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Best Caving Headlamps 2024

OLIGHT H2R Nova Headlamp

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Olight H2R can save your life with 2300 lumens of brightness with a flood beam, easily illuminating deep wells, remote caves, and dangerous barriers. It is so bright that you can even use it to protect yourself against unexpected wildlife. This incredible burst of light lasts for one minute at a time. Then the lamp becomes 750 lumens. It has lower parameters for nearby quarters. It comes with a pocket clip and a headband You can mount this projector anywhere.

The helmet has a central strap on the top of your head for added comfort and a secure fit on long journeys. This is easy with a single button and includes an SOS emergency signaling mode. Durable body made of anodized aluminum and waterproof, up to two meters IPAX-8 rating (IPX-8 rating). The Olight has a magnetic cable to the rechargeable battery, the 18650 battery, and a cool white or neutral white LED option as a light source. With this specification and flexibility, Olight makes a list of the best headlamps you can buy for our caving.

OLIGHT H2R Nova Headlamp is the Best Caving Headlamps in 2022

Princeton Tec Apex Pro LED Headlamp

Princeton Tec Apex Headlamp...
  • Maxbright LED - The highest quality LED available, Princeton Tec’s Maxbright LED is extremely bright...
  • Rechargeable Battery Power Meter - The meter provides continuous feedback on battery life, and the...
  • Multiple Beams - This beam pattern combines focused narrow and wide beams to allow for the most...

The combination of Maxbright and Ultrabright LEDs in the Princeton Tec Apex headlight allows you to choose between a focus effect for distance and a wider focus for deeper exploration. At its brightest 550 lumens setting, it can project a 120-meter beam in the dark for up to two hours (longer at lower settings).

Like the Olight and Fenix models described above, the Princeton headlight includes a center strap on top of the head. It is also waterproof with an IPX-7 rating, submersible up to one meter. Additional 200-550 lumens Apex models are available from Amazon and other vendors. With its durability and light weight, the Maxbright makes our list of the best headlights for versatile use.

Black Diamond Spot 325

  • "PowerTap Technology allows instant transitioning between full and dimmed power
  • Brightness Memory allows you to turn the light on and off at a chosen brightness without reverting back...
  • Settings include full strength in proximity and distance modes, dimming, strobe, red night-vision and...

For digging a closet in the motorhome or for occasional trips, the all-new Black Diamond Spot 325 gives you what you need: light beam, easy navigating buttons, and more than 12 hours of battery life. It has 25 lumens than the old model and has newer top buttons to use than the single button on older models. Much more intuitive. The projector comes with a brightness memory mode, which means it can return to its previous settings every time you turn it on.

Spot 325 provides red light and strobe options; It is locked; Its PowerTap technology allows you to instantly fade the headlamp from a full touch with one touch, And it weighs a decent 8 ounces. There are titles with brighter and better beams that don’t give you a level of performance and reliability at a lower price.

Black Diamond Spot 325 is the Best Caving Headlamp in 2022

Fenix Flashlights HP25R Headlamp

Fenix Flashlights HP Series...
  • Dual switch controls the spotlight and floodlight separately
  • Soft floodlight beam with max beam angle of 90 degrees
  • Digitally Regulated output maintains constant brightness

Fenix Flashlights HP25R Headlamp have the brightest beam tested here (1000 lumens), except for the cracked modes Olite and Petzel. Phoenix can project this light above 187 meters for an hour and a half. Reducing 350 lumens increases battery life by four and a half hours. You can also switch from white to red light, which looks better on the eyes during long treks.

The Fenix ​​helmet has a strap on the top of your head for a more secure fit. The HP25R has an IPX-6 waterproof rating, which means it is not necessarily immersive but protected from water jets and sweat. Thanks to its long service life and it is long-range, Phoenix makes our list one of the best projectors for intensive use.

Phoenix has a comparable fit and finish with headlights. For your adventures or your work, you need high-efficiency lighting for all daylight comfort or extended shipping. Phoenix series headlamps have a lamp for the event and have headlamps pieces of equipment needed for hiking, camper, hunter, etc. Applies headlamps that are comfortable to wear and easy to use in a variety of situations.

Fenix Flashlights HP25R Headlamp is the Brightest Caving Headlamp in 2022

Petzl Actik Core Headlamp

PETZL ACTIK CORE Headlamp -...
  • LIGHT FOR ANY ACTIVITY: With 450 lumens, two beam patterns (flood or mixed), and several white brightness...
  • RELIABLE PERFORMANCE: With Petzl's 50:50 Brightness-to-Burn-Time ratio, your Petzl headlamp will retain...
  • HYBRID CONCEPT: The Petzl ACTIK CORE comes with a rechargeable CORE battery. Like other Petzl Headlamps...

The Petzel Actik Core is the best choice for backpackers, outdoor adventurers, and those who need a headlamp with various charging options (USB and battery). The light is best suited for outdoor adventure: it is durable, easy to use, and weighs less than 3 ounces. Its 450 lumens light quality was also very bright and had the best optical quality.

The Actik Core rechargeable headlamp 450 lumens power, which makes its multi-beam design ideal for dynamic outdoor activities such as mountaineering, running, mountaineering, and backpacking. Extremely powerful and versatile, the Petzel Actik Headlamp is your ideal accessory for many outdoor activities. You can play with headlamps comfortably and safely, knowing that it will improve visibility and awareness, especially for your contemporaries.

Actik headlamps project a brightness of 450 lumens with two beam models for high-performance illumination in the outdoor activities described above. Also, the proximity of illuminated objects is useful for measuring other people or potential hazards and improving your vision at greater distances and for working with faster movement. Red light protects night vision and prevents other members of your group from being blind or surprised.

The Actik core charges easily and quickly, making it ideal if you want to make the path brighter. Rechargeable devices can be more convenient if you travel with batteries; You save a little less battery over time, and the charge lasts for more than 16 hours. Actik Core Versatile: If you don’t have a USB source on hand, you can operate the headlamp on three AAA batteries. Some of the things we liked less were the flood feature (which is useful for the camp) and a waterproof rating below expectations.

Petzl Actik Core Headlamp is the the best Outdoor Caving Headlamp in 2022

Petzl Tikka Headlamp

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Tikka is the economic headlamp of Petzel. Its bright lumens of 200 lumens can reach 60 meters. You can also use it for 100 lumens. To soothe your eyes during long expeditions, you can easily switch from white to red light. The Tikka headlamp is weather resistant with an IPX-4 rating. If you are planning your next family camp, Tikka can be one of the best spotlights to sort out your entire team.

Simple and compact, the TIKAA projector offers a luminosity of 200 lumens and a wide beam. With its long burning time, it is convenient for outdoor activities such as camping or hiking, traveling, and daily activities and projects around the house. Phosphorescent reflectors help you find it in the dark and prevent red light group members from being blind. The TIKKA is a HYBRID headlamp also compatible with CORE rechargeable batteries.

Why do you need a Caving Headlamp?

Your life can very well depend on your flashlight when it comes to the ultimate caving or cave. Exploring new depths underground requires a flashlight or headlamp that can stand the test. The best caving lamps have a hands-free transport option, have several light outputs, and have more than 10 hours of autonomy. Sometimes in a cave, you have to use both hands to get up or crawl through the passage, and it may be essential to have hands-free lighting options! Also, there are times when you want a high luminous flux of 600 lumens or more to see anything in or out of a hole underground. However, there are smaller chambers and underground areas where more than 50 lumens can go blind. Ally, flashlights with red LEDs prevent extra strain on your eyes after several hours in the dark.

Features to look for in the best caving headlamps

Battery type

The type of battery determines the operating cost and reliability of the projector. A few AAs are cheaper to carry (and even lighter) – although Li-ion can be a more reliable power backup. Best practices are good quality 18650 batteries.


Performance is better always underground.


For our cavers, the maximum output (in Lumen) is very important. The lumens you need depend on the type of cave you are exploring. If you have a high ceiling in your area, you must have extra lumens. Some manufacturers also offer a red light function, which is good if you don’t disturb your night vision (night vision is not effective). So how many lumens do you need?

Beam type

It depends on the style of your caving. But in general, flood beams are best for caves.


When you carry a lamp in your head, you can quickly discover that light lamps are great.


The materials used in the housing have a significant effect on the durability of the lamp.


It also depends on the materials used; Almost all headlights give a waterproof IP rating. Any underground lighting must be somewhat waterproof.

Mount type

If it is going to be your main light source, you must be able to attach it to your helmet. It must not become a flashlight cover.

Light color

CCT means color temperature related. The higher the CCT value, the warmer the color (more yellow). Another aesthetic choice, although warm light is less bright, which can affect the range of vision. Also, bright light requires more energy.


Some lights can be upgraded with color temperature, power source, support, and alternative beam types.


The cave pushes your equipment. Somewhere along the line, your helmet will hit the roof. Some manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on your lamps, offering replacement when you break it, which is great value for money.