5 Best Cooler Master Keyboards 2021 [Mechanical]

Best Cooler Master Keyboards 2021

Cooler Master MasterKeys MK750 RGB LED Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Cherry MX Red

Cooler Master MasterKeys MK750 RGB LED Mechanical...
  • Mechanical Cherry MX Red Switch RGB Per Key Floating Gaming Keyboard with Light bar Illumination
  • Minimalistic Design with Slim Profile and Floating Switch Design
  • Removable Magnetic Wrist Rest For superior comfort

If you are a professional gamer, the MK750 mechanical gaming keyboard would be a great feature addition to your rig. It has a minimalistic design using Cherry MX red switches along and intuitive On-the-fly controls. The hybrid key rollover and dedicated media keys (volume, etc) ensure that the best performance. It has a removable magnetic wrist rest that gives complete comfort during those long sessions. This RGB Backlit comes with 6-Key and N-Key Rollover.

Each key is customizable with full RGB capability to keep you in a different layout for the entire game. Keypads also have standard plus size slots so you can order custom key-caps to further customize your gameplay. With a query rate of 1000 Hz and a response time of 1 ms, you can be sure that you will respond as quickly as possible if your keys are not fast. MK750 is suitable for everyone including strict minimalists. With a sleek design and durable construction, this keyboard will be your favorite thing to fit your fingers.

It’s a standard-sized keyboard with a stylish open-frame design, which means it doesn’t have huge rows of dedicated macro keys on each side. It may be positive or negative for you but since I have a small workspace the space is valuable. The frame and key caps are made of hard plastic, with a bronze matte aluminum top plate that holds things tight. Try as I tried, I couldn’t turn the keyboard and introduce Flex – and if you’re connected to a removable USB-C cable, you have a keyboard that’s suitable for taking LANs, or even a disconnect Clear. The cable can go through both sides of the bottom of the keyboard, which is a good touch. The keys themselves are kind of floating, which means they are easy to remove and replace while providing the best light. The MK750 has become a delight to use and quickly became one of the favorite keyboards. If you are looking for a solid, precise, minimal premium keyboard with extra bells and whistles that many modern mechanics leave behind, look for the MK505050. It’s a bit expensive, but better than what you might expect for an exceptional mechanical keyboard.

The Cooler Master MasterKeys MK750 is the best Cooler Master Keyboard.

Cooler Master CK550 Gaming Mechanical Keyboard with RGB Backlighting

Cooler Master CK550 Gaming Mechanical Keyboard...
  • Rib Backlighting per key LEDs with multiple lighting modes and effects to highlight all your dominating...
  • Brushed aluminum design Curved top plate, Floating keycaps, and minimalistic design built with...
  • Brown Mechanical Switches durable mechanical switches rated for 50 million+ keypresses

If you are looking for a straightforward keyboard that can perform very well while using it on the battlefield, then you will find the CK550 Gaming Keyboard to be around the right devices for you. It has popular mechanical switches that are rated for 50 million clicks. This is sure to guarantee that your keyboard will always remain combat-ready. It comes with good on-the-Fly controls that can let you customize the settings like macros and RGB lighting in real-time. Durable Brushed Aluminium.

The design is simple, but this stiff, curved metal base looks great – looks better than frustration than these images – and the RGB light itself is bright and easily controllable via software or cards. It is available with 3 variants of Gatron switches, it is three brown, blue and red. Mechanical switches rated at 50 million clicks guarantee that your keyboard will be ready for battle at all times of your long-term hassle. On-the-fly controls allow you to customize your settings in real time, like RGB lighting and macros, while the software allows you to achieve even greater customization. In other words, the CK550 is a capable tool that gets the job done.

The best Cooler Master Gaming Keyboard in 2021.

Cooler Master CK530 Tenkeyless Gaming Mechanical Keyboard RGB Cherry MX Brown

Cooler Master CK530 Tenkeyless Gaming Mechanical...
  • Rib Backlighting : per key LEDs with multiple lighting modes and effects to highlight all your dominating...
  • Brushed aluminum design : Curved top plate, Floating keycaps, and minimalistic design built with...
  • Mechanical switches : durable mechanical switches rated for 50 million+ key presses

If you need a tenkeyless keyboard that can performs great on the battlefield and good for travel, then go for the CK530. It is a quite affordable keyboard that comes with several offers that almost force it to be reckoned with. On-the-Fly Controls and software customization. It comes with RGB Per-key Backlighting and Mechanical Cherry MX Brown Switches. The rest of the body is durable brushed aluminum. Software Customization and On-the-Fly Control makes for easy customizations.

The aluminum frame of the CK530 gives it a luxurious, superior and incredibly robust look. The keyboard is a great compact size with its keyless body (TKL), but I feel that it is not a bit small, not even a little feet flat. So, for long time use, I found it a bit tiring for my wrist. Luckily, I rested my wrists and paired with the CK530 was heavenly.

Backlight options can be controlled via Cooler Master software and looks great in any color. The software itself is very easy to use, and I went a bit further by playing with all the different effects of illumination for a long time; Rainbow waves, stills, rain and even snakes, snow and fireballs like I’ve never seen before. The original lighting is a great feature, and the lighting is also very bright. Overall, it is designed to fit your playing personality into a tee and I think it adds a lot more aesthetic value, especially at this price point.

The CK530 keyboard is the best budget Cooler Master Keyboard in 2021.

Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro M White LED Mechanical Gaming Tenkeyless Keyboard Cherry MX Red

Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro M White LED...
  • Brilliant White LED lighting - get the brightest of bright with a White, steel back plate that helps the...
  • Multiple lighting modes - customize Per-Key backlighting and modes on-the-fly without software. Preset...
  • Authentic CHERRY MX Blue switches - gamers demand the best, which is why the Master keys Pro M White only...

MasterKeys Pro M gives excellent white LED backlighting along with an onboard 32-bit arm cortex processor plus a 512KB memory. It has multiple LED lighting modes, profile support, Cherry MX red, and on-the-fly macro keys with great actuation point. All this in a minimalistic design that you can manage in your desk space easily. White backlighting with a Minimalist layout.

Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro L RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Cooler Master Keys Pro L RGB Mechanical Gaming...
  • Brilliant RGB lighting with 16.7 million colors - no dull, muted colors here. A patented design makes...
  • Multiple lighting modes - customize each color with or without software. Preset modes include color wave,...
  • 100% authentic CHERRY MX Blue switches - gamers demand the best, which is why the Master keys Pro L only...

MasterKeys Pro L RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard focuses on no-nonsense performance. The model is known for precision press, accuracy, and performance. Overall, Cooler has made the MasterCage Pro El White as aesthetically concise as possible without compromising on master build quality, but it can also be very easy for some people. Although Cooler Master used ABS plastic to make the keyboard, it doesn’t have any squeaky or funny sounds, it is a firmly built technology that makes it one by one. The authentic Cherry MX Brown switches promise the same typing experience and longevity for all keys, providing a 2-year warranty on the Cooler MasterCard Pro L White. While it has a solid keyboard, it also has flaws, cooler masters have decided to implement hardware-based programming, which may be effective, but it has also added a learning deadline, severely limiting the ability to make everything work and personalize. A good software utility can offer. You can only do very simple key commands and remapping with hardware-based programming. Performing lighting is great, but with the help of software utilities it will be better and more customizable.

RGB lighting is extremely bright and vibrant. It definitely does the job when it comes to RGB. The keys are individually illuminated with fully customizable LEDs. Finally, the keys and switches are really great. The Cherry MX blues is one of our favorite mechanical switches for several reasons. If you’re the type of gamer who is just looking for a super simple Cherry MX keyboard and doesn’t want to have any issues with software, that’s respectable. The keys are pretty good overall and the build quality is decent. They provide excellent feedback and the sound is not disturbing. It’s an amazing feel switch and comes highly recommended.

Types of Keyboards

People tend to spend a lot of money on the processing unit for gaming, but for other essentials such as a Keyboard, they do not spend much. Two, it is important to note that all things together can enhance the gaming experience. We have simplified some points that will help you in choosing the perfect keyboard for yourself:
Types of Keyboards –Mechanical vs. Membrane

There are two different types of keyboards in case we take them by the keys:

Membrane Keyboards:

The function of a membrane keyboard is elementary. It has a key rest above a rubber dome, better known as a “membrane”. When you apply enough pressure to it, the dome generally collapses, and the key can make contact with the underneath board.

Mechanical Keyboards:

These keyboards are more complex. What is usually a key on the membrane is just a keycap here. The key rests above an intricate mechanical switch, and ultimately it is the switch that comes in contact with the board when pressure is applied.

Benefits Of Mechanical Keyboards

There are several benefits of mechanical switches that make it an excellent choice for gamers:

Sound: You get a ‘clicky’’ sound with the mechanical keyboards. This is because of the reason that the physical button is inside each key of the mechanical board. The sound itself is a way better, for typing and other purposes and you hear a sound with every click.

Better Response: The response of a mechanical keyboard is much better than others. A mechanical board gives a swift response and enhances your user experience. This is especially important if you are playing a multi-player game.

High Durability: The keys on a mechanical keyboards last much longer as compared to other consoles. The keys are physical and can be used for several clicks. The keys are quite long-lasting. Hence you can have peace of mind if you buy them.

Speed and Precision: The mechanical switches need to be pressed a little to register the keystroke, making you use less effot. They can facilitate a movement factor that others are not able to provide. These keyboards are also more accuarte and reliable.

Versatile: Mechanical keyboards are attractive as well as intimidating. Mechanical switches are of different types. Cherry MX mechanical switches are the most common type of mechanical keyboards, and they can be differentiated by color.

High Stability: Mechanical keyboards are comparatively more substantial than other keyboards. Thus, they are quite stable and would not shift quickly. Mechanical keyboards are known to be highly robust.

No, Wear Out: Not only do the Mechanical switches last longer, but they also do not wear out comfortably. After several years too, you would feel the same typing feeling as on the first day. The keys do not get stuck, and there is no clattering.

Typing Experience is Better: A mechanical switch gives several tweaking options as compared to others. It has several switch types along with several characteristics. According to the usage, i.e., for gaming or typing, these keyboards are optimized.

Factors To Consider before you buy a Cooler Master Keyboard

1. Membrane Or Mechanical: While Membrane keyboards are given preference because of their quite keypress along with having a low profile, mechanical keyboards are best for gaming. In case you do not want to do any extra hard work or if your game requires you to use the keyboard a lot, then do not go for membrane keyboards. On the other hand, if you need a non-spongy membrane with a lever-based mechanism, go for mechanical keyboards. The keys on mechanical keyboards are quite precise and responsive.

2. Price: What your budget is, is a significant factor in deciding whatever you buy. In case you want to purchase a mechanical keyboard, you will have to save up more. If you go for a cheap mechanical keyboard, longevity and durability cannot be guaranteed. Several discounts go on. So, we would recommend you to check out the deals before buying.

3. Colour: We have explained above what are the different types of switches and their workings. In mechanical keyboards, the colors are at the center, and different keyboards have different sounds and feel.

4. Layout: Just as the colors, it is also imperative to check what the keyboard keys can do and the number of keys that are there. A keyboard generally has around 88 to 101 keys. You can always go for the keyboard according to your requirement. On some keyboards, the numbers are there and in some, they are not.

5. Appearance: Your keyboard is going to be on display, so it is crucial to see whether it looks attractive and appealing. No one wants something that attracts too much attention or is too blingy. You can get the elegant feel and look with a LED keyboard.

6. Connectivity And Interfaces: You would need to connect the keyboard to the different parts of your computer. So, it is essential to decide what kind of connectivity you want. The connection can be through Bluetooth, wires, or it can be wireless. It is also important to note the number of interfaces that a keyboard has.

7. Backlight: You should consider if you need a backlight in your keyboard. A backlight is essential if you work or tend to work in the dark. It can be quite useful at times when there is less light or blackouts. People have been known to be reserved about this factor and have later regretted it.

8. Compatibility: Today, the latest keyboards mostly really connect through USB ports. The keyboard that you want to purchase should at least be compatible with your system, especially if you have an ancient system or a version.

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