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5 Best Gaming Earbuds 2024 (Earphones)

Best Gaming Earbuds 2022

Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Razer Hammerhead True Wireless...
  • More synchronized audio visual response for mobile gaming: Provides a more immersive wireless experience...
  • Immersive, Full-Range Audio: Custom-tuned 13mm driver technology provides deeper bass and higher...
  • Secure In-Ear Fit: Comes with silicone tips for comfort and added grip

Razer is a brand that focuses on providing gamers with high-end devices for pc gaming and accessories including the best earbuds for gaming. The Hammerhead True Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are just a testament to traditional gaming. These wireless gaming headphones feature a rich bass sound profile that helps to bring out gunshots and explosions to enjoy gaming. They are also designed with a “Game Mode” which helps reduce latency when connected to a smartphone or other mobile device. The mic does a great job too, whether you’re taking a call or discussing tactics for your next multiplayer match. One of the coolest features is the touch screen controls on the headphones; While there are a number of touch controls that can be easily confused if you type them incorrectly (and there are so many to remember that it can happen often), they are very responsive.

The bass-rich audio quality of the truly wireless headphones is amazing and will help you feel the music. While the headset microphone might be better as well, they are more than adequate for simple in-game communications. Enabling the headphones’ “game mode” reduces latency to 111 milliseconds on PCs, 22 milliseconds on Android devices and six milliseconds on iPhones. The experiments were carried out to ensure that the headphones are an overall solid choice for competitive mobile gamers. At the same time, they can be used for occasional content consumption on PCs and laptops. Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds is the best gaming earbuds in 2022.

1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Earphones

1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear...
  • Three Drivers- These Headphones Have Two Balanced Armatures And A Separate Dynamic Driver. Together They...
  • Product Note : If the size of the earbud tips does not match the size of your ear canals or the headset...
  • Tuned By A Grammy Award Winning Sound Engineer- 1More Collaborated With Internationally Acclaimed...

1More Triple Driver gaming headset that you want are designed with three different drivers; two frames and a dynamic pilot. With all three drivers working hand in hand, users get impressive clarity and bass with a comfortable fit, it is worth to take a look. This is not surprising given that these gaming headphones were refined by Grammy Award-winning producer Luca Bignardi. As well as offering superb sound quality and balanced considering its price, the 1More Triple Driver also shines with its in-line microphone. This is one of the best microphones that you will find on a pair of headphones. The only downside to the line mic is that it struggles a bit in loud environments. It struggles to block out most background noise, which can reduce the quality of voice calls in crowded areas.

1More Triple Driver comes pre-packaged with nine different tips, making it a perfect fit for all types of ears. If you are an audiophile, you may notice a slight preference for high-pitched sounds and an in-line control panel is also present to let you easily adjust volumes through your headphones. Ear tips provide a great level of sound isolation, but that’s not at all what a gaming headset might offer, so preferring quiet environments can help you move up the ranks faster.

Turtle Beach Battle Buds In-Ear Gaming Headset

Turtle Beach Battle Buds...
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR CHAT - Removable high-sensitivity mic picks up your voice loud and clear or use the...
  • HIGH-QUALITY 10MM SPEAKERS - 10mm speakers produce crisp highs and thundering lows
  • MULTIPLATFORM COMPATIBILITY - Designed for Nintendo Switch and mobile gaming on the go. Also works great...

Turtle Beach is one of the biggest names in gaming headsets for Nintendo Switch. The highs can be a bit piercing to the ears at times, but that doesn’t detract from the experience – as long as you don’t blast the volume. Sound insulation and leakage are also excellent. You will be able to block out most of the background noise around you. Battle Buds also keep noise inside your ears and prevent any leakage from occurring. No one will hear you playing Pokémon on the subway.

Turtle Beach Battle Buds also comes with a removable boom microphone. The recording quality is exceptional (considering this is a micro-earpiece) and your voice will be clear and easy to understand. There is no static or distortion, as in some headsets which depend on the good microphone built into the inline controller. At the same time, it also blocks out noisy environments so that those around you cannot hear anything when you are trying to communicate. Turtle Beach Battle Buds are cross-platform compatible. That means they’re designed for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers with 3.5mm jack, as well as the Nintendo Switch. They also work great with computers and mobile devices that have 3.5mm connections, but you’ll need to purchase your own splitter if you want to use them on PC.

HyperX Cloud Earbuds Gaming Headphones

HyperX Cloud Earbuds - Gaming...
  • Note : If the size of the earbud tips does not match the size of your ear canals or the headset is not...
  • Optimized for handheld mode
  • Signature HyperX comfort

HyperX Cloud covers everything needed to be considered as one of the best gaming earbuds. It comes with tangle-free cables with 90 degrees plug, which permits an obstructive gaming experience. It comes mainly in two accents – red and black. The product has three different sizes of silicone ear insert to make the buds suit all their customers. The built-in mic works perfectly with excellent audio playback. Hyperx Cloud is comfortable to wear.

These are the cheapest headphones you can get to maintain a decent level of quality, but if you want to take a light step in terms of price, the HyperX Clouds are definitely suitable for it. These are great gaming headphones that give you a lot more for a very low price. While the fit may be a bit awkward, these headphones are better than they deserve for the price quality. There is a level of balance in the frequency range that avoids the bass trend of many budget earphones. The small size of these headphones makes it particularly noticeable that they have managed to create such a balanced sound. Their red design is crisp, but their size is incredibly reduced, making it an incredibly portable alternative, suitable for professional or semi-professional players.

Optimized for the Nintendo Switch and its portable mode, it will work with all devices thanks to the use of a 3.5mm audio jack. You can use them for PC, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and mobile games. The cable is rubberized and decently resistant to tangling. Since cables often have their own lives, this is a big advantage. You’ll also find a free carrying case with these headphones, so you can carry them on the go. Keep in mind these are made for gaming, not so much for music. The ups and downs sometimes become somewhat flat. There are three different sized attachments attached here for the best fit.

Razer Hammerhead Pro v2 Earbuds

Razer Hammerhead Pro v2...
  • 10 mm extra-large dynamic drivers for stellar audio fidelity
  • All-new body design with flat-style cables for toughness on the go
  • In-line microphone with 3 Quick Action Control buttons for iOS and Android devices

The Razer Hammerhead Pro 2 is one of the best wired gaming earbuds ever made and has great reviews. It comes in a rather classic look that adds style to your gaming wit the signature neon green color. The cables are ultra-durable and tangle-free. For an enhanced lightweight feel and extreme robustness, these pair of earbuds are made from high-quality aluminum. The V2 features a bigger driver that has been implemented to boost the bass performance and great acoustic clarity. This makes them amazing for game feedback. Asides gaming, Razer Hammerhead Pro is also a good companion for smartphone users. They also come with several adapter variations.

Thanks to their extra-large dynamic 10mm speakers, these headphones offer nothing less than amazing audio fidelity for your enjoyment. At the same time, they benefit greatly from a body design with flat cables for increased resistance on the go, as well as an in-line microphone with three quick-action control buttons. All in all, these razor headphones are among the most versatile and work well with almost any device.

These headphones are made by Razer, it is a brand that does not need to be presented to the players. The Hammerhead Pro V2 is an upgraded version with several improvements and while it’s a bit expensive, it’s still worth it if you’re looking for a mix of branded performance and power. All razor play equipment has green highlights and Hammerhead is no different. For convenience you get an elegant but aggressive design with flat cables. The headphones feature a 10mm speaker for higher volume and a stronger base than its predecessor, and you should be satisfied with the overall sound quality and clarity. Advanced Sound Reception And the biggest pro is the solid bass output that he offers. Razer Hammerhead Pro is the best budget gaming earbuds in 2022.

Shure SE846-CL Sound Isolating Earphones

Shure SE846 PRO Gen 1 Wired...
  • SOUND ISOLATING TECHNOLOGY - Own your audio space with sound isolating design that blocks up to 37 dB of...
  • CUSTOMIZED FIT - Includes three sizes (S, M, L) of the flex and black foam sleeves. Experiment with the...
  • SECURE, OVER-THE-EAR DESIGN - Wireform fit ensures earphones stay in place and cables remain out of the...

Shure makes some of the best gaming earbuds. SE846-CL provide a world-class audio experience with four drivers. Due to its four different drivers, it has a relatively large size. For this reason, it is worn over the ears. Also, it has a shape maintaining wire that works for everyone irrespective of the shape of the ear. The bass production is on another level, all thanks to its 9-ohms impedance. Moreover, this earbud comes with its own amplifier that gives the four drivers all the oomph needed for your gaming. This is one of the best gaming earbuds but oft ignored because of it’s pro price tag. Shure SE846-CL Sound Isolating Earphones is the best sound isolating gaming earbuds.

SoundPEATS Magnetic Wireless Earbuds

No products found.

SoundPEATS Magnetic Wireless Earbuds has an amazing affordable price with great audio to be consider among the best gaming earbuds. Some pair of earbuds cost five times the price of this that don’t even meet up in sound quality. You won’t have any issues pairing this earbud to your gaming device. This earbuds for gaming uses advanced Bluetooth 4.1, with a 10 meters connectivity range. It also comes with a wireless mic that is useful for making calls. Also, they come with ten extra pairs of ear tips and six additional sets of ear fins. This makes it an ideal earbud for everyone.

SoundPeat’s wireless gaming headphones have a battery life of 8 hours. Depending on the audio length and volume level it varies during play. These wireless gaming headphones are easy to carry, you can wear them around your neck when you don’t need them. Bluetooth earphones come with customizable accessories. These silicone materials are so comfortable that you will feel comfortable even after wearing it all day long. These are compatible with almost all smartphones, including iPhone and Android phones. The sound quality of these best gaming headsets is great with Aptx Codec and CSR8645 Bluetooth chipsets. These are easy to keep in your ear, after all, these headphones are comfortable and still have. The sound quality is quite good. These gaming headphones suppress the sound to give you a clear sound.SoundPEATS Magnetic Wireless Earbuds is the best wireless gaming earbuds.

Bose QuietComfort 20

Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic...
  • Compatible Devices: iPhone, iPad and iPod models
  • Included Components: QuietComfort 20 headphones, Apple devices, 3 pairs StayHear tips (S, M, L), clothing...

Bose has long topped the headlines with their Noise Cancellation earbuds, so it’s no surprise that they are among the first to provide high-quality noise cancellation gaming headphones.While you can expect to pay a hefty premium for QuietComfort 20, you’ll get amazing quality around the board. The quality that they pump through the incredibly comfortable headphones and driver is impressive. While gaming music may not sound as good with QuickComfort as headphones at comparative prices, but the noise isolation is unmatched. The long battery life is simply icing the cake

Bose QC20 earbuds may not be strictly for gaming, but they come with enough features to keep you happy in any environment you play with. They have one of the best sound records in our roundup, a good sound profile, a microphone and a reliable build quality. Very solid option with hardware controls. This gaming earbud falls under the category of one of the high price earbuds in the market today. It also ranks high among its peers. The earbud is comfortable and it doesn’t pierce through the ear canal. The Stayhere+ tip enhances stability. The audio performance is astonishing with Bose’s Active EQ and Triport technology. This makes it one of the best gaming earbuds for sound isolation. Bose QuietComfort 20 is the best noise cancellation gaming earbuds.

Beats urBeats3 Earphones with Lightning Connector

Beats urBeats3 Earphones with...
  • Fine-tuned acoustic design delivers an exceptional listening experience
  • Optimal ergonomic design for all-day comfort; Lightning Connector for audio
  • Variety of Ear tip options provide individualized fit for noise isolation

Beats’ urBeats3 is one of the company’s entry-level products. Despite being significantly less expensive than the brand’s luxury models, the price/performance ratio it brings to the table makes it one of the best earbuds on our list. The sound profile of the earphones is more realistic and accurate, providing a more balanced listening experience.

The build quality is excellent, and the urBeats3 performs better in terms of noise cancellation than most models in its price range. However, the same cannot be said for its microphone, which struggles to shut out extraneous noise in crowded places. If you own an Xbox One, keep in mind that the urBeats3’s microphone will not work with your system, which can be a deal breaker if you enjoy gaming with friends in groups.

The backs of the buds are magnetic, so when they’re near together, the two pairs will cling together. This makes them easier to transport and prevents the cable from becoming tangled when stuffed into a backpack.

Benefits of using the best Gaming Earbuds


Gaming Earbuds have been around for a while now, and their portability is the sole factor that boosts their popularity. This is why they give a pair of earbuds for free on planes, or why they come with our smartphones. There are smaller, and their weight is very light, which makes them very comfortable for many on-the-go activities. Also, they don’t disturb those around you.


Gaming earbuds have been engineered to be have more comfortable than headsets. This is possible because of the soft rubber bud on the driver earbuds. This makes earbuds the best option when it comes to long hours of a gaming session. Besides, the ear tips are the only thing touching your head when you are using earbuds. Moreover, they don’t carry earcups or bulky headbands.


An in-ear earbud is excellent for complete immersion during gaming sessions. It helps you avoid distractions. In-ear headphones aren’t simply as good for immersion. Immersion improves your gaming by connecting you deeper into the gaming world. All earbuds are designed to fit into your ear perfectly unlike in-ear headphones. This is one factor that allows you to isolate yourself from external sounds and distractions.


Earbuds are very affordable, and no matter what your budget is, you will find an earbud that suits your budget. We will help identify the best gaming earbuds for a wide range of budgets.

Things to consider before buying the best gaming earbuds

Price & Cost

Some gaming earbuds in the market are cheap and come at unbelievable prices, but it is best to avoid this type. The best gaming earbuds are really not cheap, and their prices can’t be bargained. You might ask why are the good ones not cheap? This is because the good-quality ones need a good-quality Bluetooth chip, for instance, the ones from Qualcomm. They also need to have an average or above-average high-density batteries to enable them to perform for longer hours between charges. So, with this fact, you should know by now, good quality gaming earbuds do not come cheap, so if you want a one of high-quality is prepared to spend a little more. However, this doesn’t mean you will be breaking the bank to get a quality earbud for your gaming.


It is essential to know which codecs your gaming earbud of preference supports. For most models, they only work with SBC. Those codecs that don’t support higher resolution music will often sound flat because of the limited speed of transmission that the codec uses. The latest Android device support a wide range of Bluetooth audio codecs. For Apple users, it is essential before purchasing an earbud, to check for the codec your device supports.

Ear-Tips: The most important thing to get the best fit

The ear tips of an earbud are one of the vital parts. For silicone ear-tips, which are small and shallow, they don’t form a good seal with your ear canal. External sounds find their way in, and this is not a satisfying experience. For some people whose earbuds don’t form a decent seal, they can change the ear-tips to memory foam tips. This tip increases the warmth of your ears, thereby creating a perfect sound seal. Because most gaming earbuds are stored in their charging cases when not in use, the fitting of aftermarket ear-tips is not always possible. It is because the depression in the case where the earbud sits is not wide enough to allow it to be stored with the after-market ear-tips. Check that the ear-tips coming with your earbud of choice fits your ears perfectly to make an effective seal and come in various size. Some gaming earbuds feature a small ear fin to help in keeping it in the ear. Comfort and fit are two essential factors that cannot be over when buying a pair of the best gaming earbuds.

Some of the different types of ear-tips are:

Silicone ear-tips

Silicone tips are popular because they are easy to clean and by design they burn very little. They can get a little uncomfortable if used for a long time. These become slippery with sweat when you exercise, which makes them slip prone.

Rubber ear-tips

While rubber tips are durable, they can be extremely uncomfortable. Rubber also causes allergic reactions in people with skin allergies.

Foam ear-tips

Foam tips provide the most sound insulation and are considered the most comfortable option.

Hybrid ear-tips

There are tips made from a mixture of plastic and rubber. These are somewhat rare and are usually supplied with high-end or special headphones.

Battery Life

This only applies to wireless gaming earbuds. Most earbud manufacturers put out a battery life of about five hours and will quote a playing between three and five hours.

Hardware Controls

Some more expensive types of earbuds come with control pads and buttons on it that are capable of altering the volume, skip to the next track, pick a phone call, and send a voice command. Some other earbuds are capable of automatic stopping or pausing the music once the earbud is out of your ear. Check for the controls the earbuds in the market offer before making your choice. Choose the model with responsive control.

Noise Canceling and Noise Isolation: Keep out unwanted noise and sounds

This is a feature that is becoming popular among the best gaming earbuds. Some gaming earbuds come with noise-canceling technology. This feature eats into the battery. So, have it in mind that the playtime of your earbud will be reduced. Gaming earbuds with this feature may be a little chunky to accommodate the bigger battery size needed by the circuitry.

Noise-canceling earbuds may come with a ‘Hear-Thru’ feature that gives you control over the noise-canceling level. So, you can adjust it to a level comfortable and safe when going for a jog and mute to listen to someone speak without taking off the earbud to hear what they have to say or other sound.

Some of the different types of Noise Cancelling are:

Passive noise cancellation

It is also known as noise insulation. The design of the helmet determines how the noise is isolated (the amount of noise the helmet escapes and the amount of noise the helmet makes through it).

Active noise cancellation (ANC)

They use both the design of the earpiece as well as a small integrated audio processor that actively detects any ambient sound and distorts or rejects it.

Adaptive noise cancellation

When using some ANC headphones static cancellation, adaptive noise canceling headphones analyze the amount of noise in an environment and adjust the power of the noise disturbance until then.

Charging Case

This case is capable of storing and recharging wireless earbuds. It is a vital part of earbuds. Some charging cases hold enough charge for up to four times recharge of the pair of gaming earbuds. The case needs to be able to store a large amount of charge if you want to take your earbuds out with you.


When it comes to how loud earbuds can be, not all are manufactured equally. Some gaming earbuds give enough sound at just half their maximum volume, while others need to be a maximum before giving you the amount of sound you need. Check out the volume range of each earbud. This is unlike wired earbuds, which can be connected to a headphone amplifier.

Wireless or Wired

Wireless earbuds are excellent for gaming as well as other activities like exercising. Make sure to check battery life when buying wireless gaming earbuds. The best gaming earbuds can be wired or wireless, depending on your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Gaming Earbuds?

Gaming earbuds, also known as gaming earphones, are tiny in-ear headphones that match the outer ear canal for immersive sound. These are designed to provide players with convenient and portable options without the need for a huge set of headphones. As such, gaming headphones are specifically designed to enhance the gaming experience, often incorporating features such as hi-fi sound, cross-platform compatibility, and ergonomic form factor. Fortunately, using a pair of gaming headphones is very easy. Just unpack the set and plug it into the support port of your favorite device, put them in your ear and you’re good to go!