Best Cherry MX Blue Keyboards 2021

Das Keyboard 4 Professional Cherry MX Blue Mechanical Keyboard

Das Keyboard 4 Professional Wired Mechanical...
  • 4 PROFESSIONAL MECHANICAL KEYBOARD - The thinnest mechanical keyboard in the world! The combination of...
  • PREMIUM TACTILE EXPERIENCE - Best-in-class Cherry MX Blue mechanical key switches provide tactile and...
  • UP TO 50 MILLION KEYSTROKES - Laser-etched keycaps for maximum durability are paired with Cherry MX Blue...

Das Keyboard 4 is a high-mechanical keyboard that delivers all the bells and whistles you would expect from a gaming keyboard but in a more professional package like a ibm model m. This standard-sized 104-key keyboard offers clickable, sensitive typing for those trying to improve their WPM or APM. Caps are laser engraved and can withstand many objections. The anodized aluminum top panel is less than an inch thick, which is thin enough by the standard of a mechanical keyboard. It is still very durable. It has two USB 3.0 ports next to the integrated six-foot USB cable for passthrough. These can be used to make external connections like mouse and microphone. It also offers multimedia controls with a large volume button.

Perhaps the most bizarre feature is the keyboard’s detachable magnetic foot bar, which also acts as a ruler if you’re a professional enough gamer to measure distances between devices. DOS Pro 4 may not be glamorous, but it will be the most essential device plugged into your PC. If you don’t plan on playing and want to see the lettering on your keys, the blue mechanical keyboard Das Keyboard Model S Professional Click MX Blue is available.

This mechanical keyboard incorporates the same functionality as the Das Keyboard Model S Ultimate Soft TouchTile MX Brown mechanical keyboard. Still, the keys have some unique features like a laser-engraved inscription, anti-ghosting technology, and two USB ports at a affordable price point. The Das Keyboard Model S Professional Clicky MX Blue Mechanical Keyboard is a long-lasting design. The Das Keyboard ensures that this mechanical keyboard will last at least 50 million key presses.

Das Keyboard 4 is one of the Best Cherry MX Blue Keyboards in 2021.

Ducky One 2 Mini Black RGB

The Ducky One 2 Mechanical Keyboard is a stunning mechanical keyboard with an emphasis on excellent materials rather than flashy LEDs. The only thing distinguishing this tenkeyless keyboard is the subtle color theme (the Horizon design is seen here) of its heavy-duty double-shot PBT keycaps. However, the keycaps are a strong selling point for this model because the legend will never fade because it is printed between two distinct layers of plastic.

The keycap font is basic, and the only LEDs are on the indicators for caps lock, scroll lock, and num lock. This may make this board a little more difficult to use for hunt-and-peck typists, but it shouldn’t be a problem if you know your way around a keyboard. Because this full-size keyboard just contains multimedia keys for volume up/down and mute, it cannot control video playing like other models. The board itself is substantial and well-made. It features kickstand legs that fold out and have rubber cushioning on the bottom. It has a detachable USB-C cable that is long enough for almost any arrangement.

Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Cherry MX Blue

CORSAIR K70 RGB MK.2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard -...
  • Aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum frame built to withstand a lifetime of gaming
  • 8MB profile storage with hardware macro and lighting playback allow access to up to three stored profiles...
  • Per-key dynamic multi-color RGB backlighting offers near unlimited color customization and control

Simply put, the Corsair K70 LUS is one of the best Cherry MX Blue keyboards on the market. This gaming keyboards sports many high-end features. However, blue switches are of paramount importance, providing a touchy, clickable feel that helps speed up your typing. This keyboard has an RGB backlight.

If you use Corser’s CEU software, the LEDs can be customized, and you can also program macros. Note that you can still switch between the three brightness settings without software. This full-size keyboard has several decent caps, but it comes with special WSD keys that you can change to if you play regular FPS games. The space bar also has this grip design. The K70 Lux has a complete suite of multimedia controls, but these are not just buttons but mechanical keys. It has a brightness button and a win lock button.

The brushed anodized aluminum frame is pleasant to the touch and has strong rubber feet to hold in place. This keyboard has a removable wrist rest. Overall, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of this keyboard, making this a great Cherry MX Blue switches keyboard. The K70 RGB MK2 runs on Corsair Utility Engine (CEU) software, which I have both praised for its massive number of features and criticized for its opacity. Playing a bit more with this software, I’m more inclined towards flashing the spectrum.

The keyboard comes with a fairly high price but also has many features to offer. RGB lighting creates an atmospheric gaming experience and makes working at night easier. Different lighting effects are available, and the light can be adjusted individually for each key. With no dedicated macro buttons, hard-core MMO players can choose a model like the Korse K95. However, since you can reprogram any of the buttons on the KK0MK2 and program macros directly into the CEU software, there are several ways to make up for the lack of extra keys.

Corsair K70 is equipped for RGB MK2 games: NK’s overview guarantees that all inputs are recognized correctly, locking Windows keys lets you play without any hassle, and macros can be placed anywhere at a random touch. For maximum convenience, there is a dedicated multimedia key with a volume knob and a USB port to connect other devices directly via the keyboard. The Kors K70 RGB MK2 packages include a removable wrist rest and a set of extra textured keys for shooting and game keys featuring MOBA games.

Corsair K70 RGB is one of the Best Cherry MX Blue Keyboards in 2021.

iKBC CD108 v2 Mechanical Keyboard with Cherry MX Blue Switch

iKBC CD108 V2 Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard with...
  • ▼ Mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Blue Switches (Tactile and Heavy-clicky): A very tactile and...
  • ▼ CD108 v2 - Upgraded Version with Mistel Doubleshot Keycaps: MISTEL OEM PBT DOUBLE SHOT KEYCAP is...
  • ▼ iKBC CD108 v2 Mechanical Keyboard Design: The case is very simplistic and streamlined and the...

With only a few significant participants in the mechanical keyboard business, newcomers iKBC have built a name for themselves with the cost-effective functionality of their full-size iKBC CD108 v2. This keyboard has a very simple appearance out of the box, but you may jazz it up with some optional colored keys (pictured above). The keys are not illuminated.

The iKBC CD108 v2’s high-quality double-shot PBT keycaps, which are far more durable than regular ABS keycaps, are one of its best features. They also offer a 7° tilt for improved ergonomics, whether or not the foldout stands are used to prop up the keyboard. The CD108 v2 includes dedicated volume controls as well as a Win lock button. Regrettably, it does not have playback controls assigned to it.

The switches beneath the keyboard are real Cherry MX Blues, which is fantastic given the price of this keyboard. They have the typical clicky and tactile sensation, though some users have reported that the bigger stabilizer keys (especially the spacebar) are a little slower to return. The CD108 v2’s base plate is made of tough matte plastic. It’s strong enough to withstand daily use, but it doesn’t feel as tough as the metal bases found on more expensive boards. The remainder of this keyboard’s components, including its fold-out feet and associated USB cord, are pleasant to the touch. If you’re searching for a low-cost mechanical keyboard that will last a very long time, this is an excellent option.

HyperX Alloy Elite RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Cherry MX Blue

HyperX Alloy Elite RGB - Mechanical Gaming...
  • Unique radiant light bar and dynamic RGB lighting effects
  • HyperX NGenuity software provides advanced customization
  • Store up to three favorite lighting & macro profile settings with the on-board memory

The HyperX Elite Elite RGB Mechanical Keyboard is a feature-rich gaming keyboard that allows endless customization with its RGB Lite network and full macro functionality in first person shooters player mode for fast typing speed. Use of software You can. More realistically, you will probably be satisfied with one of the predefined LED lighting models that creates captivating visual effects.

Alloy Elite RGB provides a great balance between presence and effectiveness. With the metal frame and high-level mechanical keys, the device has a lovely art presence that seems unique without being overwhelmed. In addition to a full range of keys, you’ll find three buttons at the top left (brightness, built-in profiles, game mode) and separate multimedia controls at the top right. It has a USB pass-through port, as well as eight additional caps (W, A, S, D, 1, 2, 3, 4) and a cap extractor. All you need is nothing, and you have nothing.

The only key that does not have a customizable LED is the dedicated multimedia button, which does not have a mechanical switch. These include a playback control, a volume dial, a mute button, a brightness toggle button, a profile selection button, and a win lock button. Below all the other keys are the Cherry MX Blue switch. I’m going to go deeper into how the Blues are feeling at the end of this post, so if you need to know more about how they feel, go ahead. This keyboard comes with a second set of textured WSAD keys and 1,234 cube keys for gaming.

The metal frame at the bottom is incredibly strong, with almost no flex. It takes up a lot of desk space, especially when using the removable wrist rest, but it also makes use of the USB pass-through port. You need to connect two USB ports to use this function, but this is very effective if you have other USB desktop accessories, including short cables. With all the great features of this keyboard, the only thing that saves from the instant choice for the Cherry MX Blue keyboard is its high price, making it a practical choice for the most dedicated typists.

Alloy Elite provides RGB Cherry MX keys, unique multimedia controls, and interchangeable keycaps, which puts it at the top of my list. Its software and lighting options aren’t strong enough to remove the cursor, but overall it’s just a little wide. Still, it’s almost as close as any keyboard I’ve reviewed, and it’s impressive for a company’s fourth keyboard.

HyperX Alloy Elite is one of the Best Cherry MX Blue Keyboards in 2021.

Fnatic Streak – LED Backlit Full RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Cherry MX Blue Switches

Fnatic Streak - LED Backlit Full RGB Mechanical...
  • FULL RGB BACKLIGHTING - our STREAK mechanical keyboard’s LED RGB backlighting features 8 easily...
  • PREMIUM CHERRY MX Blue KEYSWITCHES - Our CHERRY MX Blue keyswitches are the industry’s best, German...
  • PREMIUM COMFORT AND DURABILITY - Our razor thin 28mm profile makes the STREAK one of the lightest,...

Fnatic Streak is deigned for professional gaming. This is a tenkeyless design. This keyboard has the clicky feel of the Cherry MX Blue switches to help players improve their APM based on the auditory feedback. The function line uses its multimedia keys by default and a special function lock button is used to enable standard functions F1 to F12. A big advantage of this keyboard is its full RGB lighting, it has eight light modes as well as the ability to fully customize the colors you see on your keyboard. Of course, there’s also a quick button to turn off all glare when you really need to focus. Fnatic offers free software to fully customize these features and media keys. You can configure keyboard shortcuts and user profiles.

A very welcome ergonomic feature is the inclusion of an adjustable and removable padded PU leather wrist rest. It snaps magnetically over the keyboard and can be raised or lowered as needed. The keyboard comes with a detachable USB-C cable that is placed at the bottom of the keyboard to reduce accidental disconnection. Fnatic’s focus on detail makes this keyboard brighter, because it feels comfortable when every feature you use is fully thought out.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cherry MX Blue switches

What are the benefits of Cherry MX Blue switches?

First, the Cherry MX blues are the most clickable of the switch type, making it the most effective in providing a switching response. These are designed to add extra clicks to each keystroke at the actuation point. Their actuation point is 2.2 mm, and they travel 4 mm for the stroke. 50 g activation force is required for each switch. This guide from the keyboard company explores the differences between the types of switches.

But why has Cherry MX remained a necessary brand? They were there for a long time. Brands like Kailah, Otemu, and Gatron make almost comparable products, but they are all technically replicas of the original cherries. It can be reassuring to experience one of the most popular keyboards. Players always expect a very specific feeling from their keyboards and cherries on offer. With that in mind, we’ve created this list of the best Cherry MX Blue mechanical keyboards to help you find the right card for your taste.

What are the benefits of Cherry MX Blue mechanical keyboards instead of ordinary keyboards?

While the main advantage of mechanical keyboards over standard keyboards is the ability to reduce types, this is not the only keyboard that can offer the best. On average, a mechanical keyboard is a more durable tool, much more durable than your standard electronic keyboard. “One-piece” keyboards typically have a lifespan of five million keys, but most mechanical keyboards have a lifespan of about 50 million keys. Similarly, the individual switches on the mechanical keyboard never get tired. The mechanical keyboard has the same feeling as the first day after several years of use. If a switch doesn’t work correctly, you can simply remove it from your keyboard and replace it; With a “one-piece” keyboard, your only option is to discard the entire keyboard and buy a brand new one.

Since mechanical keyboards use individual switches under each key, this means it is heavier than your average keyboard. If you’ve ever been frustrated with light keyboard slides around your desk while typing, you’ll love the fact that the mechanical keyboard stays the same no matter what.

Why are Cherry Blue MX switches considered the best for typing?

Like most things in life, not all mechanical switches are made equally. A wide range of switches is available, each switch serving a specific population group; For example, players will want a type of switch that makes it easy to double-press on a key while typists will want a switch that provides a clear and audible signal that you pressed perfectly on a key. If you use your keyboard for typing, then Cherry MX switches are what you need.

If you find yourself frequently typing while your hand slides over the keyboard, the Cherry MX Blue switches are for you. These switches provide a “loud” feeling when you’re completely frustrated by a loud “click” sound, giving you both physical and audio signals that a key is pressing. This bump is called the touch response, so you can often find these keys in touch switches. Since the point at which a keypress is to be registered is near the bottom end of the switch. The only drawback is that the Cherry MX Blue switches require a little actuation force to press each key; However, even after long-term use, the amount of pressure required for fatigue or injury to the fingers is not sufficient.

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