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Best Earplugs For Musicians 2024 (Singers, Drummers, Guitarists)

Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs for Musicians

Eargasm High Fidelity Earplugs...
  • FIRST CLASS HEARING PROTECTION - Our High Fidelity Earplugs protect your ears from harmful noise levels...
  • PRISTINE SOUND QUALITY - Our innovative attenuation filters allow you to hear the world around you, just...
  • USE EARGASM ANYWHERE - Fantastic ear plugs for concerts, noise sensitivity, tinnitus relief, motorcycles,...

The Eargasm High Fidelity set of earplugs offers up to 21 dB of noise reduction, while ensuring quality sound reaches your ear with attenuation filters that filter, rather than block, sound. The included aluminum case makes them easy to take anywhere. People wear earplugs for all kinds of situations. From music apps to sports, there are many circumstances in which things can get very, very loud. And while we’ve covered player-specific earplugs elsewhere on this list, there’s certainly room for a solid all-rounder. Earplugs have been sold at music festivals as hearing protection. Their moderately high noise reduction, waterproof aluminum carrying case, and 2 sets of headphone sizes make them ideal for loud rock concerts.

Alpine MusicSafe Pro Hearing Protection System for Musicians

Alpine MusicSafe Pro Hearing...
  • Special filters prevent hearing loss while preserving sound quality
  • Specifically developed for musicians
  • Three exchangeable acoustic filter sets for optimal protection

The AlpineThermoShape material in MusicSafe Pro earplugs moulds itself to the wearer’s ears due to their own body heat. This means that the earplugs are a perfect fit for the wearer’s ear canal and will always stay in place, making them quite comfortable to use. The thermoplastic material is hypoallergenic, so there will be no itching in or around the ear. MusicSafe Pro earplugs can be used again and over again. They come in two colors: transparent and black.

Only damaging sounds are attenuated by the AlpineAcousticFilters. At the same time, they have no effect on the quality of the music and allow the wearer to speak normally with their fellow musicians. It’s the equivalent of dialing down the volume a couple notches. This makes MusicSafe Pro useful not only during performances or in the studio, but also at concerts, rehearsals, and teaching sessions. In any setting, you can select your own level of sound attenuation.

Etymotic Research ER20XS Motorsport High-Definition Earplugs

Etymotic Research ER20XS...
  • New, low-profile, stem-less design that sits snugly in the outer ear without protruding. Especially...
  • Reduces sound levels evenly so that speech and environmental sounds are clear and natural.
  • Reduces the potential for hearing damage from loud machinery, vehicles, power tools, sporting events,...

Etymotic Research was the first to create musician earplugs. The ER-20 ETY-Plugs® were the first known pair of HPDs designed specifically for musicians. They were first made available in 1990. The ER20XS has a stem-less design. It also includes a pull tab for easy removal. This small design feature results in a more discrete look that is ideal for individuals who wish to look clean and stylish while performing.

The variety of size and material possibilities is also a plus. To be more specific, the ER20XS is available in two sizes: big and standard. You have the choice of using soft silicone or ordinary foam as a material. Soft silicone tips, as indicated before in this essay, are the preferred choice.

EarPeace Concert earplugs

EarPeace Music - High Fidelity...
  • TRUE-TO-LIFE AUDIO EXPERIENCE. Immerse yourself in live music without compromising on sound. Our earplugs...
  • PROTECT YOUR HEARING - Noise-induced hearing loss is irreversible. Our high fidelity ear plugs provide...
  • CUSTOMIZABLE TO YOUR NEEDS: Each musician ear plugs comes with Multiple Filters & Sizes to fit your...

EarPeace Concert earplugs are designed for going to live music concerts, both outdoor and indoor experience. With the help of their excellent sound quality retention process, they are great for volume reduction for live performances on-stage and in clubs. Another point, they have a great sealing mechanism that covers the ears and keeps them in place for a long time. If you move or dance, they will not fall out and let you down. The dual flange design of these premium-quality silicone earplugs keeps them in place easy. They have three different great qualities: soft, hypoallergenic and are reusable. You can choose from medium, high, and maximum protection according to the circumstances. They come with a nice aluminum case in which you can even keep them safe when not in use.

Best Earplugs For Musicians in 2023

Earasers High Fidelity Earplugs

No products found.

If you are looking to pick earbuds, you can wear them while moving around a lot on the stage. The Earasers would be a nice cost choice. With their smart seal design, they don’t fall out of your ears. The Earasers come in 4 different sizes, this let it stay in place. They sound reduction is up to 19 dB. They are made from medical-grade silicone. These are durable, hypoallergenic transparent and unobtrusive. What makes these stand out is that they come with a carrying case which is pretty small in size.

Best Earplug for Singers in 2023

Westone TRU Universal Filter Earplugs

WESTONE Tru Universal WM16...
  • Includes:1 set of large plugs1 set of medium plugs1 set of TRU filters1 travel case
  • Ideal for performing musicians, sound engineers, DJs, dental professionals, concerts, nightclubs,...
  • Flanged smoke eartips; blue filter with smoke cover

Westone TRU earplugs have high-end customizes filters. They have an excellent and smooth frequency response and high fidelity. It is ideal for say professional musicians and avid concert goers. The tuned and flat attenuation response makes it stand out amongst its counterparts. The ergonomic design of the earplugs makes them extremely comfortable to wear. Thus, you can wear earplugs for hours going without having ear-fatigue.

The unique musicians’ membrane present in it ensures that the quality of the sound is retained. You don’t lose any of the original sound while bringing the volume down to safe levels. The advanced filter technology reduces the sound up to 16 dB. It helps you avoid hearing losses such as tinnitus, hyperacusis, etc. There are few added accessories, such as carrying pouch, ear tips, and two acoustic filters.

Best Earplug for Guitarists in 2023

Mpow High-Fidelity Earplugs

No products found.

With the help of Mpow High Fidelity earplugs, you can easily block out the unwanted noise. They have an SNR of 28 dB. Moreover, these earplugs are ANSI and CE certified. They come with a unique Acoustic filter technology. This gives you the freedom to enjoy the melody. You don’t have to worry about muffling of sound with these.

The ergonomic earplugs fit easy in your ears and are something very effective in blocking unwanted sounds. The transparent material make them decent and elegant. They are made from non-toxic silicone and very soft. Moreover, they have an aluminum case to keep the earplugs safe when not in use. These are reusable.

Best earplugs for Drummers in 2023

Aclook High Fidelity Concert Earplugs

The last product on our list is the Aclook High Fidelity Concert Earplugs. The specific design helps in reducing ear pain caused due to loud music and instruments. With the advanced filter technology and an NRR rating of 28 dB, you can rest assured that it will professionally filter out selected frequencies while maintaining high-quality sound.

The hypoallergenic earplugs are designed to maximize your well being. They are made of soft and non-toxic silicone. The product has two sizes so that you can choose the one which fits you perfectly. They have a return period of 30-days. This means if you are not satisfied with the product, you can return the product and get a full refund. They come with an aluminum case in which you can keep them stored in when you are not using them.

Best earplugs for live music in 2023

How to choose the best earplugs?

Earplugs are compact, powerful, and efficient devices that can add color to your life by protecting your ears safe during a live performance. When it comes to buying the perfect product, things get a lot confusing when you see the sheer number of products available in the market. We have put together this buying guide to help you educate yourselves on the few factors you must check out for when buying the desired product.

Types of earplugs

There are various options and types of earplugs that vocalists can wear.

Musicians earplugs

They are the most common types of earplugs. Not only do they dampen the volume, but they are also comfortable to wear for hours. They are usually made of silicone. You have to check the NRR of these earplugs when buying them.

In-ear monitors

In-ear monitors are headsets that work both as earplugs and headphones. They are often likely custom made and have the attenuation levels are adjustable.
Passive electronic earplugs

These types of earplugs reduce all sound, be it loud or otherwise, for a certain dB level. There are active models as well, which can be adjusted to attenuate sounds as per your preferences.

Filtered earplugs

Filtered earplugs don’t use batteries. They use various mechanical methods in to attenuate sound. They usually transform noises into heat using compression acceleration.

Hearing problems

After years and years of exposure to loud noises and sounds, musicians tend to run a higher risk of losing or damaging their hearing. Noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus are the most common hearing problems that the musicians face.

Noise-induced Hearing loss

Noise-induced hearing loss manifests itself in different ways. Some people lose perception of particular frequency ranges. Some acquire a sensitivity to sound, and a few have ringing sounds in their ears. In some extreme situations, complete hearing loss might occur as well. NIHL can develop suddenly after exposure to loud impulse noise, or it can progress over a period of time.


Tinnitus is a symptom of hearing issues. In tinnitus, the person hears non-existing sounds. You can hear hisses, ringing, clicking, or some other sound in your ears. The sound can be high-pitched and it can be low-pitched as well.

Choosing the perfect fit

There is a difference between earplugs for regular people and earplugs specifically made for musicians. Look at the following factors before making the final purchase.


Professional earplugs can be worn for hours and hours, and they still remain comfortable while that is not the case with consumer-grade plugs, which can be worn only for a couple of hours before your ears start to hurt. So, when you are buying earplugs, you need to keep their comfortability in mind.

Noise Reduction Rating

Attenuation is the number of decibels of sound that are reduced when you wear the earplugs. The attenuation is shown by the NRR written on the earplugs. Noise Reduction rating is basically an estimate of how much noise is being reduced by the earplug. It is measured in decibels.

Size and fit

The fit of an earplug determines how effective they might be and sealing out the noise. Normally, most of the earplugs have a universal fit. The size of an earplug also matters. If the earplugs are too small, they will not block noise to the ear canal and will keep falling off. If the earplugs are too large, they will put pressure on the ear canal. Pressure on the ear canal will lead to inflammation and soreness.

Usage Life

Earplugs are reusable. However, the silicone at the ear tips tends to degrade with the passage of time. The usage life of the earplugs is usually written in the instructions manual that comes with it. Normally, the ear tips start to degrade after 3-54 months.


Another thing that you need to consider when buying the best earplugs is their reusability. Usually, you need to replace the tips only when they start showing signs of wear and tears. Likewise, filters in the earplugs are also replaceable in some cases. But, the earplugs with replaceable parts tend to be slightly more expensive than those with non-reusable parts. Moreover, the availability of the replacement parts can also be an issue.

Reduction in quality of sound

When you are out there performing, the air is alive with sound and vibrations. When you use earplugs, vibrations and noise will be reduced. Professional earplugs lower the volume of the sound not it’s quality. Therefore, you need to look for earplugs that will not hinder the quality of sound. The volume of the sound will be lowered, and you will be able to play more peacefully.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are earplugs?

Ears plugs are front of everything when it comes to the prevention of hearing damages. A decent pair of earplugs can make all the difference when it comes to excellent ear health.
Now comes the million-dollar question: Which is the best musician earplugs? There are thousands of related products currently in the market, and it gets very confusing, trying to figure which one is perfect.

There are various earplugs for bassists found in the market. They have various features and functionalities that make them suitable for specific conditions. After plenty of research, we have chosen the following 5 earplugs for you, which we think will be perfect for making your on-stage performances safer and better.

What are earplugs for musicians?

Earplugs are devices you wear in your ears in order to reduce the volume of sound that you hear. Musicians have to perform in very loud environments, and loud sounds can damage their hearing. In order to protect their ears, they use earplugs.

What is the difference between regular earplugs and earplugs for musicians?

Consumer-grade earplugs could block sound quite completely, while professional earplugs will reduce the volume of sound at certain decibels. You would still be able to hear people talk in normal volume.

Why should I buy earplugs?

Tinnitus and hearing loss are not laughing matters. Loud noises doesn’t affect everyone in the same way, but at one point or another, it causes some sort of damages. It doesn’t matter whether you are young or old, if you are a musician, then you need to get some high-quality earplugs for musicians to keep your ears protected in a live performance.