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Best Topre Keyboards 2024

Topre Realforce 104UB

The Realforce 104UB is manufactured directly by the Topre company and is also available in a white version. An interesting thing about Realforce keyboards is that the switches have different stiffness depending on where they are on the keyboard. The keys towards the center of the keyboard are more rigid, and the keys towards the outside where mainly your little finger will be typing are much lighter. This makes the typing experience more ergonomic than some will enjoy, but others may find it boring. Those who love it swear it’s the best typing keyboard they’ve ever tried, so if it sounds interesting, it’s worth it.

Although simple, the body is made of quality plastic and it is very difficult to flex. The overall build quality is excellent, and it matches every model of Topre keyboard made by Realforce. The keycaps are PBT plastic and should last a long time. In addition, the keyboard does not have any additional keys or functions. It’s pretty basic in design.

Finally, the Realforce 104UB includes various Topre switches, varying in their actuation force. This should reduce the tension in the fingers. But the various switches take some getting used to. Some people prefer that all keys have switches with the same actuation force. Ultimately, if you don’t mind the simple design, no backlighting, super high price tag, and variable switches, this keyboard is a cinch. This is one of the best Topre Keyboards in 2023.

Happy Hacking Keyboard Professional 2

Happy Hacking Keyboard...
  • Topre capacitive switches provide best-in-class precision and efficiency, requiring only a gentle press...
  • Compact, near-symmetrical design condenses a standard keyboard to only 60 keys. Use key combos for a...
  • Contoured frame and keys allow for smooth movement across keys, reducing hand and finger fatigue.

The Happy Hacking Keyboard (HHKB) is legendary within the community for its design and Topre switches. HHKB makes several different keyboards, all of which are relatively similar. The Happy Hacking keyboard design was created in 1992 by Professor Eiiti Wada. The HHKB is light and compact with a 60% layout with 60 keys. It slips easily into your bag for easy transportation and saves space on your desk.

Now, if you are looking for a compact 60% keyboard based on Topre switches, the Happy Hacking keyboard is basically the only choice. Its unique key layout isn’t aimed at typists, but gaming and programming should feel good on this keyboard. The 45g switches mean less finger fatigue during long typing sessions. And yes, those keys are black too, with dark gray lettering. At least you can go for the white version, which is even more beautiful than the black version.

The HHKB is mostly made entirely of plastic. This is a 60% light and compact keyboard with two open spaces on the bottom left and bottom right with the mark on the bottom right. It has a clean design in black or stealth gray. The bottom of the keyboard has two rubber feet and 2 folding feet with 2 different angles. The back of the keyboard offers 2 low power USB sticks, to which you can connect mice or USB ports. However, being low power, it will not be able to power headsets, and there are also six DIP switches on the back. The bottom of the keyboard explains exactly what each DIP switch does.

This happy hacking keyboard is made of plastic and is lightweight. It has a fantastic design that comes with two rubber feet at the bottom and “flip down” feet with two different angles. The keyboard is equipped with two USB sticks for easy connection to a mouse or other USB ports. However, it is essential to note that you will not be able to connect a headset to the ports because the available USB is of low power. This is the best Topre Keyboard in 2023.

Seasonic Topre REALFORCE RGB AEAX01 USB Wired 108-Key Keyboard

Seasonic Topre REALFORCE RGB...
  • Premium tactile feel that conquers fatigue. Quieter and comfortable
  • 16.8 million colors. Per-key lighting. Software control
  • Control your accuracy with 25% faster key to key transitions

The Seasonic Topre REALFORCE RGB AEAX01 USB Wired 108-Key Keyboard is best Topre Keyboards that gives you the best gaming performance you’ve ever had. Of course, the Topre rgb lighting keyboard is not promoted as a gaming keyboard in and of itself, but it does include a number of features that make it one of the best selections for the purpose.

The capacitive switches make it very simple to use. One of the features we found very intriguing is the ability to modify the point of actuation on the keyboard. If you are particular about typing, this would be an excellent choice. It can also be a good solution for those of you who have dexterity concerns.It includes amazing keycaps that make less noise as you type. However, if you want to customize your device, you can add some more keycaps. The dimensions of this keyboard are 1.2 x 5.6 x 17.9 inches. It also includes a lengthy non-braided connection cable.

Please keep in mind that there are no specialized keys for media options on this keyboard, although the arrow can be used effectively. You can pick and maximize sensitive activities with the Actuation Point Charger (ACP). It also allows users to customize individual keys to their preferences for a more pleasant typing experience.

Another advantage of the finest Topre Mechanical keyboard is the variable RGB backlight. Customizable function keys would enhance your programming experience even better. A three-year warranty should make it an even better choice.


LEOPOLD FC660C 66Keys...
  • LEOPOLD FC660C 66Keys Electrostatic Capactive Mini Keyboard PBT Keycap Dye-sublimated
  • Topre Electrostatic Capactive type Keyboard / Made in Japan
  • Simple design and creative layout / 6 + 1 key simultaneous input and 45g equal key pressure

The Leopold FC660C keyboard is a 65 percent mechanical keyboard with Topre switches that could be one of the finest competitors for the greatest Topre keyboards. Electrocapacitive switches are used on the keyboard. The product’s pricing would be highly volatile, making it difficult to purchase it at the best price. The FC660C is available in different colors, such as black, blue and gray, white and gray. They come with two switch options, the Topre 45g and the Topre Silent 45g.

65% mechanical keyboard with Topre switches, the Leopold FC660C keyboard can be one of the top contenders for the best Topre keyboards. The keypad is delivered with electrocapacitive switches. You would find the price of the product quite fluctuating, which can be a bit difficult to buy it for the best price. The keyboard comes with a wide range of colors which include black, blue and gray, white and gray. You can choose from two different switch options namely Topre 45g and Topre Silent 45g. A compact and tight 65% keyboard construction can make this one of the main options which should be almost equivalent to 60% keyboards.

The FC660C comes with dye-sublimated PBT keyboards with black / white captions depending on the keyboard color you choose. The keyboard also has a detachable cable design with a mini-USB port, while also having four DIP switches on the back to swap the functions of keys such as Ctrl, Alt, Fn, etc.

Epomaker NiZ Plum Atom66/68 Electro-Capacitive Keyboard for Laptop PC Gamers

EPOMAKER NiZ Plum Atom66...
  • Niz Plum Atom66 Keyboard. Utilizing electro-capacitive key switches, the NiZ Plum Atom66 combines the...
  • PBT Keycaps. Outfitted with durable PBT keycaps, the board is durable and resistant to the oils that...

Among the bestTopre keyboards, the Epomaker Niz Plum Atom 66/68 is one of the most affordable ones. Of course, it might be referred to as a Topre keyboard clone rather than a Topre keyboard. It can be one of the best choices for individuals looking for a low-cost Topre keyboard.

The NiZ Plum is available in two layouts: 66 key and 68 key, both of which are small variants on a 65 percent keyboard layout. The 66 key is a cross between a 60 percent and a 65 percent keyboard, featuring arrow keys and no navigational cluster except the delete key. The 68-key variant, on the other hand, contains page-up and page-down keys, as well as fully dedicated arrow keys.

PBT keycaps, completely customizable keys, detachable USB-C cable, wireless/wired connection, and RGB illumination are among the advanced features available. Despite being a low-cost alternative, it includes practically all of the functions you’d expect from a high-end keyboard.

Topre Realforce 87UB USB Keyboard

Topre Realforce 87ub is one of the top TKL (TenKeyLess) Topre Keyboards because it has the highest build quality and provides a better typing experience than its competitors. That is, it has been demonstrated to provide a better typing experience than the full-size model (Offers numeric keys as well). Because it is TKL, there will be no numerical keys. As a result, if you prefer to work with numbers, this is not the job for you.

It boasts an ergonomic design that makes typing for long periods of time more comfortable. This is a very quiet keyboard, so you may operate on it late at night in your house without bothering anyone. The keys have been tested for 30-50 million keypresses, which is quite a lot, and it can even work after that if you take care of it. Each key on the keyboard has a different actuation force.

Above all, the Realforce Topre keyboard is one of the best Topre keyboards on the market.

Fujitsu Realforce R2 Keyboard

Realforce R2 Keyboard (Full,...
  • Topre capacitive switches provide best-in-class precision and efficiency, requiring only a gentle press...
  • Full n-key roll over (NKRO) - Type as fast as you can! Topre real force keyboards can keep up with any...
  • Contoured frame and key settings allow for smooth movement across keys, reducing hand and finger fatigue.

The Realforce R2 PFU Limited Edition is produced by PFU Limited, a well-known Japanese manufacturer of high-end Topre keyboards. This is specifically distinguished by an excellent ergonomic shape and a very responsive 45g strike, perfect for typing. It promises less typos and a better typing experience. This mechanical keyboard provides tactile sensation and ensures faster typing. It weighs 45g and the keycaps including the space bar are made of PBT plastic. In addition, it comes with a USB 2.0 port and has a connection cable with a length of 1.7 m. The inscriptions on the keys are made with a durable dye that barely fades. It has a dimension of 18 x 5.6 x 1.2 inches and has an adjustment option for comfortable typing. The quiet keys on this keyboard help reduce noise as you type. Topre switches are durable, so you can rest assured that they will last a long time. Moreover, you can customize each Topre key according to your needs.

With the activation point changer, you can make some keys faster, especially the ones you use frequently. Also, for some keyboards that you barely use, you may reduce their response speed. In general, the lifespan of these keys is long, as they are reliable to withstand more than 50 million keystrokes.

Overall, the R2 version is a major improvement over the original. If you need something cheaper, check out the Realforce R2 keyboard, but with Fujitsu branding. It looks like the limited edition R2, but it’s cheaper and available in 55g switches instead of 45g. That means a little more pressure on your fingers after long typing sessions, but the noticeably lower price tag can be worth it. When listing negatives, the lack of backlighting is the first to notice. Then we have the good old dark gray letters on the black keys. Finally, the cable placement is on the side of the keyboard, which can be a problem for some users.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Topre Keyboard?

A Topre keyboard is one of the one-of-a-kind alternatives that come with a one-of-a-kind mechanical keyboard structure. Unlike conventional keyboards, which use a mechanical switch called Cherry MX, Topre keyboards employ a distinct switch called Topre Switch.

Topre keyboards feature a custom-made keyboard switch, making them one of the most unusual and pleasant designs in the history of mechanical keyboards. Unlike standard keyboards, a Topre Keyboard does not require physical contact or actuation.

What Are Topre Switches?

Topre switches are defined as “electrostatic capacitive non-contact keyboard switch(es).” Their design comprises of a rubber dome (similar to membrane keyboards) that contains the mechanism, which makes use of a phenomena known as capacitance. This phenomenon enables the circuit board to detect a keypress even when the switch and the circuit board are not in physical contact. Every mechanical switch, on the other hand, functions by closing a circuit between two wires at each keypress, which always includes physical contact.

The plunger and switch housing are housed in the system enclosed inside the rubber dome. The buckle is also responsible for the tactile sensation when pressing the switch. Then there’s the coiled spring. When you press the key, the switch bends the spring until the keypress is registered by the PCB. Unlike the Cherry MX system, where a keypress closes the circuit and so registers the stroke.

Why should I consider Topre keyboards?

Topre switches are quite nice to type on because they are smooth and allow for speedier typing. Topre switches are more reliable and long-lasting than any other mechanical switch on the market due to their non-contact method of registering keystrokes. However, because the rubber dome housing provides the majority of the input during keypress, many users regard Topre switches as glorified rubber dome switches.The truth is that Topre switches can be a little squishy. They, on the other hand, have a low actuation force.

Are Topre switches noisy?

Topre keyboards are not noisy, which is one of the main reasons why most people choose them. As a result, you can type without worrying about irritating your ears with keyboard noise.