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Best Quiet Gaming Keyboards 2024

The sound of dozens of people working on keyboards can become loud and annoying if you work in an office setting. Keyboards have become significantly quieter. When a key is pressed, noise is produced, and the volume is mostly determined by the type of switch used on the keyboard; mechanical switches are generally louder than non-mechanical switches.

Clicky keys aren’t for everyone. Every button hit results in a loud haptic clack, which some people find pleasurable while others find repulsive. The latter is especially applicable if you’re a parent trying to keep quiet, or if the novelty of a noisy keyboard has worn off. Fortunately, a loud keyboard isn’t required for high-performance. Indeed, there are many superb noise-avoidant keyboards on the market that are just as good. We’ve done the legwork for you and discovered the best quiet gaming keyboards.

Razer BlackWidow Elite Yellow Mechanical Switches

Razer BlackWidow Elite...
  • Quickest Mechanical Switch for Gaming: Razer Yellow switch technology beats competitor, legacy "speed"...
  • Ultimate Personalization & Gaming Immersion with Razer Chroma: Fully syncs with popular games, Razer...
  • Fully Programmable Macros: Razer Hypershift allows for all keys and keypress combinations to be remapped...

Our quieter choice of gaming keyboard is the popular Razer Blackwidow Elite. These mechanical keyboards are packed with high end features and screams. The dedicated media keys are some of the best we’ve seen and the padded palm rest is extremely comfortable. Most importantly, you get Razer Yellow switches that are both linear and quiet, for responsive and quiet gaming.

The Razer Yellow Switch type is superb in terms of durability, responsiveness, and quietness. This goes hand in hand with an impressive 80 million keystroke lifespan. This just might make it the quietest mechanical keyboard. With the RGB backlit keys on the Razer Elite’s keyboard, it looks stunningly beautiful, fully programmable, and customizable for each key. The keys work as a double combo box, having backlight control and can serve as a dual function. Finally, the Razer Elite keyboard’s multimedia controls provide aesthetically pleasing circular buttons that function as a multi-functional digital dial for better media control.

Not only is the keyboard responsive and quiet in performance, but it’s stable and ergonomic enough to provide a surprising level of comfort during intensive gaming. The integrated wrist pad also provides additional comfort and better positioning of your hands when typing. You know the wrist rest and wrist guards are the most essential gaming accessories to prevent common injuries in the Carpel tunnel.

The Razer BlackWidow Elite can come with green, orange, or yellow switches, depending on your preference. If you’re trying to keep the sound down, yellow is your best bet. It has programmable macros, a padded wrist rest, and links to Razer’s Chroma profile. Colors can change to mimic the game you’re in, turning red when your health is low, for example. The main appeal of the yellow switch in Razer products isn’t that it’s quiet, although that helps. Instead, it’s fast. The Yellow Switch is Razer’s fastest mechanical switch for fast response time and multiple keystrokes. This is the Best Quiet Gaming Keyboards in 2023.

SteelSeries Apex M750 RGB

SteelSeries Apex M750 RGB...
  • Pure performance QX2 linear mechanical gaming switches
  • Durable 5000 Series aluminum alloy
  • Real time Discord in game lighting notifications

The SteelSeries Apex M750 has made its way into our list of the best gaming keyboards that have the silent sound dampening function as a prominent feature due to the 3rd generation SteelSeries mechanical switches as well as linear actuation. As in this third generation, the switches are quite fast, more responsive and are based on a superior high-end quality. So it helps gamers to have amazing gameplay and everyone can enjoy unforgettable gaming environment while using this keyboard. Linear actuation allows users to have a quiet spindle without noise. Therefore, you can take this Apex M750 keyboard to any quiet area and use it without any problem. In addition, the anti-ghosting function of this keyboard allows users, especially gamers, to have maximum precision and perfection in their clicks.

Without a doubt, the SteelSeries Apex M750 is a soundproof gaming keyboard thanks to its quiet third-generation SteelSeries mechanical switches with linear actuation. Just experience this keyboard in a soundproof room where no sound comes in out of nowhere, and then see how much sound the keyboard switches make. I’m not exaggerating, this is truly an amazing silent game board packed with all the features you are looking for.The third-generation SteelSeries mechanical switches included in the Apex M750 put it on the list of high-end gaming keyboards. Partly due to the fact that the switches respond quickly and partly due to the high-end construction that the keyboard is loaded with, we were surprised by the perfect playability when using this keyboard.

You get quiet gaming with the Apex M750 RGB while achieving high gaming performance. This is because the third-generation SteelSeries mechanical switches included in this keyboard provide fast-paced gameplay with quiet linear performance to use, while anti-ghosting technology ensures accurate keystrokes. Beyond the sound level, this keyboard is ideal for gaming due to its customization. Allows you to customize the key backlighting to suit your gaming preferences. You can also program a variety of macros. Designed specifically for gaming, this keyboard can use lighting to provide notifications related to in-game events. It can also alert you to chat notifications. Another top feature of this keyboard is its strong and durable aluminum metal alloy frame. In addition to its robustness, it offers a sleek look with a matte finish that looks great especially when illuminated in your choice of color scheme.

As is the case with linear actuation, we noticed shaft silence when using the Apex M750. In addition, the anti-ghosting function allows us to achieve perfection in a few clicks with maximum precision. When it comes to a custom game, the keyboard has a lot of customization features. The RGB keys are fully customizable and each key can have a different light depending on your preferences. While the keyboard supports customization of custom macros, you can record them for each title you play. The good thing is that the keyboard uses the lighting function to alert you or alert you to game events and chat notifications.

From a design perspective, the keyboard is rugged and features a metal-aluminum alloy chassis. The material is strong enough to withstand all levels of stress. You can also easily clean the keys without any hassle. SteelSeries has predefined game profiles for certain titles, especially Overwatch, GTA, and PUBG, making the keyboard best suited for gaming. This is the Best Quiet Gaming Keyboard in 2023.


Corsair K55 RGB Gaming...
  • This Certified Refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing...
  • Three-zone dynamic RGB backlighting with 10+ preconfigured vivid RGB lighting modes allow you to choose...
  • 6 programmable macro keys enable powerful actions, key remaps and combos

The Corsair K55 RBG Gaming Keyboard is a dust and water resistant membrane keyboard. Since this is a membrane keyboard, all clicks are dampened by the membrane, keeping your keystrokes quiet. Membrane keyboards don’t have the lifespan of a mechanical keyboard, so you’ll need to balance your audio needs with the knowledge you’ll need to replace it sooner. The Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard is compatible with Corsair’s iCUE software. Homeowners can adjust lighting settings and program macros. The Corsair K55 can accommodate up to six macros.

Corsair is known the world over for its affordable premium hardware, and the Corsair K55 RGB is no exception. The K55 may not be the best option for gamers used to using high-end gaming keyboards. However, if you are on a budget and need a consistent performance keyboard, the Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard is undoubtedly one of the best options out there.

While the membrane switch types are not as durable, the entire keypad is well constructed and of sturdy design. More pressure is required for the keys, so it is best to use the palm rest that comes with the keyboard. Palm rests are substantial additions to a keyboard because of their ergonomic benefits.Our budget pick is also our only membrane keyboard to feature. The Corsair K55 is a membrane board that outperforms others in its class, with excellent durability and a long list of gaming features. If you’re looking for the quietest gaming keyboard, the Corsair K55’s dome switches are here for you.

When it comes to sound, the Corsair K55 is a quiet gaming keyboard and packs unmatched punch with programmable buttons. You will also be very impressed with the RGB lighting effects of this gaming keyboard. The multimedia controls and 6 fully programmable keys allow you to perform various functions with the simple wave of your hand. The lightweight feel of plastic works like a godsend in disguise for many gamers who want that luxurious look, but deep down are looking for a lightweight gaming keyboard. The silent and anti-ghosting keys allow you to combine them during office hours or play games while sitting in a family gathering.

Logitech G915

Logitech G915 LIGHTSPEED RGB...
  • LIGHT-SPEED wireless delivers pro-grade performance with flexibility and freedom from cords. Creates a...
  • LIGHTSYNC technology provides next-gen RGB lighting that synchronizes lighting with any content....
  • Low Profile mechanical switches offers the speed, accuracy and performance of a mechanical switch at half...

Logitech G915 is the best and quietest wireless gaming keyboard designed for high-end gamers who need peaceful gaming. If price isn’t an issue, it must be the right choice you can make right now. Our wireless choice might not be the quietest gaming keyboard, but its wireless performance rivals wired cards and it comes loaded with features. This includes Logitech’s Romer linear switches which will still make noise, but they are significantly quieter than the Clicky switch type. This card is good for over 30 hours after fully charged and will never fall off.

Thanks to its low profile housing and integrated low profile keycaps, the keyboard is one of the thinnest on the market. There are some interesting features hiding beneath the hood, aside from the ultra-thin appearance. This silent mechanical keyboard incorporates Loigtech’s renowned Lightspeed technology for lag-free performance. Bluetooth, onboard profiles, and customizable G-keys are also included (macros). However, the benefits don’t end there; dedicated media keys are included, providing you with all the convenience you require.

For an immersive experience, this gaming keyboard comes with per-key lighting effects and you can also customize these lights from a whopping 16.8 million colors. Multimedia control buttons are always at your fingertips. You can adjust the audio level and play or stop music with these handy buttons. Logitech G915 is compatible with Logitech G Hub software which can be used to configure device settings and explore various gaming-oriented features. For a high-quality silent gaming keyboard, Logitech G915 is the way to go.

Fnatic miniSTREAK – LED Backlit RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Fnatic miniSTREAK - LED...
  • FULL RGB BACKLIGHTING - our minISTREAK mechanical keyboard’s LED RGB backlighting features 8 easily...
  • COMPACT, TENKEYLESS AND PORTABLE - the miniSTREAK’s tenkeyless design is everything you need for...
  • PREMIUM CHERRY MX SILENT RED KEYSWITCHES - Our CHERRY MX keyswitches are the industry’s best, German...

This keyboard is one of the most feature-rich on the list, with an aluminium alloy shell, OLED smart display, and anti-ghosting software to boot. This keyboard is meant to be personalised, with highly adjustable RGB illumination, the option to store five user profiles, and the ability to customise your actuation point.

The keys are raised above the base of this keyboard, giving it a TKL form factor. The board has beautiful RGB illumination that truly brightens up a dark space, and the Fnatic branding adds a nice touch to the design. It’s unsurprising to see pleasant minor amenities for players that travel coming from an esports organisation. This model comes with a detachable USB-C cable for easier transport and “competition mode,” which disables the board’s minor distractions.

Because it uses Cherry MX Brown switches, it isn’t the quietest board on the market, which is exacerbated by your O-rings. Unfortunately, aiming for the lowest actuation point can cause keypresses to be missed if they interfere. Just keep in mind that, like the Corsair, this is a large boy, so make sure you have enough room on your desk for it.

HyperX Alloy Origins

HyperX Alloy Origins -...
  • HyperX Mechanical Switches rated for 80 million keystrokes
  • Full aircraft-grade aluminum body
  • Compact, portable design with detachable cable

The HyperX Alloy Gaming Keyboard is a very formidable and durable keyboard, which features custom HyperX mechanical modifications meant to give gamers the best mix of style, performance and reliability. These key switches have exposed LEDs for dazzling lighting; it also has a full aluminum body, which remains inflexible and stable when keystrokes fly. Additionally, this gaming keyboard includes keyboard feet that allow you to select three distinctive tilt levels. Its sleek and minimal structure provides space for mouse development, and it also includes a detachable USB Type-C cable. This product is simply the best silent mechanical keyboard you can have.

The anti-ghosting and N-key rollover functions are very effective in preventing accidental click errors and providing a 100% keystroke rate. The best part of the board is the game mode that allows you to enjoy stable gameplay by disabling some function keys like Alt + F4, Alt + Tab, Ctrl + Esc, and Shift + Tab. In addition to gaming, the HyperX Alloy Elite’s typing experience also makes it suitable for typing, streaming, not to mention the extra space between the keys, which is perfect for girls with long nails. HyperX software allows you to customize RGB or key lighting and record macros. Preset lighting options are packed with aesthetics that keep your keyboard’s backlight glowing with different lighting patterns.

If dynamic RGB, even with infinite colors, has something outdated for you, Hyper X Alloy has something else to offer as it’s a light bar around your keyboard. The layout resembles the layout that the MacBook has used for years. The sturdy steel frame allows you to have full control over this beast. In addition to artistic design, it offers a plethora of options when it comes to functionality; dedicated multimedia buttons and volume wheels are just two of them.

Unlike other similar gaming keyboards, this gaming keyboard features textured titanium keys for a luxurious feel and great performance. The elite alloy functionality of this great device makes it easy to perform multiple actions, and the soft-touch coating adds more comfort. The three macro and flash configuration options associated with the built-in memory allow you to take advantage of up to three configurations. The removable wrist rest is a convenient option for gamers to enjoy long gaming sessions without stress on the wrist.

Overall, HyperX is our favorite gaming keyboard offering a quiet typing and gaming experience. The functionality that comes with the card makes it an interesting keyboard for all gamers who prefer peace and quiet. For more information, read HyperX Alloy Elite RGB Review.


  • CHERRY MX RGB mechanical key switches with gold contacts deliver the ultimate performance and competitive...
  • 8MB Onboard profile storage with lighting and hardware macro playback to take your gaming profiles with...
  • Per-key RGB backlighting deliver dynamic and vibrant lighting effects with virtually unlimited...

CORSAIR Strafe RGB MX is popular for its amazing color function that contains cherry red MX mechanical keyboard switches. In addition, they are the quietest keyboard with 0dB that allows you to enjoy the most fluid gaming environment. The Corsair Strafe RGB Mk 2 offers two types of switches, the somewhat quiet Cherry MX Red and the Cherry MX Silent. The Cherry MX Red switches are considered quiet and the Cherry MX Silent sound is similar to the MX Red. If you want a quiet mechanical keyboard, this is the best option for you. Silent switches muffle much of the sound, up to 30%, according to the SteelSeries list. The Corsair Strafe is compatible with Corsair’s iCUE software. ICUE software allows for macro customization as well as full control of the RGB backlighting on each key. It has a USB port that makes up for the location you need to use on the back of the PC.

The keyboard features Cherry MX Red mechanical key switches, renowned for their 0dB sound and smooth gaming performance. You would definitely like to use this quiet, simple but capable keyboard for PC gaming. With its quiet Cherry MX Red linear mechanical keys, the Corsair Strafe offers an incredible level of silence and comfort. At the same time, you can use the keyboard even in the library or in places where absolute silence is required. In addition to the quietest switched keyboard, this keyboard also has the most comfortable contoured texture on the keys. In this way, you can feel the soft grip and enjoy it for a longer time. Also, the mechanical red keys respond relatively well. How can you enjoy a premium gaming experience by recording every press of this keyboard.

Overall, this keyboard has a premium gaming keyboard quality feature with silent keys. Therefore, the keys contain enough grip that it prevents slipping and provides excellent control over games. In addition, this keyboard offers you great comfort when typing. Buying this keyboard is a great option if you are looking for a dedicated silent typing keyboard.