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Best Rosewill Keyboards 2024

Rosewill Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Cherry MX Blue Switches (RK-9000V2)

Rosewill Mechanical Gaming...
  • 100% Cherry Blue MX Switches. They deliver a fast and precise response with great tactile feedback.
  • The N-key rollover function is a must-have for gamers!
  • Multimedia keys give you direct control from your keyboard.

The Rosewill RK-9000 v2 RGB is one of many similar keyboard styles, one thing that sets it apart is the Cherry MX switches. Most keyboards with LEDs and hardware-controlled macros tend to favor a cheaper switch so they can keep costs down. Rosewill decided he wanted to make sure he was using the best switch while giving users a full set of hardware-controlled options – a bold move for sure. In terms of comfort, usability and design, there are certainly very few complaints, in fact only one; right angle connector. This is one that my pet hates because I change my computer location quite often. When it is on the side where the 90 ° connector looks then the cable is great, when it is the other way around I have to change the cable because it bothers me too much, if it were straight it would not matter.

The build quality and craftsmanship are exceptional and will allow it to withstand years of heavy use and abuse. Overall, the design and layout not only make the Rosewill RK-9000V2 a great gaming keyboard, but also a great keyboard for even boring office work with its ten keys. Founded in 2004, Rosewill is Newegg’s house brand for affordable components. They build their name on a wide range of products, including cases, power supplies, fans, card readers, and more. Today, however, we’re going to take a look at one of the keyboards in its peripheral line, the Rosewill RK-9000 V2 RGB. This updated version of a classic Rosewill features multiple lighting options, macro options, and full media control.

The RK-9000V2 is a full-size keyboard with a standard 104-key layout. A very functional and easy to use form factor. It has a full numeric keypad to make data entry less complicated. N-key rollover (on PS / 2) and 6-key rollover (USB) ensure a seamless gaming experience without the possibility of a key being recorded, even during long combos. The F1 to F8 keys also function as multimedia keys. The keyboard is elegant but simple. It’s mostly monochromatic with a hint of red from the back plate running through key spaces. It turns out that a slight hint of the background color is a sexy look for a keyboard. Although this is a “gaming” keyboard, it would not feel out of place in an office environment. This is a huge advantage considering how flashy some products intended for the player market are. It doesn’t have backlit keys though, which could be a potential breaker at this price, given the target audience. It does have four blue LED lights though which are quite stylish if you prefer a more understated and minimal look (but they can get a bit too bright in a dark room).

In general, the keyboard is nothing special, which is not bad, it is perfectly fine. It doesn’t really do anything more than the other available options. That said, if you are looking for a keyboard that has RGB functions, macro functions, multimedia functions, and more, I would highly recommend it. Switches alone give you a little extra edge