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5 Best Litter Box for Multiple Cats 2024

Catit Hooded Jumbo Cat Litter Box

Catit Airsift Jumbo Hooded Cat...
  • Easy Access: Large opening with a paw-safe front door that’s easy for cats to open and helps prevent...
  • Designed for Efficient Cleaning: The large hood lifts for easy access for cleaning, with a built-in bag...
  • Odor Filter: The filter on the top door effectively traps and removes odors and can also be used with...

If you have multiple cats at your place, this massive litter box is perfectly ideal for your furry little friends. The litter box has a large door opening and is quite spacious so that your cat can comfortably walk into it to do their business.
On top of that, the tray can hold a lot of litter so that you do not have to scoop the litter box after every use. It comes with replaceable carbon filters, which efficiently eliminates the stinky odor while maintaining a fresh smell in your home and inside the litter box.
In addition to that, to keep the unit in place without constant sliding, the box is included with four locking tabs ensuring full stability and sturdiness. It also features a snap-on hood, which can be easily removed for the scooping and cleaning process. You can wash the box and the pan with soap and water once or twice a week to maintain a healthy living environment.


It is a well structured, giant-sized litter box.
It can efficiently take care of nasty odors.
Enough room for multiple cats.


The door flap is sometimes difficult to open.
Some buyers have received units with faulty top hood.

Catit Hooded Jumbo Cat Litter Box is the Best Litter Box for Multiple Cats 2022

Petphabet Hooded Extra Large Cat Litter Box

Petphabet Jumbo Hooded Cat...
  • Petphabet Cat Litter Box ideal for Multiple Cat Households Even in A Studio Apartment .Two average sized...
  • Removable & Clear Top Cover. high back and lid reduces spillover.Your cats won't feel closed in or like...
  • No Exploding Cat.Safe for cats to move around in cat litter boxes and for you to scoop or clean litter by...

The Petphabet Jumbo Cat Litter box is an excellent choice for simultaneously accommodating two small cats without causing any nuisance at your household. The large-sized litter box allows your cat to share an intimate space while protecting your floor or any undesirable accidents in the house.
It is specifically designed with a clear plastic top for pets that cannot stand to be apart from their owners even when nature calls. The plastic box is coated with a non-stick layer, which contributes to mess-free cleaning and prevents the waste from sticking to the pan. Above all, the wide opening of the box permits comfortable and easy access to young or elder cats without any struggle.
It comes in various color options, and owing to its lightweight, you can carry the box while traveling with your feline friend.


Highly functional litter box.
Proficiency at collecting waste without any spillage


There are no air or odor filters included with this unit.
The box is not made out of the best quality plastic.

Petphabet Hooded Extra Large Cat Litter Box is the Best Litter Box for Cats 2022

Omega Paw Regular Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Omega Paw NRA15 Self Cleaning...
  • Easy to use
  • Can be cleaned in less than a minute Clean litter drops back into the pan while the waste deposits into a...

The next one on the list is the new, improved litter box by Omega Paw that self cleans itself without the presence of any electricity or filters. This roll and the clean box are some of the most highly-rated products in the market.
It’s cleaning mechanism can effectively trap waste and odor without spillage while maintaining proper hygiene inside the house. It is quite an affordable option for those who are looking to purchase a manually operated litter box instead of investing a huge chunk of money on the automatic ones.
The box comes with a scoop, a pull-out tray, and a specially designed grill that keeps the waste separated from the clean litter. Although it might be a little difficult for the bigger cats to fit in the smaller compartment, it is perfectly suitable for small to medium-sized cats.


It does not require electricity or special filters for the self-cleaning process.
It is quite spacious for multiple cats.
Innovative design at an affordable price.


It is not equipped with antimicrobial protection.
The waste container does not come with an odor-reducing filter.

Omega Paw Regular Self-Cleaning Litter Box is the Best Cat Litter Box 2022

Nature’s Miracle Tall Sided Large Litter Box

Nature's Miracle High-Sided...
  • High sides to prevent litter scatter
  • Care and cleaning: Spot or wipe clean
  • Non-stick surface for easy cleaning

The simple yet remarkable design is what makes this litter box unique compared to other traditional litter collection boxes in the market. It might not have fancy sensors or an automatic cleaning system, but it will certainly serve your needs without any doubt. This box is built with high sidewalls to prevent litter scattering, and it has a smooth, flat-sided interior that does not trap wet litter.
Due to its considerable size, your cats can comfortably squat or stand while doing their business, plus it has an exposed top for them to look around their surroundings. The wide entryway is precisely designed at a lower height, so that it is easier for cats to go in out without hogging the doorway, especially if you have older cats or less mobile ones.
Besides its convenient shape and size, the litter box is made out of a non-stick surface to ensure effortless scooping and cleaning. One of the most exceptional qualities of this product is that it comes with antimicrobial protection and odor-blocking technology, which is always a bonus when it comes to the well being of your fur buddies.


Plenty of room for multiple average-sized cats.
Open roofed litter box.
It is constructed with high-quality material.
Suitable for elderly cats.


The entryway is not wide enough for bigger cats
Cat litter can sometimes fly out from the low front opening.

Purina Tidy Cats Hooded Litter Padded Box

Purina Tidy Cats Hooded Litter...
  • Purina Tidy Cats Breeze Hooded cat litter box system includes a litter box with scoop, one pack of 4 cat...
  • Disposable cat litter pads lock in moisture so the cat litter box remains dry and are designed to last...
  • Anti-tracking kitty litter pellets for Breeze system are 99.9 percent dust free and cut down on tracking...

Now bring the safe led litter box for your cats. It will help your house to keep clean and odor-free. The litter box consists of an ammonia blocker. This blocker has all in one feature with a padding system. It helps to block the smell of ammonia from your cat.
There is the presence of dehydrating chambers, which helps to separate the urine and solid waste of your cats. Hence cleaning the litter box becomes so easy and smooth. Even you can track these chambers, and they are dust-free until 99%.
Once your cat is engaged in peeing inside the box, the absorbent channel functions well and soaks up the liquid. Therefore, the box will stay dry as a whole. There is also a side drawer, which is used for replacements in the future.


Scooping with the help of pellets is the primary advantage
High soaking pads can control the liquid and odor until 7-8 days easily.
Affordable and great quality product
The padding system present in the box is disposable, so replacing it and using it for the future is guaranteed.


You may not like it if the cats are fully-grown. Hence, the size of this product may be an issue.
Few users also noticed breakage of pellet
In some cases, the consumers have opined that pan shape is shallow, and it results in urine flow from the box unnecessarily.

Factors To Consider Before Buying the Best Litter Box for Multiple Cats

If you already have cats or planning to bring them to your house, then you have to think of many things. For instance, pet toys, litter box, and food. Cats do not create a mess and prefer a clean environment. Therefore before buying a cat litter box, there are few things which you may consider. We have summarized the following key points that will help you to get the best cat litter box.

There are various kinds of cat litter boxes available, depending on the design, color, and size.

Open End Litter Box

It is the traditionally designed litter box for your cats. These are very easy to maintain. There is either a high side, which keeps the deposition inside in a covered manner. Another type is the low-sided open box with almost the same mechanism. Cats feel comfortable to access the low side box. There is only one disadvantage of the later is the litter flowing from different sides.

Covered Boxes

Like human beings, cats also prefer privacy. The covered litter boxes come with a led system on the top. Further, this also helps to protect the cat from falling while they are urinating.

Self Cleaned Litter Box

It is designed with a unique electronic technique mainly for cleaning. If you do not have much time to take care of your pets, then it is the best option. The pre-installed electric sensor helps in cleaning and saves your time. There is only one thing that the user has to check. The mechanism of this litter box from time to time should be monitored well. Otherwise, it may result in insufficient cleaning in your absence.
These boxes are in a high priced zone. Your cats might not like this box as the motor creates a sound while it is in working mode.

Hidden Boxes

There are the secret litter boxes, especially for the owners who do not want their cat urination box visible in the room. These are small in size and are fully covered from all sides. They have plenty of designs, which will make it look like standard furniture in the room.


Selecting the exact size of the litter box by the cat size is an essential thing. Take the correct measurement of your cats. Usually, to get the size, the rule is 1.5 multiply length of your cat, and the box’s width should be equivalent to the entire cat’s length. So, this helps the cat to move comfortably inside the box.
You can get the small boxes for the kittens. Moderate size is better for medium-sized cats, whereas the large cats need an oval shape or even XL sized litter boxes.


After considering the size of the litter box, pay attention to the height. There should be ample space in the upper area of the box for about 6-7 inches. Generally, this will block the ways of litter flow even if your cat kicks anything inside the box while peeing.
In this context, we also recommend our readers to check the entry and exit of the boxes. It will make sure that your cat is not trapped or suffocated inside.


If you have more than one cat in your house, keeping all the litter boxes together may create a disturbance. Generally, cats do not like to pee in the same box where some other cat has already done his job. Therefore, getting an extra litter box is always a better idea.

Placing the litter box

Choose the correct area in your house for the litter box, thinking about the cat’s privacy. Do not keep it in the familiar passage where most of the footfall happens. Moreover, your cat may turn shy to use it in front of many human beings. You should also keep in mind the smell passage. Hence, select ventilated areas where the odor can pass through smoothly.

Place the box in such a way that your cat can find it and do not create the mess inside the room or bed. Another important thing that does not keep any rotten food in front of the litter boxes for your cat’s health may deteriorate.


If you are planning to travel with your pet, then you have to carry the litter box as well. Choose a lightweight product with extensive fabric. You should choose the canvas or fine cloth instead of plastic as breakage may happen. Check for the waterproof feature of the boxes and the scratchproof material while you are purchasing the box. If you are investing in your housecat, then you can choose wooden litter boxes too.


In case you feel tired of cleaning the mess of the litter box, then going for the self-cleaning box is best for you. Otherwise, you can choose the boxes where easy scooping is available. Always remember the best litter box will not clog or block the clumps and should have flat scooping platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should you change the cat litter box?

Before changing the litter box, check if there is any breakage or damage in the plastic built of the box. The second thing that you can consider is the unnecessary smell or odor coming out of the box.

How can you keep the cat litter box smell free?

Better room sprays can control the bad smell or odor coming out from the litter box. Always try purchasing FDA approved litter boxes that ensure no lousy odor from the boxes.

Do cats prefer closed or open litter boxes?

The closed led or open feature of the litter boxes depend on the cat owner’s choice. However, for cats, self-cleaning litter boxes are best, and they are usually covered.