to a running, slow filling or a noisy toilet. The whole toilet repair kits installed in a minute and comes all the necessary equipment. It is the best replacement for an old and faulty flush toilet kit.

The design of the parts allows the kit to be adapted to the vast majority of water tanks equipped with 2-inch discharge valves. Kit includes all replacement parts and a set of durable rubber gaskets. The system is almost completely pre-assembled, so you just have to put it in and tighten everything in the correct order. Tank bolts are also included so you can quickly replace all the casings in your tank. This is the best solution for all standard toilet tanks with 2 inch flush valves. Due to a 5-year replacement warranty, easy installation, durability, and quiet performance, it deserves the top spot on my list. The only negative effect of this product is the high price of the updated version.


An anti-siphon toilet fill valve
Chorine resistant so prevents the damage
Microban coating makes it bacteria resistance
Quick and easy to install
Resolves all the common toilet problems
Comes with an instruction guide


Its flapper supports a 2-inch flush valve toilet

Fluidmaster 400CRP14 Universal Toilet Repair Kit is the Best Toilet Repair Kit 2021

NEXT BY DANCO HydroClean Toilet Repair Kit

Next by Danco HC660 Toilet Fill Valve Repair Kit,...
  • WATER-SAVING toilet fill valve with built-in mini-valve that adjusts tank refill water level
  • DETECTS LEAKS: The water-saving toilet fill valve sounds an audible alert when a leak is detected making...
  • CLEANING JETS: Strong jets stir up debris in toilet tank in order rush any dirt down the drain with every...

The Danco Hydroclean toilet repairing kit deals with all the common toilet problems. It will fix a running toilet, slow/no filling, noise, and smell. It has a built-in mini valve that helps to adjust the tank water refill level and save the toilet from overflowing. The height of the valve can be adjusted according to the tank height. The water-saving fill valve makes an audible sound that indicates if there’s a leak. There is a cleaning tube that jets the water into the tank that cleans the dirt in the toilet tank and rushes it down the drain each time you flush. The water fills the tank quickly and stops with when the float lock makes a snap. This toilet repair kits is easy to install without any tools and mechanical skills.


Leak detecting mechanism
Shuts off the water filling
Water-saving lever
The material is plastic so, no rusting
The height of the valve is adjustable
It has a tank cleaning tube
Resolve all common toilet problems
Easy to install


The rubber component may dissolve with time

Danco Hydroclean toilet repairing kit is the Best Toilet Repair Kit 2021

Hibbent Universal-Toilet Tank Repair Kit

Universal Toilet Fill Valve Kit Easy and Rapid...
  • 1. Toilet Tank Fill Valve Replacement, Fix cracked, noisy, slow filling valves with the quietest
  • 2. Adjustable fill valve Universal design fits most toilets brand like kohler, toto, American standard...
  • 3. Toilet fill valve height adjusts easily between 7.8inch - 13inch

The standard toilet problems can make you cranky, and this Hibbent Universal toilet repair kit has all the answers to these problems. The kit has an elegant and sleek style. It allows you to replace the old kit without getting worried about having lousy plumbing skills.
This kit has good-quality parts and is inexpensive. The size of the tank varies with models, but a universal product makes you worry less about the height of the tank. The fill valve allows the user to adjust the height by merely twisting the valve and locking it.
Many valves are hard to change, but this toilet fill valve is designed to work correctly with any other brand. It saves you money. The fill valve also features a filter that stops the dirt, and other contaminants enter into the tank. It helps with all the problems like noise, slow/no filling, and fixing a cracked valve.

This part is recommended if you don’t mind too much budget and you need a mechanism that fills the tank very quickly and quietly. It is also one of the easiest parts to install if you have a standard toilet from Kohler, Toto, American Standard, and many other popular brands. The only flaw in this item is the price. Typically 35-40% more expensive than fill valve kits built with conventional technologies.


Much quieter
Easy to install
Easy to clean
It is a universal kit that fits with almost 99% of toilets
The height can be adjusted from 7.8 to 13-inches
Helps to prevent the slow filling of the tank


It doesn’t have a flapper

Hibbent Universal-Toilet Tank Repair Kit is the Best Toilet Repair Kit 2021

KOHLER GENUINE Toilet Repair Kit

KOHLER GENUINE PART 85406 2" Toilet Flush Valve...
  • Flush valve assembly for Wellworth, Highline and various other KOHLER toilets
  • Includes flush valve, 2" flapper, triangle gasket and bolts

When you own an expensive and high-quality toilet, you want to make sure that you are using the best and exclusive plumbing replacements. This Kohler kit has all the parts that you need to upgrade your old toilet.
It is expensive but has all the original parts by Kohler. It includes the flush valve, flapper, gasket, and bolts. When your toilets flush kit started to break down, then you should buy this new kit to save your money rather than buying a new toilet.
The old kit replacement with the new kit makes your toilet as good as new. It is compatible with other old model toilets as well and prevents all the common toilet problems.


Plastic made so no rusting
Comes with all the hardware
Easy to install
Prevents all the common toilet problems
No leaking and fits perfectly


It is expensive

What is a Toilet Repair Kit?

You have experienced when your toilet is leaking, or don’t flush properly, and it means that your flush kit is out of order. The toilet at this stage started to show other symptoms like slow or no filling at all, lack the power to flush, and the capacity of removing waste has been reduced.
This time can be very stressful for you, but there’s a way out of this problem rather than buying a whole new toilet. The kit is an affordable and reliable alternative to purchasing a new toilet. It has all the replacement hardware and parts that are needed for a flush system. The kit allows the user to repair your toilets flush system as good as new. These are very easy to install. You can fix them all by yourself.
It doesn’t matter you have a noisy or slow filling toilet; you need you to buy a good repair kit. The toilets with time begin to smell, leak, and stop filling correctly. The old toilets are not beyond fix. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a new toilet when you can fix the old one with toilet repair kits.

How to buy the best toilet repair kit

Complete Kit

It is always preferred that you buy the kit that comes with all the mandatory parts that you need to fix the old toilet. There are some kits available that only feature the fill valve and not the flapper, and some kits, on the other hand, comes with extra parts.
A kit is considered more compatible and reliable when it has all the required parts and hardware. The new system will boost the toilet’s performance and help you prevent the problems related to filling and flushing. The kit that has all the parts save your money.


The repair kit has to be installed in the tank with water in it and will be subjected to corrosive materials. You should make sure that it is strong enough to stand the damage through the years. The material of the kit must be corrosion-resistant and prevent the damage that may occur because of the bacteria. There are kits available that feature exclusive chlorazone that resists hard water, well water, chlorine, and rust.


The fixing cost goes up when you have to replace the whole kit. Buying the original parts to replace the old broken ones is not very affordable unless you buy the universal kit. The universal kit fits all the toilet models and easy to adjust. This is the only way to make sure that you fix your toilet affordably and reliably.


The installation is not the tricky part, and you need to make sure that you have the basic knowledge of bolts and plumbing. If your kit is out of order and you need to save the cash as well, then buy the kit that has all the hardware and an instruction manual. These things will save your cash, and you don’t need to hire a professional plumber.

Toilet Flush Capacity

The old toilets feature a flush capacity of 3.5 gallons per flush, which is considered standard. The new toilet models and kits have changed this idea of wasting more water. They have moved towards an eco-friendly way of using less water to flush the waste.
The toilets are known as low-fill toilets and require a fill valve that works perfectly with the low height of the tank. You must make sure that the flush kit you are buying suits your toilet tank height.

Fill Valve and Flapper

A toilet repair kit has two main components the fill valve and a flapper. There are kits available that come with either a flapper assembly or a fill valve, and some kits have both parts. You must make sure before spending money that which part of this system is you need to replace.
In order to decide, you look deeply at where that problem is precise. If your toilet is continuously running, then you make sure the kit includes a fill valve. If you are not sure about the issue, then buy the whole kit.

Toilet Size

The standard toilets are made to have a 2-inch water intake hole in the tank. The universal kits are made to fit perfectly with any toilet and work wonder. Some manufacturers made their toilet tanks holes smaller or bigger.
You must know about the size and figure out which kit will be perfect for your toilet. The high-end toilet companies also make these toilet repairing kits. If you don’t find one, then buy the same brand kit as a toilet.


The toilet repair kits usually are less expensive, ranging from 10$ to 20$. However, there are still some cases when the price goes up a little above that. It mostly depends on the brand and the product’s quality. You must keep in mind how much you are willing to spend on a kit and buy a decent quality toile repair kit.


Most toilet repair kits come with a warranty. It is a very common thing, and most of the kits have around five years’ warranty. The important thing is the terms they are offering in the warranty and see if they are worth buying the specific kit. If you don’t find them interesting, then you should look for another toilet repair kit that offers a better warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy just any toilet repair kit?

Many kits are universal and fit almost perfectly with the standard toilets, and some toilet brands have different sizes of holes in their tanks. If you have a standard toilet with a 2-inch hole, then you can easily find a kit that fits perfectly.

Can I repair my low filling toilet?

Yes, some kits are designed especially for the low-fill toilets. There are specific kits that you can adjust according to the height of the toilet tank.

How do I know when to repair my toilet?

It is effortless to identify when your toilet needs repair. The toilet begins to leak, or the flush is no more working you need a new toilet flapper. If your toilet is doing these things, it the sign that it needs a new kit.

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