Best Razer Gaming Keyboards 2019 [Mechanical]

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Best Razer Gaming Keyboards 2019

Razer Huntsman Elite

Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard: Opto-Mechanical Key Switches - Instant Actuation - Chroma RGB...
  • Faster Than Traditional Mechanical Switches: Razer Opto Mechanical switch technology uses optical beam based actuation, registering key presses at the speed of light (30 percent shorter actuation distance than other clicky switches at 1.5 mm) with satisfying, clicky feedback ; 1000 Hz Ultrapolling
  • Ultimate Personalization & Gaming Immersion with Razer Chroma: Offers effortless, full integration with popular game titles and syncs with Razer hardware, Philips Hue, and gear from 30+ partners; supports 16.8 million colors on individually backlit keys
  • Quality, Aluminum Construction: Covered with a matte, aluminum top plate for increased sturdiness and support
  • Dedicated Media Controls: A multi function digital dial with 3 tactile media keys give instant access to everything from brightness to volume adjustment
  • Ergonomic, Magnetic Wrist Rest: Made of plush leatherette to maximize comfort over extended gaming sessions

With an optomechanical switch, Razer Huntsman Elite redefines the meaning of speed. All you need to know is that this keyboard is as fast as a keyboard can be, perhaps the fastest mechanical keyboard right now in the market.


Smallest Razer keyboard yet, with a frameless and straightforward design.
360-degree track lighting
It also features an RGB lit palm rest.
Media keys.
Volume wheel.
Optomechanical switch.


The keyboard layout is almost perfect.
Best RGB lighting.
Typing feels great and is insanely fast (offers a better gaming experience).


Drains a lot of power and needs two USB ports to charge.


Razer Huntsman Elite is the best Razer mechanical gaming keyboard in 2019. It is also one of the best mechanical gaming keyboards in 2019.

Razer BlackWidow Lite

BlackWidow Lite Mechanical Tenkeyless Keyboard: Orange Key Switches - Tactile & Silent - White...
  • Zero Compromise Mechanical Switch for Speed & Accuracy: Razer Orange switch technology provides tactile feedback with a quieter click, requiring 45 G of actuation force; Ideal for most gaming and typing experiences
  • Included O Ring Sound Dampeners: Further reduces key noise, travel distance, and typing fatigue
  • Individually Backlit Keys: White LED lighting with full brightness control beyond the customizability of zone lit keyboards
  • Fully programmable macro support: Razer hypershift allows for all keys and keypress combinations to be remapped to execute complex commands
  • Tournament Ready Design: A tenkeyless design with a detachable USB cable provides a portable form factor for on the go gamers

In the world of PC gaming, the Razer BlackWidow is legendary. It is one of the keyboards that made Razer the sought after brand that it is. This keyboard can still hold its own against the latest models of Razer keyboards nine years after its release. Impressive! You can get the BlackWidow in three models: an entry model, a bells and whistles range-topping model, and a mid-ranger. However, this review focuses on the entry model, the BlackWidow Lite.


Quiet, yet fast Orange switches.
A tenkeyless keyboard.
1,000 Hz polling.
Anti-ghosting technology.
Portable design as it weighs just 1.45 pounds.


It features a reliable and compact design.
Portable and travel-friendly.
O rings that support added silence.


No RGB lighting.


Razer BlackWidow Lite is the best tenkeyless Razer keyboard.

Razer Cynosa Chroma

Razer Cynosa Chroma Gaming Keyboard: Customizable Chroma RGB Lighting - Individually Backlit Keys -...
  • The Number 1 Selling Membrane Gaming Keyboard in the US: Source:NPD Group, Inc; (January:May 2019)
  • All Around Gaming Performance: Able to execute up to ten commands at the same time with built in key rollover anti ghosting
  • Ultimate Personalization and Gaming Immersion with Razer Chroma: Offers effortless, full integration with popular game titles and syncs with Razer hardware, Philips Hue, and gear from 30+ partners; supports 16.8 million colors on individually backlit keys
  • Spill Resistant Design: Built to withstand most accidental liquid splashes; 1000 Hertz Ultrapolling
  • Fully Programmable Macro Support: Razer Hypershift allows for all keys and keypress combinations to be remapped to execute complex commands

This membrane switch keyboard is one of the first spill-resistant keyboards produced. Razer Cynosa Chroma doesn’t fall short in delivering the RGB lighting that gamers generally love. The keyboard uses mesh switches for a smooth feel. It still maintains the anti-ghosting technology and actuation needed for the keyboard to perform well.


Under glow lighting that is customizable.
Spill-resistant compact design.
Programmable macros.
Quiet switches.


The RGB implementation is quite remarkable.
You can reassign keys quite easily.
Its spill-resistant feature is perfect for gamers who spill drinks quite often.

In terms of performance, it’s membrane switches are just not on the level of mechanical switches.


Razer Cynosa Chroma is the best budget Razer keyboard in 2019.

Razer Turret

Razer Turret Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo for PC & Xbox One: Chroma RGB/Dynamic...
  • Ideal for Extended Gaming Sessions: Keyboard and mouse lasts up to 43 and 50 hours respectively on a single charge w/ lighting disabled (11 and 30 hours w/ lighting enabled)
  • Hassle-Free Wireless Connection: Connects through a single, unified, 2.4 GHz wireless USB receiver
  • Greater Gaming Immersion: Colors sync up with gameplay through Xbox Dynamic Lighting
  • Magnetic Mouse Docking: The retractable, magnetic mouse mat helps keep the included mouse from falling off during use
  • Specifications: Mouse - 16,000 DPI, 5G Optical Sensor; Keyboard - 1000Hz Ultrapolling, 50g actuation, mid-height keycaps

The Turret is Razer’s first licensed wireless keyboard which supports the Xbox One. Not only does this wireless keyboard gives you a great gaming experience, but it also lets you do this while resting comfortably on your sofa. With the Razer Turret, you get a mouse, retractable mouse pad, a fully mechanical keyboard with green switches, and a large wrist rest area. So for gamers who compete from their sofa or couch, then the Razer Turret is an ideal choice.


A retractable mouse pad.
Excellent battery life for up to 12 hours of gameplay
A dedicated button to instantly get back to the Xbox home screen.
It features a stable and compact design.


The mouse pad is extendable.
Great Chroma lighting.
Excellent and compact design.


Its compatibility with Xbox One games is quite limited.


Offers a great mouse and keyboard combo for Xbox One and it’s the keyboard of choice for gamers who compete from the comfort of their couch or sofa.

Razer Ornata Chroma

Razer Ornata Chroma Gaming Keyboard: Mecha-Membrane Key Switches - Customizable Chroma RGB Lighting...
  • High Performance Mecha Mechanical Switches: Provides the tactile feedback of mechanical key press on a comfortable, soft cushioned, membrane, rubber dome switch suitable for gaming
  • Ultimate Personalization and Gaming Immersion with Razer Chroma: Offers effortless, full integration with popular game titles and syncs with Razer hardware, Philips Hue, and gear from 30+ partners; supports 16.8 million colors on individually backlit keys
  • Fully Programmable Macro Support: Razer Hypershift allows for all keys and keypress combinations to be remapped to execute complex commands
  • Ergonomic, Magnetic Wrist Rest: Made of soft touch leatherette to maximize comfort over extended gaming sessions
  • Durable Construction: Supports up to 80 million clicks; made of military grade metal top plate

Well, this keyboard is a mechanical-membrane keyboard. This unique combination of a membrane and mechanical switch allows you to enjoy the quick feel of a mechanical keyboard while also enjoying the softer effect a membrane keyboard offers. It offers the best of both worlds for both gaming and typing.


A mecha-membrane switch which gives the benefits of both a mechanical and membrane switch.
It offers a great deal of customization hard to find in keyboards within its price range.
Big rest wrist pad.
10-key anti-ghosting and 10-key rollover.


Unique switch design.
Both membrane and mechanical switches.


Its features are limited.


It offers a decent gaming experience and some other features at a budget-friendly price.

It can be a challenge choosing a Razer keyboard that’s just right for you as there are so many models in the market. Well, have no fear as this guide will help you choose a keyboard that suits your gaming style. We have made the process less time-consuming and have compiled a list of essential features you need.

With this guide, you’ll be able to find a keyboard that not only suits your gaming style but also increases the effectiveness of your gameplay.

Choice of Keyboard Switches
Switches are the first thing to consider when choosing an ideal Razer keyboard. The option is usually between getting either a mechanical switch or a membrane switch. While membrane switches are good, mechanical switches are what gamers prefer. Here’s why mechanical switches are the ideal switches for an unforgettable gaming experience:
Unlike the membrane switches, mechanical switches do not require you to press the keys down. Mechanical switches have their circuits by the side, so they need to be pressed half-way. Most importantly, the mechanical switches give a quicker and more tactile response.
Another thing that sets a mechanical switch apart is its durability. The most durable membrane keyboards only offer 5 million strokes before they become unresponsive. On the other hand, mechanical switches generally offer 20-50 million strokes before they become unresponsive (that’s 4-10 times more durable than even the best membrane switches).

Mechanical switches offer great audible feedback.
Choosing a mechanical switch is only half the battle. There are different types of mechanical switches, each with its unique characteristic indicated by their design or color. Razer switches each have their color based on their functionality, durability, and their popularity among gamers. These colors include:
These tactile switches feel a bit heavy and produce a rather loud click.
These switches have a tactile feel to them and are quiet compared to Green switches.
They are both silent and linear.

Serious gamers will no doubt agree that macros add a lot of versatility to the game. Macros essentially allow you to execute a series of commands with just one strike of a button. So if you’re looking for a keyboard that offers this function, you’ll want to look for a Razer keyboard that can offer this function. Some of the best gaming keyboards offer macros between 6-18. While their versatility is indeed top-notch, their cost can be overwhelming to some.

Backlighting and Illumination
Now if you’re the kind of gamer who prefers playing at night, then you should consider a keyboard that provides illumination and backlighting. Since this feature is useful in the dark, you can enjoy your game without disturbing anyone or bringing any undue attention to yourself.

Wireless or Wired Gaming Keyboards
Well, one of the challenges you’ll face with a wired keyboard will be cable clutter. With a wired keyboard, there are just so many cables which can be quite messy. However, a wireless keyboard allows you to move more freely while playing your favorite game. It also allows you to position yourself comfortably. Wireless keyboards are gaining in popularity and might be a great choice if you are one of those gamers that enjoy playing on your couch or sofa.

Choosing a Rest Wrist

Choosing whether you want a rest wrist or not largely depends on the time you spend on your keyboard. Rest wrists give you comfort. In some cases, the rest wrist comes separately with the mechanical keyboard. Some keyboards come with rest wrist included as a single unit. You should go for a keyboard that has a rest wrist included.

Control Actuation System
Last but not least, the control actuation system is one of the most important factors to consider when looking to buy a keyboard. A keyboards actuation indicates the speed at which a keystroke goes to the system. A quick actuation system is essential for professional gaming. However, you should expect to pay higher to get this feature.

Are mechanical keyboards worth their price?
Yes, they are. As previously explained in the buying guide, mechanical keyboards offer features that are just not on the same level as any other keyboard. Everything about them gives you a different gaming level.
Are mechanical keyboards loud?
Well, not all mechanical keyboards are loud. Factors like heavy keycaps and steel plates can contribute to the overall noise the keyboard makes.

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