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Best SteelSeries Keyboards 2024

SteelSeries Apex Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

SteelSeries Apex Pro...
  • FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE & STUPIDLY FAST with OmniPoint 2.0 Adjustable HyperMagnetic switches
  • RAPID TRIGGER — Eradicate latency arising from the physical movement of the switch through dynamic...
  • ULTIMATE CONTROL — 40 levels of per-key actuation (0.1 – 4.0mm) — set WASD for light, ultra-fast...

The SteelSeries Apex Pro is the best gaming keyboard, but it’s also quite versatile. It has a unique actuation force setting that lets you change the pre-stroke distance and actuation force for strike capture as it does not use Cherry MX Red or Cherry MX Blue switches. You can reduce it for a more responsive gaming experience, or you can increase it to reduce the number of types and accidental keystrokes when entering text. This keyboard is very well built and has dedicated multimedia keys and brings a great magnetic wrist rest not avoided in the design here. It is built with an airplane grade aluminum frame, which makes it instantly superior to plastic parts.

The main highlight and the biggest drawing on this keyboard are the switches. These are the Omnipoint Adjustable Mechanical Switches that Steelsairies say make the Apex Pro “the world’s fastest mechanical gaming keyboard.” These switches are hollow in the main section of the keyboard (not the number on the keypad, etc.) and allow you to customize the key-by-key operation level in the SteelSeries Engine software. The LED smart screen at the top right can be used for letting you know which song is playing on Spotify, talking on the discord, or just displaying your custom logo or animated image. Not only is it easy to see in the middle of a gaming session due to its location on the back of the number pad, but it is a great addition to the fun customization to play.

There, you can use programmable keys and a well-textured volume wheel and a single button that works like a multi-function media controls. A press will play audio, double-tap to avoid, triple tap to rewind. It keeps the keyboard clean and tidy but still functional. It is responsive, and you can set the activation points of your keys in your desired setting. It is very well built, and the backlight is also great to play in fully customizable is dark inside its great software.

If you’re looking for one of the best gaming keyboards, the SteelSeries Apex Pro is a great choice. It can be a bit expensive for some, but you get what you pay for here. The quality of design and construction is undeniable. The ability to customize activation, lighting, and even key-by-key configuration makes it a highly customizable keyboard. It is responsive, intelligent, comfortable, and very fun to use.

SteelSeries Apex Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is the Best SteelSeries Keyboard in 2022

SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL Compact Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL Compact...
  • Tactile Brown Switches: Guaranteed for 50 million keypresses, brown switches have a soft tactile feel, so...
  • OLED Smart Display: An integrated command center for adjusting settings and tracking on the fly info...
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy: Built for a lifetime of durability and stability

SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL is one of the best SteelSeries keyboards. An exceptional gaming keyboard with an exceptional set of SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL (Tenkales) features and software support. It has a full RGB backlight, a dedicated macro key, and an OELD screen that allows you to access your game in a variety of parameters without shortening it. It doesn’t cause fatigue, although some may find it a bit sweet. The SteelSeries Apex 7TKL has an exceptional set of features. There are dedicated multimedia controls as well as dedicated macro keys. Macro keys can be programmed into SteelSeries Engine software or directly on the keyboard. The wheel is used to control the volume of the media and to navigate various menus on the OLED screen. This OAELD screen lets you change settings and profiles without shortening the game, or it can be customized to display exactly what you want.

The Apex 7KL is one of the best gaming. Touch switches respond quickly to each keystroke without too much force, and they provide a tactile response, so you know what strokes have been recorded. The double-shot caps ensure the original legend’s longevity, and the entire RGB backlight is ideal for dark house gaming and highlights important keys. Also, the OAELD screen lets you change settings without shortening your game and can be customized to display whatever you like.

What sets the TKL apart from most other keyboards, however, is its micro-display on the chassis. Next to the scroll wheel and button is a small monochrome OLED display with a resolution of 128×40. Although it may look like a skin at first, this unusual feature makes the keyboard more customizable. By default, the OLED screen displays only the SteelSeries logo and brand name, but you can upload other images (including GIF and JPG files) for the keyboard to display.

You can also use the OLED display to adjust system settings (such as volume) or to switch profiles directly from the keyboard screen – all without having to reference a dialog or slider on your monitor. . SteelSeries implements part of it through an easy-to-use integrated menu system. SteelSeries also equips this keyboard with a USB port that lights up and glows white. In another nice touch, the channels at the bottom of the keyboard chassis help with cable management.

A solid aluminum chassis, comfortable custom key switches, and a nifty OLED mini display set the SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL apart, our favorite keyless gaming keyboard to date.

SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL is the Best SteelSeries TKL Keyboard in 2022

SteelSeries Apex 5 Hybrid Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

SteelSeries USB Apex 5 Hybrid...
  • Hybrid mechanical gaming switches – The tactile click of a blue mechanical switch plus a smooth...
  • OLED smart display – Customize with gifs, game info, discord messages, and more. OS-Windows, Mac OS X,...
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame – Manufactured for unbreakable durability and sturdiness

The SteelSeries Apex 5 is one of the best gaming keyboards with great features and an exclusive hybrid mechanical switch. These switches have a satisfying touch bump and an audible click comparable to the Cherry MX Blues. Like other mechanical keyboards in the same range, it also has an OLED screen that can be customized to display anything you like. It is highly customizable, and its software is intuitive and usable. There are no macro keys dedicated to MMO players, but most players should be happy with the overall performance of the keyboard.

Like the Apex Pro, this keyboard also has several additional features. It has an OELD screen that can be customized to display anything you like. You can access the screen menu by long-pressing the OELD menu button next to the screen, and this button allows you to control multimedia playback.

There are keyboard shortcuts that allow you to edit the backlight, record macros, and profiles. You can lock the Windows key to avoid accidentally slowing down your game by pressing the Steelsair key and the Windows key.

Exceptional keyboard for Apex 5 games. Keys are easy to press, and hybrid switches respond quickly, but the lack of dedicated macro keys can be frustrating for some MMO players. The keyboard has a great build quality that feels durable, and the RGB backlight is great for darkroom gaming.

SteelSeries Apex 5 Hybrid Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is the Best SteelSeries Gaming Keyboard in 2022

SteelSeries Apex 3 RGB Gaming Keyboard RGB IP32 Water Resistant (Whisper Quiet Gaming Switch)

SteelSeries Apex 3 RGB Gaming...
  • Ip32 water resistant – Prevents accidental damage from liquid spills
  • 10-zone RGB illumination – Gorgeous color schemes and reactive effects
  • Whisper quiet gaming switches – Nearly silent use for 20 million low friction keypresses

The SteelSeries Apex 3 is a decent gaming keyboard with a rubber dome switch and RGB backlight. Despite its economical price it has good build quality and it comes with a great magnetic wrist rest. Its rubber dome switches may not be the best option for a responsive gaming experience; However, their silent typing sound makes it suitable for any office environment. Each key can be reprogrammed, but unfortunately, the RGB backlight illuminates the area, although there are a small number of customization options thanks to the great software of the Steelsari series. Overall, this is a great option for those who are on a budget or just don’t like mechanical keyboards.

Build quality is great. It has a perfectly plastic frame so that there is a fair amount of flex and the key caps are made with a soft finish of FS plastic. Overall the build quality looks a bit worse than the rest of the Apex range. SteelSeries advertises this keyboard as IP32 water and dust resistant, although we are not testing it. Ergonomics is good. The keyboard doesn’t have a particularly high profile but if you need extra support it comes with a wrist rest that connects magnetically. The Apex 3 has a 10-zone RGB backlight. It can be customized through the SteelSeries engine software and you can control the brightness directly on the keyboard. There are a few light streams from which you can choose, as well as a rainbow effect that does not show where each zone begins and ends.

Apex 3 has dedicated multimedia controls. The button at the bottom of the volume wheel lets you play, pause, skip tracks, or go back to the previous track. There are keyboard shortcuts that allow you to control the brightness of the backlight, define macros, and edit profiles. You can lock the Windows key to avoid accidentally slowing down your game by pressing the SteelSeries key and the Windows key together. Typing on this keyboard is decent, although the sensitive response is not so obvious and at times it can be difficult to tell if a key has been pressed. The keys are very stable and they don’t sway at all but they do feel a bit disgusting. High Acquisition Force can be tiring for some to overcome sensitive bumps